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September 20 - October 3  2022

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## 849-850

Russian demographic barometer

Preliminary demographic results of 2019 in Russia (part II)

  • According to preliminary data for 2019, Russia’s downward trend in the number of deaths continues, decreasing by 1.5% with the overall mortality rate dropping to 12.3‰

  • The proportion of people dying before the age of 65 is decreasing, but still exceeds one third of all deaths in Russia

  • Life expectancy at birth has exceeded 73 years

  • In January-December 2019, mortality decreased from all the main classes of causes of death except for digestive diseases and neoplasms

  • Mortality from external causes was the lowest since 1980 - 87 deaths per 100 thousand people


  • WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission: the well-being of future generations is at stake

  • Gender images

  • UN head calls himself a feminist

  • Audit Chamber outlines problems of children's health in Russia

In the vastness of Russia

  • Ministry of Economic Development downgrades forecast for population growth in Russia

  • In 2019 Chechnya and Ingushetia became leaders in population growth

  • Migration decline in the Far East has dropped to a minimum in recent years

  • Ministry of Labor reports failure to achieve planned fertility

  • 6% of Russian men consider registration of a first marriage essential

  • Authorities to spend 4.57 trillion rubles on implementation of Putin's instructions

  • Putin signs law to expand maternity capital program

  • More than 930,000 thousand families used maternity capital funds in 2019

  • Large families cannot take advantage of mortgage benefits

  • Budget savings from pension reform is over 21 billion rubles

  • Have changes in the pension system not made it possible to achieve a decent standard of living?

  • Ministry of Labor to tell Russians over 45 about the size of their pension

  • Unmarried Russian women take out mortgages twice as often as single men

  • Authorities propose to make single-industry towns more compact to cut costs

  • Over 90% of retrained pre-pensioners have kept their jobs or found new ones

  • Thousands of invalid entries found in “Mir” migration accounting system

  • Government will propose to simplify acquisition of Russian citizenship for residents of 4 countries

  • About 500,000 people received Russian citizenship in 2019

  • Putin allows option of forcibly restricting the departure of specialists from the country

  • Over 10 years in Russia the number of deaths in road accidents has decreased by a third

  • The movement of people with HIV cannot be limited

  • A third of Russians say domestic medicine won’t save them from coronavirus

  • Disinfection regime to be reinforced in places with large concentrations of people

  • Unregistered drugs will be allowed into Russia

  • Ministry of Health disagrees with Audit Chamber on assessment of hospital buildings

  • In Russia, doctors’ attitudes to patients must change

World news

  • WHO raises global risk assessment for coronavirus

  • More than 80% of those infected with coronavirus will recover

  • Timeline for developing coronavirus vaccine announced

  • WHO compares mortality from new coronavirus and flu

  • IMF allocates $50 billion to countries in need to fight coronavirus

  • Belstat unveils census results

  • Depopulation - a challenge for the EU?

  • Demographic situation in South Korea continues to deteriorate

  • Riga's population may decline by 5.2% by 2030

  • By 2030, senior citizens will constitute more than 21% of the population of Belarus

  • Number of urban residents in Kazakhstan increased by 1.8% over the year

  • In recent years, the birth rate of girls in Azerbaijan has been steadily decreasing

  • In 2018 Belarus registered 60,000 marriages and 33,000 divorces

  • Kirgizia to hold census at end of March

  • Proposal in Sweden to increase pensions

  • Norway the world’s best country to raise kids

  • In Sweden, migrants at high risk of falling below the poverty line

  • UK introduces point system for immigrants

  • In US, new rules for issuing Green Cards come into effect

  • Turkish authorities encourage migrants to leave the country

  • UN calls on EU to help Greece deal with migrants

  • In Kirgizia, almost 10,000 cases of HIV

  • South African women with HIV forcibly sterilized

  • IVF babies 45% more likely to die in first year

  • After age 40 a person’s social skills begin to decline

The newspapers write about...

  • RBC and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Russia's population decline

  • Kommersant, Helsingin Sanomat, Radio Svoboda and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the maternity capital

  • BY on maternity leave in Belarus

  • on migrants in Russia

  • Kurier on emigration from Russia

  • Cicero on new migration crisis in Europe

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC, Polit.Ru, and Novaya Gazeta on HIV

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC, Le Figaro, Nature and The Guardian on coronavirus

  • La Jornada, Atlantico and Carnegie Moscow Center on the consequences of coronavirus

  • on the black plague

  • on Russian hospitals

  • Vzglyad on British healthcare

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on gender relations in Japan

  • Mediapart on the demographic problems of Ukraine

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda on longevity

  • Le Monde and The Times on LGBT

  • Open Democracy on domestic violence

  • State,fr on depression

  • Kupredu do minulosti on human evolution

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on stores without sales clerks

  • Vedomosti on the future labor market

  • Izvestia on single-industry towns

  • Kommersant on the cost of living

  • on the population of St. Petersburg

Read books and magazines

  • International Migration Report 2019

  • Health at a Glance: Asia/Pacific 2018

  • Natural movement of the population of Ukraine for 2018

  • Internal migration as a resource for Russia's development: socio-economic effects, costs and limitations

  • Regions of Russia. Socio-economic 2019

  • Through the pages of the magazines Naseleniye i Ekonomika (Population and Economics) and Mirovaya Ekonomika i Mezhdunarodnye Otnosheniya (World Economy and International Relations)

  • Contents of the journal Demography

Profession: researcher

  • Large families in Moscow. Meeting of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Inequality in infant mortality among the population of modern Russia. Scientific Seminar “Modern Demography” of the International Laboratory for Population and Health Research, HSE

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