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Здоровье матерей и младенцев в Восточной Европе и Евразии

Перспективы развития России: роль демографического фактора

Учебное пособие по переписям населения

Социально-экономические тенденции в Центральной и Восточной Европе и в СНГ

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Содержание журналов «Journal of Marriage and Family» и "International Family Planning Perspectives"

Journal of Marriage and Family


VOLUME 65 NUMBER 2 May 2003

Influences on Marriage Formation

Women's Economic Standing, Marriage Timing, and Cross-National Contexts of Gender.
Hiromi Ono, pages 275-286.

Generational Effects on Marriage Patterns: Jewish Immigrants and Their Descendants in Israel.
Binyamin Gshur and Barbara S. Okun, pages 287-301

Premarital Living Arrangements and the Transition to First Marriage in Japan.
James M. Raymo, pages 302-315

The Role of Income in Families

Marital Relationships Following the Korean Economic Crisis: Applying the Family Stress Model.
Hee-Kyung Kwon, Martha A. Rueter, Mi-Sook Lee, Seonju Koh, and Sun Wha Ok, pages 316-325

The Role of Family Income in the Intergenerational Association of AFDC Receipt.
Molly A. Martin, pages 326-340

Income Changes and Cognitive Stimulation in Young Children's Home Learning Environments.
Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, pages 341-355

Families With Young Children

Costs and Rewards of Children: The Effects of Becoming a Parent on Adults' Lives.
Kei M. Nomaguchi and Melissa A. Milkie, pages 356-374

Variations in Child Care by Grandparents During the First Three Years.
Deborah Lowe Vandell, Kathleen McCartney, Margaret Tresch Owen, Cathryn Booth, and Alison Clarke-Stewart, pages 375-381

The Influence of Religion on Fathers' Relationships With Their Children.
Valarie King, pages 382-395

Families in Middle and Later Life

Social Support to Parents-in-Law: The Interplay of Gender and Kin Hierarchies.
Eunju Lee, Glenna Spitze, and John R. Logan, pages 396-403

Family Contingencies Across the Generations: Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships in Holistic Perspective.
Margaret M. Mueller and Glen H. Elder Jr., pages 404-417

Assistance to Aging Parents and Parents-In-Law: Does Lineage Affect Family Allocation Decisions?
Kim Shuey and Melissa A. Hardy, pages 418-431

Relationship Dissolution

Separations, Reconciliations, and Living Apart in Cohabiting and Marital Unions.
Georgina Binstock and Arland Thornton, pages 432-443

Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent Marital Dissolution Among Women.
Jay Teachman, pages 444-455

Of General Interest

Investigating Gender Differences in the Meaning of Household Chores and Child Care.
Amy Kroska, pages 456-473

Parent-Adolescent Communication About Sex: Retrospective Reports by Latino College Students.
Marcela Raffaelli and Stephanie Green, pages 474-481

Spillover Between Marital Quality and Job Satisfaction: Long-Term Patterns and Gender Differences.
Stacy J. Rogers and Dee C. May, pages 482-495

Book Reviews

Families at Work: Expanding the Bounds.
Rosanna Hertz, pages 496-497

The Package Deal: Marriage, Work, and Fatherhood in Men's Lives.
Mark Cohan, pages 498-499

Inside the American Couple: New Thinking, New Challenges.
Lynn Magdol, pages 499-500

My Baby's Father: Unmarried Parents and Paternal Responsibility.
Edythe M. Krampe, pages 500-501

Invisible Caregivers: Older Adults Raising Children in the Wake of HIV/AIDS.
Eric R. Wright, pages 501-502

Perfectly Japanese: Making Families in an Era of Upheaval.
Scott North, pages 502-503

The Decline of Substance Use in Young Adulthood: Changes in Social Activities, Roles, and Beliefs.
Michelle Inderbitzin, pages 503-504

Remaking Chinese America: Immigration, Family and Community, 1940-1965.
Janet W. Salaff, pages 504-505

VOLUME 65 NUMBER 3 August 2003

Cohabitation and Marriage

Childhood Living Arrangements and the Formation of Coresidential Unions.
Jay Teachman, pages 507-524.

Cohabiting and Married Couples' Income Organization: Approaches in Sweden and the United States.
Kristen R. Heimdal and Sharon K. Houseknecht, pages 525-538.

The Relationship Between Cohabitation and Marital Quality and Stability: Change Across Cohorts?
Claire M. Kamp Dush, Catherine L. Cohan, and Paul R. Amato, pages 539-549.

African American and European American Women's Marital Well-Being.
Paula Y. Goodwin, pages 550-560.

Why Stay Married? Rewards, Barriers, and Marital Stability.
Denise Previti and Paul R. Amato, pages 561-573.

Parenthood and Marital Satisfaction: A Meta-Analytic Review.
Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell, and Craig A. Foster, pages 574-583.

A Multilevel Analysis of Child Care and Women's Fertility Decisions in Western Germany.
Karsten Hank and Michaela Kreyenfeld, pages 584-596.

Has the Price of Motherhood Declined Over Time? A Cross-Cohort Comparison of the Motherhood Wage Penalty.
Sarah Avellar and Pamela J. Smock, pages 597-607.

What Parents Learn From Experience: The First Child as a First Draft?.
Shawn D. Whiteman, Susan M. McHale, and Ann C. Crouter, pages 608-621.

Violence in Families

The Infrequency of Family Violence.
Richard B. Felson, Jeff Ackerman, and Seong-Jin Yeon, pages 622-634.

A Typology of Maritally Violent Men and Correlates of Violence in a Community Sample.
Catherine Delsol, Gayla Margolin, and Richard S. John, pages 635-651.

Distal and Proximal Factors in Domestic Violence: A Test of an Integrated Model.
Alfred DeMaris, Michael L. Benson, Greer L. Fox, Terrence Hill, and Judy Van Wyk, pages 652-667.

Establishing Independence in Low-Income Urban Areas: The Relationship to Adolescent Aggressive Behavior.
Kathleen M. Roche, Margaret E. Ensminger, Howard Chilcoat, and Carla Storr, pages 668-680.

Of General Interest

Family Policies and Children's School Achievement in Single- Versus Two-Parent Families.
Suet-ling Pong, Jaap Dronkers, and Gillian Hampden-Thompson, pages 681-699.

Parental Housing Assistance and Parent-Child Proximity in Italy.
Cecilia Tomassini, Douglas A. Wolf, and Alessandro Rosina, pages 700-715.

Identifying the Effects of Income on Children's Development Using Experimental Data.
Pamela A. Morris and Lisa A. Gennetian, pages 716-729.

Neighborhood Structure, Social Organization, and Number of Short-Term Sexual Partnerships.
Christopher R. Browning and Matisa Olinger-Wilbon, pages 730-745.

Explaining the Decline in Women's Household Labor: Individual Change and Cohort Differences.
Julie E. Artis and Eliza K. Pavalko, pages 746-761.

Book Reviews

Women's Work Is Never Done: Comparative Studies in Care-Giving, Employment, and Social Policy Reform.
Jeanne Batalova, pages 762-763.

Learning to Be Old: Gender, Culture, and Aging.
Sally Bould, pages 763-764.

How Families Still Matter: A Longitudinal Study of Youth in Two Generations.
Kristin Celello, pages 764-765.

New Family Values: Liberty, Equality, Diversity.
Boyd Littrell, pages 765-766.

Involved Fathering and Men's Adult Development: Provisional Balances.
Steven L. Nock, pages 766-767.

For Better and for Worse: Welfare Reform and the Well-Being of Children and Families.
Karen Seccombe, pages 767-768.

The Power of Good Deeds: Privileged Women and the Social Reproduction of the Upper Class.
Jessica Holden Sherwood, pages 768-769.

Child Care and Inequality: Rethinking Carework for Children and Youth.
Lynet Uttal, pages 769-770.

International Family Planning Perspectives

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Ежеквартальное издание, информирующее о новейших исследованиях в области сексуального и репродуктивного здоровья, сексуальных и репродуктивных прав в Азии, Африке, Латинской Америке и Карибском бассейне.

Особое внимание уделяется контрацепции, рождаемости, подростковой беременности, аборту, политике и программам в области планирования семьи, болезням, передающимся половым путем, включая ВИЧ/СПИД, а также репродуктивному, материнскому и детскому здоровью.

Все статьи сопровождаются резюме на французском и испанском языках.

Ежеквартальник издается Институтом Алана Гаттмахера (Alan Guttmacher Institute, AGI) - американской независимой некоммерческой организацией, специализирующейся на исследованиях сексуального и репродуктивного здоровья, анализе влияющих на него политики и просвещения.

Vol. 29, N1, March 2003


Cicely Marston and John Cleland
Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence

Ali Mehryar Karim, Robert J. Magnani, Gwendolyn T. Morgan and Katherine C. Bond
Reproductive Health Risk and Protective Factors Among Unmarried Youth in Ghana

T.K. Roy, F. Ram, Parveen Nangia, Uma Saha and Nizamuddin Khan
Can Women's Childbearing and Contraceptive Intentions Predict Contraceptive Demand? Findings from A Longitudinal Study in Central India

Evam Kofi Glover, Angela Bannerman, Brian Wells Pence, Heidi Jones, Robert Miller, Eugene Weiss and Joana Nerquaye-Tetteh
Sexual Health Experiences of Adolescents in Three Ghanaian Towns

Sara L. Zellner
Condom Use and the Accuracy of AIDS Knowledge In Cфte d'Ivoire


L. Remez
Syndromic Diagnosis of Reproductive Tract Infections Leads to Substantial Unnecessary Treatment in Vietnam

D. Hollander
Although Abortion Is Highly Restricted in Cameroon, It Is Not Uncommon Among Young Urban Women

D. Hollander
Bangladeshi Women Weigh A Variety of Factors When Choosing a Contraceptive

C. Coren
Genital Cutting May Alter, Rather Than Eliminate, Women's Sexual Sensations

L. Remez
Offering a Woman Sterilization During an Emergency Cesarean Section May Sometimes Be Appropriate

Vol. 29, N2, June 2003


Sangeetha Madhavan, Alayne Adams and Dominique Simon
Women's Networks and the Social World Of Fertility Behavior

Tiziana Leone, Zoл Matthews and Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna
Impact and Determinants of Sex Preference in Nepal

Saumya RamaRao, Marlina Lacuesta, Marilou Costello, Blesilda Pangolibay and Heidi Jones
The Link Between Quality of Care and Contraceptive Use

Michael E. Aziken, Patrick I. Okonta and Adedapo B.A. Ande
Knowledge and Perception of Emergency Contraception Among Female Nigerian Undergraduates

Lisa M. Bates, Md. Khairul Islam, Ahmed Al-Kabir and Sidney Ruth Schuler
From Home to Clinic and from Family Planning to Family Health: Client and Community Responses to Health Sector Reforms in Bangladesh


J. Rosenberg
Substantial Proportions of Contraceptive Clinic Clients Would Try Methods That Can Cause Amenorrhea

D. Hollander
Intervention in Rural Uganda Is Effective Against Some Sexually Transmitted Infections, but Not Against HIV

S. London
Cervical Cancer Risk Rises If Women with HPV Also Have Herpes Infection

C. Coren
For Cameroonian Youth, Perceived Risk and Parental Support Boost Condom Use

L. Remez
Three Differing Emergency Contraceptive Regimens Are Equally Effective

D. Hollander
Nairobi's Poorest Women Have Highest Level of Risky Sexual Behavior, Least Knowledge of HIV Prevention

Vol. 28, N1, March 2002


Mark VanLandingham and Lea Trujillo
Recent Changes in Heterosexual Attitudes, Norms and Behaviors Among Unmarried Thai Men: A Qualitative Analysis

Mona Sharan and Thomas W. Valente
Spousal Communication and Family Planning Adoption: Effects of a Radio Drama Serial in Nepal

Karen R. Katz, Laura M. Johnson, Barbara Janowitz and Josй Miguel Carranza
Reasons for the Low Level of IUD Use in El Salvador

John Ross, Karen Hardee, Elizabeth Mumford and Sherrine Eid
Contraceptive Method Choice in Developing Countries

Thomas W. Merrick
Population and Poverty: New Views on an Old Controversy


M. Klitsch
Many Rural Ugandans with Genital Ulcers Fail to Seek Health Treatment or to Inform Their Sexual Partners

D. Hollander
During Prolonged Postnatal Abstinence, Risky Behavior Rises for Many African Men

J. Rosenberg
Women's Susceptibility To Some STDs Is Affected By Hormonal Method Use

M. Klitsch
Half of Bangladeshi Women Who Discontinue Pill Use Attribute Their Decision to Side Effects

J. Rosenberg
Risks of some Health Problems Are Elevated Among Implant Users

L. Remez
Does Breastfeeding Affect The Health of HIV-Positive Women? Studies Disagree

D. Hollander
Oral Contraceptive Regimen That Doubles the Number of Hormonally Active Pills per Cycle Reduces Bleeding

Vol. 28, No. 2, June 2002


Barbara Janowitz, Laura Johnson, Andy Thompson, Caroline West, Caroline Marangwanda and Ndugga Baker Maggwa
Excess Capacity and the Cost of Adding Services At Family Planning Clinics in Zimbabwe

Sohail Agha
A Quasi-Experimental Study to Assess the Impact of Four Adolescent Sexual Health Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Louisiana Lush
Service Integration: An Overview of Policy Developments

Ian Askew and NDugga Baker Maggwa
Integration of STI Prevention and Management with Family Planning and Antenatal Care in Sub-Saharan Africa - What More Do We Need to Know?

Lawrence Adeokun, Joanne E. Mantell, Eugene Weiss, Grace Ebun Delano, Temple Jagha, Jumoke Olatoregun, Dora Udo, Stella Akinso and Ellen Weiss
Promoting Dual Protection in Family Planning Clinics In Ibadan Nigeria

Davy M. Chikamata, Oliver Chinganya, Heidi Jones and Saumya Ramarao
Dual Needs: contraceptive and Sexually Transmitted Infection Protection in Lusaka, Zambia

Karen G. Fleischman Foreit, Karen Hardee and Kokila Agarwal
When Does It Make Sense to Consider Integrating STI And HIV Services with Family Planning Services?

John C. Caldwell and Pat Caldwell
Is Integration the Answer for Africa?

Meiwita P. Budiharsana
Integrating Reproductive Tract Infection Services Into Family Planning Settings in Indonesia

By Landon Myer, Chelsea Morroni, Catherine Mathews and Francesca Little
Dual Method Use in South Africa

David Achanfuo Yeboah
Strategies Adopted by Caribbean Family Planning Associations to Address Declining International Funding


M. Klitsch
In Mozambique, Social Diversity Within Church Congregations Encourages Contraceptive Use

T. Lane
Use of Any Combined Pill Type Confers an Elevated Risk of a First Heart Attack

M. Klitsch
Emergency Contraception Is Little Known and Rarely Used by South Africans

J. Rosenberg
Feeding Method Does Not Affect Mortality of Infants of HIV-Infected Women

D. Hollander
As Desired Fertility Falls, Contraceptive Services Help Women Avoid Abortions

L. Remez
Early, Fast-Paced Growth Benefits Short-Term Health of Underweight Infants

Vol. 28, N3, September 2002


John A. Ross and William L. Winfrey
Unmet Need for Contraception in the Developing World And the Former Soviet Union: An Updated Estimate

Kim Dickson-Tetteh and Deborah L. Billings
Abortion Care Services Provided by Registered Midwives in South Africa

Sohail Agha and Ronan Van Rossem
Impact of Mass Media Campaigns on Intentions to Use The Female Condom in Tanzania

Agnиs Guillaume and Annabel Desgrйes du Loы
Fertility Regulation Among Women in Abidjan, Cфte d'Ivoire: Contraception, Abortion or Both?

Karen G. Fleischman Foreit
Source of Maternal and Child Health Care as an Indicator of Ability to Pay for Family Planning

Karin Ringheim
When the Client Is Male: Client-Provider Interaction from a Gender Perspective


M. Klitsch
Long-Term Pill Use, High Parity Raise Cervical Cancer Risk Among Women with Human Papillomavirus Infection

D. Hollander
Female Condom Use Rises If Women Receive Good Instruction and Training

T. Lane
Use of Multiple Anti-HIV Does Not Raise Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes

T. Lane
Male Circumcision Reduces Risk of Both Acquiring And Transmitting Human Papillomavirus Infection

D. Hollander
Vietnamese Women with Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections Often Forgo Care or Treat Themselves

M. Klitsch
Treatment of HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Lowers Infection Risk of Infants

Vol. 28, N4, December 2002


Saroj Pachauri and K.G. Santhya
Reproductive Choices for Asian Adolescents: A Focus on Contraceptive Behavior

Sidney Ruth Schuler, Lisa Bates and Md. Khairul Islam
Reconciling Cost Recovery with Health Equity Concerns in a Context of Gender Inequality and Poverty: Findings From a New Family Health Initiative in Bangladesh

Davida Becker, Sandra G. Garcia and Ulla Larsen
Knowledge and Opinions About Abortion Law Among Mexican Youth

Nguyen Minh Thang and Dang Nguyen Anh
Accessibility and Use of Contraceptives in Vietnam

Susannah H. Mayhew
Donor Dealings: The Impact of International Donor Aid On Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

John Stanback and Heidi W. Reynolds
In Search of Seamless Transition to Post-Lactational Amenorrhea Method Contraception


T. Lane
Clinical Diagnosis of Cervical Infection Is Less Accurate Than Lab Testing, But Leads to Higher Treatment Rate

D. Hollander
Breast Cancer Risk Is Reduced by 4% for Each Year of Breastfeeding

J. Rosenberg
For Chinese Men, Education Increases STI Stigmatization But Not Delay of Treatment

T. Lane
Effects of Higher Clinic Fees On Demand and Revenue Vary by Type of Service

J. Rosenberg
In Zimbabwe, Sexual Relationships with Older Men Put Young Women at High Risk of HIV Infection

D. Hollander
Conflict in a Relationship Before Sterilization May Lead to Desire for Reversal

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