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1 - 14 октября 2007

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Миграция и развитие

Международная миграция: экономика и политика

Социально-демографические признаки, профессиональная структура и сети родства еврейских иммигрантов в Германию (на немецком языке)

Новые группы мигрантов в Германии (на немецком языке)

Миграция населения: 40 лет исследований в центре по изучению проблем народонаселения экономического факультета МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова (1967–2007 гг.)

По страницам журналов «Народонаселение» и «Вестник Евразии»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 33, Issue 4, 2007

Special Issue: Niches, Gender and Ethnicity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Original Articles
Niches, Labour Market Segregation, Ethnicity and Gender
Marlou Schrover; Joanne van der Leun; Chris Quispel

Domestic Service in a Global Perspective: Gender, Migration, and Ethnic Niches
Jose C. Moya

Ecuadorians in the United States and Spain: History, Gender and Niche Formation
Author: Brian Gratton

A Faith that Binds: Iraqi Christian Women on the Domestic Service Ladder of Istanbul
Didem Dani

Filipino Sea Men: Constructing Masculinities in an Ethnic Labour Niche
Steven C. McKay

Compressing Personal Time: Ethnicity and Gender within a Chinese Niche in Italy
Antonella Ceccagno

From Mining to Garment Workshops: Bolivian Migrants in Buenos Aires
Tanja Bastia

South Asians in Dunkin' Donuts: Niche Development in the Franchise Industry
Padma Rangaswamy


Volume 33, Issue 5, 2007

Original Articles
The Mexican Government and Organised Mexican Immigrants in The United States: A Historical Analysis of Political Transnationalism (1848-2005)
Gustavo Cano; Alexandra Delano

Kinship, Gender and Adaptation Processes in Exile: The Case of Tamil and Somali Families in Norway
Ada Ingrid Engebrigtsen

Religious Affiliation and Participation among Immigrants in a Secular Society: A Study of Immigrants in The Netherlands
Frank van Tubergen

Conspicuous By Their Absence: Why Are There So Few Foreign Workers in Finland?
David Bartram

Contesting Cultural Communities: Language, Ethnicity and Citizenship in Britain
Claire Alexander; Rosalind Edwards; Bogusia Temple

Joining the BBC (British Bottom Cleaners)': Zimbabwean Migrants and the UK Care Industry
Joann McGregor

Economic Activity among UK Bangladeshi and Pakistani Women in the 1990s: Evidence for Continuity or Change in the Family Resources Survey
Sarah M. Salway

Integration Policies in Migration Between Nationalising States and Transnational Citizenship, with Reference to the Slovenian Case
Mojca Pajnik


Volume 33, Issue 6, 2007

Special Issue: Governing Islam in Western Europe: Essays on Governance of Religious Diversity

Original Articles
The Governance of Islam in Europe: The Perils of Modelling
Veit Bader

Democracy and Religion: Theoretical and Empirical Observations on the Relationship between Christianity, Islam and Liberal Democracy
Michael Minkenberg

Europeanising the Governance of Religious Diversity: An Institutionalist Account of Muslim Struggles for Public Recognition
Matthias Koenig

Religious Institutions, Church-State History and Muslim Mobilisation in Britain, France and Germany
J. Christopher Soper; Joel S. Fetzer

The Political Accommodation of Immigrant Religious Practices: The Case of Special Admission Rules for Ministers of Religion
Albert Kraler

New Challenges for Islamic Ritual Slaughter: A European Perspective
Florence Bergeaud-Blackler

Islamic Presence and Mosque Establishment in France: Colonialism, Arrangements for Guestworkers and Citizenship
Marcel Maussen

A View from France on the Internal Complexity of National Models
John Bowen


Volume 33, Issue 7, 2007

Original Articles
The Second Generation in Europe and the United States: How is the Transatlantic Debate Relevant for Further Research on the European Second Generation?
Mark Thomson; Maurice Crul

Inclusion, Participation and the Emergence of British Chinese Websites
David Parker; Miri Song

Second-Generation Caribbeans in the Netherlands: Different Migration Histories, Diverging Trajectories
Mies van Niekerk

'Roots Migrants': Transnationalism and 'Return' among Second-Generation Italians in Switzerland
Susanne Wessendorf

Continuity and Change in Transnational Italian Families: The Caring Practices of Second-Generation Women
Elisabetta Zontini

Naturalisation and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Youth of Immigrant Descent in Switzerland
Rosita Fibbi; Mathias Lerch; Philippe Wanner

School and Diversity in a Weak State: The Portuguese Case
M. Margarida Marques; Maria Jo?o Valente Rosa; Joana Lopes Martins

The Integration of the Second and 1.5 Generations of Moroccan, Dominican and Peruvian Origin in Madrid and Barcelona
Rosa Aparicio


Volume 33, Issue 8, 2007

Original Articles
Civic Engagement and Voter Participation among Turkish and Moroccan Minorities in Rotterdam
Marieke van Londen; Karen Phalet; Louk Hagendoorn

Measuring Ethnic Labour Market Concentration and Segmentation
Qingfang Wang; Kavita Pandit

Do Numbers Really Count? Group Threat Theory Revisited
Mikael Hjerm

Muslims in Australia: The Double Edge of Terrorism
Nahid Kabir

Ethnic Background and the Transition from Education to Work among University Graduates
Idunn Brekke

Class Position of Immigrant Workers in a Post-Industrial Economy: The Dutch Case
Erik Snel; Jack Burgers; Arjen Leerkes

Forms of Social Capital and the Incorporation of Albanian Immigrants in Greece
Theodoros Iosifides; Mari Lavrentiadou; Electra Petracou; Antonios Kontis

Research Note
Explaining the Naturalisation Practices of Turks in Germany in the Wake of the Citizenship Reform of 1999
Merih Anil

The Various 'Safe'-House Profiles in East-European Human Smuggling and Trafficking
Johan Leman; Stef Janssens


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