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Институт демографии Национального исследовательского университета "Высшая школа экономики"

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Стратегия и план действий в поддержку здорового старения в Европе, 2012–2020 гг.

Стратегии и приоритетные вмешательства по обеспечению здорового старения

Семейно-брачные отношения населения Казахстана на рубеже веков: историко-демографический аспект

Региональная демографическая политика

Регионы России.Социально-экономические показатели. 2012

По страницам журналов «Профилактическая медицина» и «Журнал исследований социальной политики»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Population Economics»

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Journal of Population Economics


Volume 25

Number 3 / July 2012


Editorial: 25 Years Journal of Population Economics

Original Papers

The role of demographics in precipitating economic downturns
Diane J. Macunovich

The demographics of expropriation risk
Philipp Harms and Philipp an de Meulen

Land tenure, population, and long-run growth
Dietrich Vollrath

Different demographic changes and patterns of trade in a Heckscher–Ohlin setting
Akira Yakita

AIDS, “reversal” of the demographic transition and economic development: evidence from Africa
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

How powerful is demography? The Serendipity Theorem revisited
David de la Croix, Pierre Pestieau and Grégory Ponthière

R&D, human capital, fertility, and growth
Frederic Tournemaine and Pongsak Luangaram

Fertility and PAYG pensions in the overlapping generations model
Luciano Fanti and Luca Gori

Demography and cross-country differences in savings rates: a new approach and evidence
Elwin Tobing

A politico-economic model of aging, technology adoption and growth
Francesco Lancia and Giovanni Prarolo

On the dynamics of the age structure, dependency, and consumption
Heinrich Hock and David N. Weil

Aging society, health and the environment
Carlotta Balestra and Davide Dottori

Cultural barriers in migration between OECD countries
Michèle Belot and Sjef Ederveen

Immigration and product diversity
Francesca Mazzolari and David Neumark

Kidnap risks and migration: evidence from Colombia
Catherine Rodriguez and Edgar Villa

Immigrants at new destinations: how they fare and why
Anabela Carneiro, Natércia Fortuna and José Varejão

Number 4 / October 2012

Original Papers

Gender, educational attainment, and the impact of parental migration on children left behind
Francisca M. Antman

Mortality and economic fluctuations. Evidence from wavelet analysis for Sweden 1800–2000
Mikael Svensson and Niclas A. Krüger

Life expectancy and schooling: new insights from cross-country data
Moshe Hazan

Can higher life expectancy induce more schooling and earlier retirement?
Casper Worm Hansen and Lars Lønstrup

Peer influences on adolescent alcohol consumption: evidence using an instrumental variables/fixed effect approach
Jason M. Fletcher

The individual cost of sick leave
Simen Markussen

The effects of food stamp receipt on weight gained by expectant mothers
Charles L. Baum

Family size and maternal health: evidence from the One-Child policy in China
Xiaoyu Wu and Lixing Li

Lost jobs, broken marriages
Marcus Eliason

Labor supply in the terminal stages of lone parents’ lives
Elisabeth Fevang, Snorre Kverndokk and Knut Røed

The dynamics of child poverty in Sweden
Matthew J. Lindquist and Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist

Private provision of public goods between families
Richard Cornes, Jun-ichi Itaya and Aiko Tanaka

Strategic transfers, redistributive fiscal policies, and family bonds: a micro-economic analysis
Yang-Ming Chang


Acknowledgement to editorial collaborators

Volume 26

Number 1, January 2013


Richard Blundell receives IZA prize in labor economics

Original Papers

Opting for families: recent trends in the fertility of highly educated women
Qingyan Shang, Bruce A. Weinberg

Childcare costs and the demand for children—evidence from a nationwide reform
Eva Mörk, Anna Sjögren, Helena Svaleryd

Endogenous fertility in a growth model with public and private health expenditures
Dimitrios Varvarigos, Intan Zanariah Zakaria

Economic incentives and the timing of births: evidence from the German parental benefit reform of 2007
Michael Neugart, Henry Ohlsson

The causal relationship between female labor supply and fertility in the USA: updated evidence via a time series multi-horizon approach
Paraskevi K. Salamaliki, Ioannis A. Venetis…

The effect of fertility decisions on excess female mortality in India
Daniel Rosenblum

Endogenous fertility and human capital in a Schumpeterian growth model
Angus C. Chu, Guido Cozzi, Chih-Hsing Liao

Welfare reform and the subjective well-being of single mothers
Chris M. Herbst

Total work and gender: facts and possible explanations
Michael Burda, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Philippe Weil

Part-time jobs: what women want?
Alison L. Booth, Jan C. van Ours

Effects of early maternal employment on maternal health and well-being
Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

Gender patterns in Vietnam’s child mortality
Thong Le Pham, Peter Kooreman, Ruud H. Koning…

Does large volatility help?—stochastic population forecasting technology in explaining real estate price process
Yuan Cheng, Xuehui Han

Demographic change and the labour share of income
Torsten Schmidt, Simeon Vosen


Twenty-sixth annual conference of the European Society for Population Economics, Bern, 2012

Number 2, April 2013

Original Papers

The transmission of women’s fertility, human capital, and work orientation across immigrant generations
Francine D. Blau, Lawrence M. Kahn, Albert Yung-Hsu Liu…

National identity and ethnic diversity
Paolo Masella

Migration background and educational tracking
Elke Lüdemann, Guido Schwerdt

The psychic costs of migration: evidence from Irish return migrants
Alan Barrett, Irene Mosca

How do immigrants spend their time? The process of assimilation
Daniel S. Hamermesh, Stephen J. Trejo

Does emigration benefit the stayers? Evidence from EU enlargement
Benjamin Elsner

Xenophobic attacks, migration intentions, and networks: evidence from the South of Africa
Guido Friebel, Juan Miguel Gallego, Mariapia

The effect of polytechnic reform on migration
Petri Böckerman, Mika Haapanen

Military conscription and university enrolment: evidence from Italy
Giorgio Di Pietro

The effect of compulsory schooling on health—evidence from biomarkers
Hendrik Jürges, Eberhard Kruk, Steffen Reinhold

The health returns to schooling—what can we learn from twins?
Petter Lundborg

Return migration of foreign students and non-resident tuition fees
Thomas Lange

Parents’ education as a determinant of educational childcare time
J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, Jose Alberto Molina

Assessing Parfit’s Repugnant Conclusion within a canonical endogenous growth set-up
Raouf Boucekkine, Giorgio Fabbri

Pension reform, employment by age, and long-run growth
Tim Buyse, Freddy Heylen, Renaat Van de Kerckhove

Population aging and endogenous economic growth
Klaus Prettner

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