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19 апреля - 2 мая 2004

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Социальное неравенство этнических групп: представления и реальность

Куда пришла Россия? Итоги социетальной трансформации

Демографическое развитие России через призму переписи населения 2002 года

Перепись населения 2002 года в России и демографическая реальность

Семейные узы: модели для сборки. Книга 1

По страницам журналов «Врач», и «Со-Общение»

Содержание журнала «Gender and Development»

Gender and Development


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Volume 11, Number 1 / May 2003

Joanna Kerr, Caroline Sweetman

Gender budgets and beyond: feminist fiscal policy in the context of globalisation
Nilufer Ceagatay

Feminist responses to economic globalisation: some examples of past and future practice
Ruth Pearson

Counting for something! Recognising women's contribution to the global economy through alternative accounting systems
Marilyn Waring Dr

African women challenging neo-liberal economic orthodoxy: the conception and mission of the GERA programme
Zo Randriamaro

In search of an alternative development paradigm: feminist proposals from Latin America

If I were Minister of Finance…: gaining understanding of financial crisis through a simulation workshop
Mehrene Larudee, Caren Grown

Fundamentalisms, globalisation and women's human rights in Senegal
Fatou Sow

A daring proposal: campaigning for an Inter-American Convention on Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights
Valeria Pandjiarjian

Free markets and state control: a feminist challenge to Davos Man and Big Brother
Mona Danner, Gay Young

Using the master's tools: feminism, media and ending violence against women
Sanya Sarnavka

Strategic advocacy and maternal mortality: moving targets and the millennium development goals
Lynn Freedman

HIV/AIDS, globalisation and the international women's movement
Sisonke Msimang

New genetic technologies and their impact on women: a feminist perspective1
Lisa Handwerker Ph.D.

Trafficking and women's human rights in a globalised world
Pamela Shifman

The women's movement in the era of globalisation: does it face extinction?
Andrea Medina Rosas, Shamillah Wilson

Institutions, organisations and gender equality in an era of globalisation
Aruna Rao, David Kelleher

Ruth Evans

Volume 11, Number 2 / July 2003

Caroline Sweetman

Early female marriage in the developing world
Robert Jensen, Rebecca Thornton

Rethinking culture and development: marriage and gender among the tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka
Amali Philips

Negotiating violence and non-violence in Cambodian marriages
Rebecca Surtees

Early marriage and poverty: exploring links and key policy issues
Naana Otoo-Oyortey, Sonita Pobi MSc

Marriage, development, and the status of women in Kerala, India
Elizabeth Chacko

Child support as a strategic interest: la Asociacion de Madres Demandantes of El Salvador
Kelley Ready Ph.D.

Early marriage in eastern Nigeria and the health consequences of vesicovaginal fistulae (VVF) among young mothers
Eno-Obong Akpan

Marriage, well-being, and agency among women
Meenakshi Thapan

Rethinking marriage and gender relations using evidence from the Pacific
Nancy J. Pollock

Ruth Evans

Volume 11, Number 3 / November 2003

Caroline Sweetman

Women in Ugandan local government: the impact of affirmative action
Deb Johnson, Hope Kabuchu, Santa Vusiya Kayonga

Citizenship degraded: Indian women in a modern state and a pre-modern society
Kanchan Sinha

Algerian women, citizenship, and the 'Family Code'
Zahia Smail Salhi

New forms of citizenship: democracy, family, and community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Joanna S. Wheeler

Creating citizens who demand just governance: gender and development in the twenty-first century
Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay

Fragmented feminisms: women's organisations and citizenship in 'transition' in Poland
Angela Coyle

Gender, citizenship, and nationality in the Arab region
Lina Abou-Habib

Deprived of an individual identity: citizenship and women in Nepal
Mona Laczo

Women and citizenship in global teacher education: the Global-ITE project
Jayashree Inbaraj, Subbalakshmi Kumar, Hellen Sambili, Alison Scott-Baumann

Lina Abou-Habib, Erin Leigh

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