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Маятниковая трудовая миграция в Подмосковье: комплексный социально-экономический анализ

Migration and health in the European Union

Практическое пособие по правовым отношениям с участием иностранных граждан в области трудовой миграции

Трудовая миграция: тенденции, политика, статистика

Всемирный атлас профилактики сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний и борьбы с ними

По страницам журналов «Миграция XXI век» и «Вопросы экономики»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 39, 2013

Issue 5


The Visibility and Invisibility of Migrant Faith in the City: Diaspora Religion and the Politics of Emplacement of Afro-Christian Churches
David Garbin

Survival, Economic Mobility and Community among Los Angeles Fruit Vendors
Rocio Rosales

Good Help is Hard to Find: The Differentiated Mobilisation of Migrant Social Capital among Filipino Domestic Workers
Anju Mary Paul

‘My Husband Is a Patriot!’: Gender and Romanian Family Return Migration from Italy
Ionela Vlase

Sport—‘It's Just Healthy’: Locating Healthism within Discourses of Social Integration
Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Dean Barker, Simone Sattler, Markus Gerber & Uwe Pühse

A Real Marriage? Applying for Marriage Migration to Norway
Helga Eggebø

‘We Have Taken Care of our Children according to an African-Swedish Method’: HIV-Infected Ugandan Parents in Sweden
Ann-Sofie Åsander, Birgitta Rubensson, Jimmy Munobwa & Elisabeth Faxelid

Migrant Care Workers in Swedish Elderly and Disability Care: Are They Disadvantaged?
Håkan Jönson & Anders Giertz

The Discursive Production of a Mexican Refugee Crisis in Canadian Media and Policy
Liette Gilbert

The Ethnic Dimensions of Suburbanisation in Estonia
Tiit Tammaru, Maarten van Ham, Kadri Leetmaa, Anneli Kährik & Kristiina Kamenik


Beyond Dutch Borders: Transnational Politics Among Colonial Migrants, Guest Workers and the Second Generation
Perttu Salmenhaara

Qualitative Methods in Migration Studies: A Critical Realist Perspective
Zana Vathi

Issue 6

Special Issue: Interactions between Integration and Transnationalism


Migrant Balancing Acts: Understanding the Interactions Between Integration and Transnationalism
Marta Bivand Erdal & Ceri Oeppen

Ugandans in Britain Making ‘New’ Homes: Transnationalism, Place and Identity within Narratives of Integration
Naluwembe Binaisa

Transnational Orientation, Cosmopolitanism and Integration among Albanian-Origin Teenagers in Tuscany
Zana Vathi

Does Transnationalism Trump Immigrant Integration? Evidence from Canada's Links with East Asia
David Ley

The Capacity and Desire to Remit: Comparing Local and Transnational Influences
Jørgen Carling & Kristian Hoelscher

On the Differential Attachments of Migrants from Central and Eastern Europe: A Typology of Labour Migration
Godfried Engbersen, Arjen Leerkes, Izabela Grabowska-Lusinska, Erik Snel & Jack Burgers

Migrant Transnationalism and Multi-Layered Integration: Norwegian-Pakistani Migrants' Own Reflections
Marta Bivand Erdal

Somali Transnational Activism and Integration in the UK: Mutually Supporting Strategies
Laura Hammond

Collective Remittances and Integration: North African and North Indian Comparative Perspectives
Thomas Lacroix


Migration and Mobility in the European Union
Regine Paul

Ethnic Citizenship Regimes: Europeanization, Post-War Migration and Redressing Past Wrongs
Sergiu Gherghina

Issue 7


Migration and Development on the South–North Frontier: A Comparison of the Mexico–US and Morocco–EU cases
Hein de Haas & Simona Vezzoli

European Union and Commonwealth Free Movement: A Historical-Comparative Perspective
Tendayi Bloom & Katherine Tonkiss

Dynamic Migration Intentions and the Impact of Socio-Institutional Environments: A Transit Migration Hub in Turkey
Marieke Wissink, Franck Düvell & Anouka van Eerdewijk

‘Like a Bomb in the Gasoline Station’: East–West Migration and Transnational Activism around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Politics in Poland
Jon Binnie & Christian Klesse

Migration and Homelessness: The Social Networks of Homeless Poles in Oslo
Magdalena Mostowska

Replacement Migration and Changing Preferences: Immigrant Workers in Cleaning and Domestic Service in Portugal
Sónia Pereira

A Gendered Perspective on the Arrival and Settlement of Colombian Refugees in the United Kingdom
Anastasia Bermudez

Labour Market Flexibilisation and the Disadvantages of Immigrant Employment: Japanese-Brazilian Immigrants in Japan
Hirohisa Takenoshita


Racism in the Modern World: Historical Perspectives on Cultural Transfer and Adaptation
Alastair Bonnett

Social Capital, Political Participation and Migration in Europe
Anna Schlumbohm

The Next Generation: Immigrant Youth in a Comparative Perspective
Setareh Mahmoudi

Issue 8


Dreaming of Seamless Borders: ICTs and the Pre-Emptive Governance of Mobility in Europe
Dennis Broeders & James Hampshire

Inter-Ethnic Neighbourhood Acquaintances of Migrants and Natives in Germany: On the Brokering Roles of Inter-Ethnic Partners and Children
Merlin Schaeffer

Migrants, Cohesion and the Cultural Politics of the State: Critical Perspectives on the Management of Diversity
Davide Però

Somali Associations' Trajectories in Italy and Finland: Leaders Building Trust and Finding Legitimisation
Päivi Pirkkalainen, Petra Mezzetti & Matteo Guglielmo

The Complexity of Refugees' Return Decision-Making in a Protracted Exile: Beyond the Home-Coming Model and Durable Solutions
Naohiko Omata

US Census Classifications and Arab Americans: Contestations and Definitions of Identity Markers
Randa Kayyali

Bosses of Their Own: Are the Children of Immigrants More Likely to be Self-Employed than their Parents?
Feng Hou, Teresa Abada & Yuqian Lu

Admission-Group Salary Differentials in the United States: The Significance of the Labour-Market Institutional Selection of High-Skilled Workers
Lingxin Hao


Migration, Work and Citizenship in the New Global Order/Labour Migration, Human Trafficking and Multinational Corporations: The Commodification of Illicit Flows
Sam Pryke

Gender, Generations and the Family in International Migration
Saskia Bonjour

Issue 9


The Upward Occupational Mobility of Immigrant Women in Spain
Sònia Parella, Alisa Petroff & Carlota Solé

Snakes and Ladders in Educational Systems: Access to Higher Education for Second-Generation Turks in Europe
Maurice Crul

Just a Matter of Time? The Ways in Which the Children of Immigrants become Similar (or not) to Italians
Giuseppe Gabrielli, Anna Paterno & Gianpiero Dalla-Zuanna

Transnational Elite Formation: The Senegalese Murid Community in Italy
Mayke Kaag

Routing Black Migration to the Urban US South: Social Class and Sources of Social Capital in the Destination Selection Process
Sabrina Pendergrass

Do National Feelings Influence Public Attitudes towards Immigration?
Hoi Ok Jeong

Mexican Population Growth in New US Destinations: Testing and Developing Social Capital Theories of Migration using Census Data
Michael Francis Johnston, Stavros Karageorgis & Ivan Light

Unauthorised Crossings, Danger and Death at the Canada–US Border
Jane Helleiner


Transnationalizing Viet Nam: Community, Culture, and Politics in the Diaspora
Jane Le Skaife

Developing a Road Map for Engaging Diasporas in Development: A Handbook for Policymakers and Practitioners in Home and Host Countries
Eveline Odermatt

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