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21 февраля - 6 марта 2005

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Население Кыргызстана

Религия и глобализация на просторах Евразии

География населения России

Политика населения в странах мира

Русскоязычное население Финляндии: материалы семинара

По страницам журналов "Отечественные записки" и "Акушерство и гинекология"

Содержание журнала "European Journal of Population"



2004, Volume 20, Issue 2

Induced Abortion in Russia: Recent Trends and Underreporting in Surveys
D. Philipov, E. Andreev, T Kharkova, V. Shkolnikov
pp. 95-117

Birth Spacing in the Netherlands. The Effects of Family Composition, Occupation and Religion on Birth Intervals, 1820-1885
Jan Van Bavel, Jan Kok
pp. 119-140

Stability and Change: The Structuration of Partnership Histories in Canada, the Netherlands, and the Russian Federation
Melinda Mills
pp. 141-175

Book Review: The Life Table. Modelling Survival and Death.
Vladimir M. Shkolnikov
pp. 177-179

Book Review: The Institutional Context of Population Change. Patterns of Fertility and Mortality Across High-Income Nations.
Henriette Engelhardt
pp. 179-181

Book Review: Family, Household and Work
Francesco C. Billari
pp. 181-183

2004, Volume 20, Issue 3

Hommage a Evert van Imhoff
Daniel Courgeau
pp. 185-190

The Migrant Mortality Advantage: A 70 Month Follow-up of the Brussels Population
Jon Anson
pp. 191-218

Education and Union Formation as Simultaneous in Italy and Spain
Lucia Coppola
pp. 219-250

The Economic Consequences of Divorce for Women in the European Union: The Impact of Welfare State Arrangements
Wilfred Uunk
pp. 251-285

Book Reviews: On Global Ageing. Old-Age Income Systems in the EU and Other Major Parts of the World
pp. 287-289

Book Review: Methodology and Epistemology of Multilevel Analysis
pp. 289-291

Book Review: Demographic Methods and Concepts
pp. 291-292

2004, Volume 20, Issue 4

The Popular Debate about Low Fertility: An Analysis of the German Press, 1993-2001
Laura Stark and Hans-Peter Kohler
pp. 293 - 321

The Effects of Area and Individual Social Characteristics on Suicide Risk: A Multilevel Study of Relative Contribution and Effect Modification
Pekka Martikainen, Netta Maki, Jenni Blomgren
pp. 323 - 350

Uncertainty and the Second Space: Modern Birth Timing and the Dilemma of Education
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks
pp. 351 - 373

Increases in Female Labour Force Participation in Europe: Similarities and Differences
Jan Dirk Vlasblom and Joop J. Schippers
pp. 375 - 392

Book review
Book Reviews: An-Magritt Jensen, Torbjorn Knutsen, and Anders Skonhoft (eds.), Visiting Malthus - The Man, his Times, the Issues. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press, 2003, 224 pp.
Gunter Steinmann
pp. 393 - 401

Book review
Book Reviews: Joseph Lee Rodgers and Hans-Peter Kohler (eds.), The Biodemography of Human Reproduction and Fertility.Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003, xiv + 258 pp.
Ulrich Muller
pp. 397 - 399

Book review
Book Reviews: Shoshana A. Grossbard-Schechtman (ed.), Marriage and the Economy. Theory and Evidence from Advanced Industrial Societies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003, xxi + 349 pp.
Josef Bruderl
pp. 399 - 401

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