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Человечество на рубеже веков

Социология права: прикладные исследования

Алкогольный урон регионов России

Страхование от несчастных случаев на производстве: актуарные основы

The pension system: a model for Russia and international experience

По страницам журналов «Гигиена и санитария», и «Экономика и организация промышленного производства»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies»

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Volume 28, Number 3 / July 01, 2002

Second-generation attitude? African-Italians in Milan
Jacqueline Andall
pp. 389 - 407

Britain's asylum and immigration regime: the shifting contours of rights
Lydia Morris
pp. 409 - 425

Race or religion? The impact of religion on the employment and earnings of Britain's ethnic communities
Joanne Lindley
pp. 427 - 442

Long-term resident third-country nationals in the European Union: normative expectations and institutional openings
Theodora Kostakopoulou
pp. 443 - 462

Globalisation, multiculturalism and individualism: the Swedish debate on dual citizenship
Per Gustafson
pp. 463 - 481

Strong market, weak state: the case of recent foreign immigration in Portugal
Joao Peixoto
pp. 483 - 497

A New Deal for young people from minority ethnic communities in the UK
Edward A. Fieldhouse, Virinder S. Kalra, Saima Alam
pp. 499 - 513

Transnational community in the making: Russian-Jewish immigrants of the 1990s in Israel
Larissa Remennick
pp. 515 - 530

Living in two worlds? Guatemalan-origin children in the United States and emerging transnationalism
Cecilia Menjivar
pp. 531 - 552

Living arrangements and Supplemental Security Income use among elderly Asians and Hispanics in the United States: the role of nativity and citizenship
Geum-Yong Lee, Ronald J. Angel
pp. 553 - 563

pp. 565 - 571

Volume 28, Number 4 / October 01, 2002

Markets against politics: migration, EU enlargement and the idea of Europe
Adrian Favell, Randall Hansen
pp. 581 - 601

Opening and closing borders: migration and mobility in East-Central Europe
Claire Wallace
pp. 603 - 625

How trustworthy are forecasts of international migration between Poland and the European Union?
Marek Kupiszewski
pp. 627 - 645

Trans-border population mobility at a European crossroads: Slovakia in the shadow of EU accession
Allan M. Williams, Vladimir Balaz
pp. 647 - 664

The implementation of the EU acquis on illegal immigration by the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe: challenges and contradictions
Valsamis Mitsilegas
pp. 665 - 682

Visa and free movement of labour: the uneven imposition of the EU acquis on the accession states
Elena Jileva
pp. 683 - 700

EU enlargement and the challenge of policy transfer: the case of refugee policy
Sandra Lavenex
pp. 701 - 721

Patterns in EU labour immigration policy: national initiatives and European responses
Georg Menz
pp. 723 - 742

pp. 743 - 764

Volume 29, Number 1 / January 2003

Editorial: growing JEMS
pp. 3 - 4

Bosnian refugees and socio-economic realities: changes in refugee and settlement policies in Austria and the United States
Barbara Franz
pp. 5 - 25

Divided loyalties and fractured sovereignty: transnationalism and the nation-state in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Paul Spoonley, Richard Bedford, Cluny Macpherson
pp. 27 - 46

A matter of decency? The Progress Party in Norwegian immigration politics
Anniken Hagelund
pp. 47 - 65

Moving spaces and changing places: Irish women's memories of emigration to Britain in the 1930s
Louise Ryan
pp. 67 - 82

Media construction of identity through moral panics: discourses of immigration in Slovenia
Karmen Erjavec
pp. 83 - 101

Ethnic diversity in economic wellbeing: the combined significance of income, wealth and assets levels
Tracey Warren, Nadia Joanne Britton
pp. 103 - 119

The labour market and racial discrimination in Spain
Carlota Sole?, Sonia Parella
pp. 121 - 140

Greece in 'Schengenland': blessing or anathema for citizens' and foreigners' rights?
Minas Samatas
pp. 141 - 156

Research note Individual characteristics and expectations about opportunities in Australia among prospective Vietnamese migrants
Rochelle Watkins, Aileen J. Plant, David Sang, Thomas O'Rourke, Van Le, Hien Nguyen, Brian Gushulak
pp. 157 - 166

pp. 167 - 182

Notes for Contributors
pp. 183 - 186

Volume 29, Number 2 / March 2003

Contextualising immigration policy implementation in Europe
Bill Jordan, Bo Strath, Anna Triandafyllidou
pp. 195 - 224

Work-permit decisions in the German labour administration: an exploration of the implementation process
Norbert Cyrus, Dita Vogel
pp. 225 - 255

Immigration policy implementation in Italy: organisational culture, identity processes and labour market control
Anna Triandafyllidou
pp. 257 - 297

Immigration control and the management of economic migration in the United Kingdom: organisational culture, implementation, enforcement and identity processes in public services
Franck Du?vell, Bill Jordan
pp. 299 - 336

Immigration control pathways: organisational culture and work values of Greek welfare officers
Iordanis Psimmenos, Koula Kassimati
pp. 337 - 371

Comparing cultures of discretion
Bill Jordan, Bo Strath, Anna Triandafyllidou
pp. 373 - 395

pp. 397 - 401

Notes for Contributors
pp. 403-406

Volume 29, Number 3 / May 2003

Local policies toward migrants as an expression of Host-Stranger relations: a proposed typology
Michael Alexander
pp. 411 - 430

The Leviathan of Competitiveness: how and why do liberal states (not) accept unwanted immigration?
Olaf Ko?ppe
pp. 431 - 448

National identities on the move: Transylvanian Hungarian labour migrants in Hungary
Jon E. Fox
pp. 449 - 466

The mechanisms of ethnic retention: later-generation Japanese immigrants in Lima, Peru
Ayumi Takenaka
pp. 467 - 483

South Asian businesses in retreat? The case of the UK
Trevor Jones, Monder Ram
pp. 485 - 500

Paupers or riches: the perception of immigrants, tourists and ingroup members in a sample of Spanish children
Fernando Molero, MarL?a Soledad Navas, Jose? Luis Gonza?lez, Pilar Alema?n, Isabel Cuadrado
pp. 501 - 518

Socio-economic integration of ethnic Greeks from the former USSR: obstacles to entry into the Greek labour market
George Halkos, Dimitrios Salamouris
pp. 519 - 534

Regularising undocumented immigrants in Greece: procedures and effects
Rossetos Fakiolas
pp. 535 - 561

Research Note
Neil Chakraborti, Jon Garland
pp. 563 - 572

pp. 573 - 582

Notes for Contributors
pp. 583 - 586

Volume 29, Number 4 / July 2003

Ex-Yugoslavs in the Austrian and Swedish labour markets: the significance of the period of migration and the effect of citizenship acquisition
Irena Kogan
pp. 595 - 622

Segregation and integration: a contested relationship
Sako Musterd
pp. 623 - 641

Community relations in Northern Ireland: a shift in attitudes?
Joanne Hughes, Caitlin Donnelly

Banking on 'break-out': finance and the development of ethnic minority businesses
Monder Ram, David Smallbone, David Deakins, Trevor Jones
pp. 663 - 681

The democratic deficit of diaspora politics: Turkish Cypriots in Britain and the Cyprus issue
Eva Ostergaard-Nielsen
pp. 683 - 700

Career continuity among immigrant professionals: Russian engineers in Israel
Larissa Remennick
pp. 701 - 721

Urbanisation's long shadows: Mariama Ba?'s So Long A Letter
Christina Abuk
pp. 723 - 740

Mexican labour migration to the United States in the age of globalisation
Alejandro I. Canales
pp. 741 - 761

Notes for Contributors
pp. 763 - 772

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