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Доклад о состоянии здравоохранения в Европе, 2009 г.

Население Республики Молдова по возрасту и полу в территориальном аспекте на 1 января 2010 г.

Labour force migration in the Republic of Moldova

Women and men in the republic of Moldova

Регионы России. Социально-экономические показатели. 2010

По страницам журналов «Демографія та соціальна економіка» и «Вестник общественного мнения»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 36, 2010

Issue 9


Europe at the Crossroads: Demographic Challenges and International Migration
Nico van Nimwegen; Rob van der Erf

Exploring the Ethnic Dimension of Internal Migration in Great Britain using Migration Effectiveness and Spatial Connectivity
John Stillwell; Serena Hussain

‘There's One Shop You Don't Go Into If You Are English’: The Social and Political Integration of English Migrants into Wales
Graham Day; Howard Davis; Angela Drakakis-Smith

Across the Oceans: Childcare and Grandparenting in UK Chinese and Bangladeshi Households
Mabel L. S. Lie

Competing Meanings of the Diaspora: The Case of Zimbabweans in Britain
Dominic Pasura

Religious Organisations as Political Actors in the Context of Migration: Islam and Orthodoxy in Austria
Julia Mourão Permoser; Sieglinde Rosenberger; Kristina Stoeckl

Ethnic Dimensions in the Discourse and Identity Strategies of European Converts to Islam in Andalusia and Flanders
Johan Leman; Christiane Stallaert; Iman Lechkar

Migration as Preservation and Loss: The Paradox of Transnational Living for Low German Mennonite Women
Luann Good Gingrich; Kerry Preibisch


‘Ghetto-Lite’ or Missing the G-Spot? A Reply to Johnston, Poulsen and Forrest
Ceri Peach


Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age
Anastasia Christou


Issue 10

Special Issue: Theories of Migration and Social Change


Theories of Migration and Social Change
Nicholas Van Hear

Migration and Social Change: Some Conceptual Reflections
Alejandro Portes

Understanding Global Migration: A Social Transformation Perspective
Stephen Castles

The Internal Dynamics of Migration Processes: A Theoretical Inquiry
Hein de Haas

‘Mind the Gap!’ Integrating Approaches to Internal and International Migration
Russell King; Ronald Skeldon

Gender in the Migratory Process
Helma Lutz

Towards Transnational Studies: World Theories, Transnationalisation and Changing Institutions
Thomas Faist

Some Reflections on Structure and Agency in Migration Theory
Oliver Bakewell


Shifting Ethnic Boundaries and Inequality in Israel. Or, How the Polish Peddler Became a German Intellectual
Larissa Remennick

Transnational Archipelago: Perspectives on Cape Verdean Migration and Diaspora
John Connell


Thank you (2009–10)

Editorial Board

Volume 37, 2011

Issue 1


Social Remittances Revisited
Peggy Levitt; Deepak Lamba-Nieves

Ethnic and Republic Identification in the Russian Federation and Ukraine: A Social Dominance Perspective
Fenella Fleischmann; Maykel Verkuyten; Edwin Poppe

‘Doing’ Transnationalism: The Integrative Impact of Salvadoran Cross-Border Activism
Arpi Miller

Britney Spears Remained in Russia: Dynamics of Musical Preferences in the Integration of Immigrant Adolescents
Nelly Elias; Dafna Lemish; Natalia Khvorostianov

Census Ethnic Categories and Second-Generation Identities: A Study of the Irish in England and Wales
Mary J. Hickman

Political Integration through Associational Affiliation? Immigrants and Native Swedes in Greater Stockholm
Gunnar Myrberg

Silent Gratitude: Education among Second-Generation Vietnamese in Norway
Silje Fekjær; Mariann Leirvik

The Politics of Roma Migration: Framing Identity Struggles among Romanian and Bulgarian Roma in the Paris region
Alexandra Nacu

The Cost of Being Palestinian in Lebanon
Sawsan Abdulrahim; Marwan Khawaja


Reconsidering both Diversity and Segregation: A Reply to Poulsen, Johnston and Forrest, and to Peach
Richard Wright; Steven Holloway; Mark Ellis


Religious Pluralism, Globalization, and World Politics
Gladys Ganiel

Cultural Globalization: A User's Guide
Larissa Remennick

Issue 2

Special Issue: 'Integration': Migrants and Refugees between Scandinavian Welfare Societies and Family Relations


‘Integration’: Migrants and Refugees between Scandinavian Welfare Societies and Family Relations
Karen Fog Olwig

Money or Education? Improvement Strategies Among Pakistani Families in Denmark
Mikkel Rytter

Multicultural Ideology and Transnational Family Ties among Descendants of Cape Verdeans in Sweden
Lisa Åkesson

From Danish Yugoslavs to Danish Serbs: National Affiliation Caught Between Visibility and Invisibility
Kristine Juul

Law and Identity: Transnational Arranged Marriages and the Boundaries of Danishness
Garbi Schmidt

Egalitarian Ambitions, Constructions of Difference: The Paradoxes of Refugee Integration in Sweden
Marita Eastmond

Ali's Disappearance: The Tension of Moving and Dwelling in the Norwegian Welfare Society
Ada I. Engebrigtsen

Tamil Refugees in Pain: Challenging Solidarity in the Norwegian Welfare State
Anne Sigfrid Grønseth

Becoming Part of Welfare Scandinavia: Integration through the Spatial Dispersal of Newly Arrived
Refugees in Denmark


Practising Citizenship and Heterogeneous Nationhood
Zeynep Kilic

The Latino Threat: Constructing Immigrants, Citizens and the Nation
David Scott FitzGerald

Issue 3


Conviviality and Conflict: Pluralism, Resilience and Hope in Inner-City Birmingham
Christian Karner; David Parker

The Enemy Within? Explorations of Personhood, Friendship and Difference amongst Brazilian Nationals in Japan
Paul Green

Jewish–Palestinian Integrated Education in Israel and its Potential Influence on National and/or Ethnic Identities and Intergroup Relations
Zvi Bekerman; Ayala Habib; Nader Shhadi

‘Transit’ and ‘Suspension’: Migration Management or the Metamorphosis of Asylum-Seekers into ‘Illegal’ Immigrants
Christina Oelgemöller

‘Our Faith Was Also Hijacked by Those People’: Reclaiming Muslim Identity in Canada in a Post-9/11 Era
Baljit Nagra

The Residential Crowding of Immigrants in Canada, 1971–2001
Michael Haan

Migrant Labour in Kazakhstan: A Cause for Concern?
Bridget Anderson; Blanka Hancilová

‘Building a Platform for Our Voices to be Heard’: Migrant Women's Networks as Locations of Transformation in the Republic of Ireland
Carla De Tona; Ronit Lentin

To Belong in Aotearoa New Zealand: Latin American Migrant Experiences in Multicultural Auckland
Eveline Dürr


A New Politics of Identity. Political Principles for an Interdependent World
Ludi Simpson

Irregular Migration from West Africa to the Maghreb and the European Union: An Overview of Recent Trends
Luna Vives

The Position of the Turkish and Moroccan Second Generation in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
Renee Reichl Luthra

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