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14 - 27 September 2020

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## 801-802

Russian demographic barometer

Russia: preliminary demographic results of 2018 (part I)

  • The population of Russia has begun to decline again, decreasing in 2018 by 87 thousand people

  • Due to accelerated natural decline, the population of Russia in 2018 decreased by 218 thousand people, which was only partially compensated by reduced net migration.

  • In 2018, the number of births in Russia continued to decline, decreasing to 1,599,000

  • The number of registered marriages decreased in 2018 by 12%, of divorces - by 4%

Take care of women!

  • HIV infection is one of the top ten public health threats in 2019

  • The situation around reproductive rights in the United States has once again escalated

  • Atlas of contraception availability - 2019

In the vastness of Russia

  • Rosstat reports highest GDP growth in six years

  • The cost of national projects for six years will exceed 25.7 trillion rubles

  • The rate of fertility decline cut in half in 2018

  • Can Moscow become one of the world leaders in life expectancy?

  • No further increase in retirement age expected before 2036

  • 330 thousand people receive a Russian pension abroad

  • Clients of non-state pensions funds will be able to receive pensions according to the old rules

  • Ministry of Economic Development names causes of decline in incomes of Russians

  • The average monthly salary of Muscovites in 2018 exceeded 80 thousand rubles

  • Preferential mortgage for families with children will have no fixed term

  • Regions will receive 108 billion rubles for the creation of nursery school groups

  • By the end of 2021 third shift in Russian schools will be abolished

  • Will parents be obliged to support full-time students and scholarships be abolished?

  • State Duma preparing bill on maternity leave for men

  • Proposal in State Duma to make payments to guardians equal to subsistence minimum of children

  • Over the past year, more than 4.4 million people changed their place of residence in the country.

  • "Far Eastern hectare" has not attracted migrants from Central Russia

  • New leadership in Department of Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

  • Debt threshold remains unchanged for those not allowed to leave country

  • Over 40% of young Russians have expressed a desire to emigrate

  • Russia and Tajikistan will sign additional agreements on migration

  • Russia cuts alcohol consumption nearly by half

  • Do 70% of able-bodied men die because of alcohol?

  • The main cause of death among Russians under 18 are accidents.

  • Cancer incidence rising in Russia

  • Tuberculosis incidence in Russia for the year decreased by 7.7%

  • More than 2,500 schools and 816 kindergartens were closed due to flu and acute viral respiratory infections

  • In Russia, incidence of measles jumps 3.5 times

  • WHO confirms Russia's victory over rubella

  • Women in Russia have become less likely to die during childbirth

  • State Duma to evaluate prospects for removing abortion from mandatory health insurance coverage

  • Those most likely to be obese are persons over age 55

  • About 200 thousand patients with rare diseases will receive free medicines

  • Russians will be stimulated to go for state medical examination

  • Online help service for cancer patients created in Russia

  • Expanded options for state-subsidized treatment in private clinics

  • Three world-class genetic centers will appear in Russia

  • Half of Russians consider euthanasia permissible for seriously ill patients

World news

  • Life expectancy in the world has increased by 22 years since 1950

  • Turkey's population reaches 82 million

  • Tajikistan's population has increased by 3.7 million people over 28 years

  • The population of Riga continues to decrease

  • The population of South Korea will be significantly smaller by 2028

  • Chinese experts predict a sharp increase in the number of older people by 2050

  • In the next 10 years the working population of Ukraine will shrink by 3 million people

  • Chinese parliament proposes to abolish birth control policy

  • The number of official marriages in Latvia has increased

  • Plan to put off Kazakhstan census until 2020

  • Nearly 14% of the US population was born in another country.

  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services to close office in Moscow

  • Most Americans continue to believe that immigrants are useful to the country.

  • Brexit causes many migrants to renounce Lithuanian citizenship

  • Germany needs an influx of skilled migrants

  • Tajikistan and Qatar sign agreement on migrant workers

  • Tajik migrants trying to find an alternative to Russia

  • Over 710 thousand citizens of Kirgizia are forced to work abroad

  • Ukrainian employers intend to reduce labor migration of Ukrainians abroad

  • Will return of migrant workers not help the Ukrainian economy?

  • National Bank of Ukraine expects $12.2 billion in transfers from migrants in 2019

  • Africa has 7.5 million refugees

  • Germany accelerates asylum procedure

  • Most Americans are against the border wall

  • In Tajikistan over year HIV detected in 1.4 thousand people

  • Of the three Baltic countries, Estonians drink the least

  • Flu epidemic takes lives all over the world

  • Mass obesity in the United States causes rise in cancer incidence

  • Physical activity in leisure hours is better than that for your job

  • Hundreds of little girls married by force in Australia

  • France to remove lines "father" and "mother" from school documents

  • The most dangerous European countries to drive in are Denmark, Germany and Belgium

The newspapers write about

  • Ekonomika Sevodnya on demographic policy

  • RBK and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on national projects

  • Bloomberg and Forbes on the development of cities and villages

  • RBK on assessing poverty

  • Gazeta.Ru and Rosbalt on shrinking incomes

  • Bloomberg and Le Figaro on economic growth

  • Le Monde on inequality

  • Helsingin Sanomat on parasites in Belarus

  • on the retirement age

  • Argumenty i Fakty on internal migration

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on the desire to leave the country

  • REGNUM on judicial proceedings against migrant janitors

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on the work style of the migration service

  • Le Figaro and FAN on the migration crisis

  • IQ on the Russian diaspora

  • RIA Novosti, New Scientist and Moskovsky Komsomolets on the fight against cancer

  • Politico, Suomen Kuvalehti and Kommersant on alcohol consumption

  • Life on getting the measles

  • MedicForum on dangerous methods of treatment

  • Hufvudstadsbladet on the worth of a person

  • IQ on voluntary medical insurance

  • on palliative care

  • Daily Mail and Wired Magazine on the shrinking of the world's population

  • Novye Izvestiya and Izvestiya on the family

  • Yahoo News Japan on legalizing same-sex marriage

  • Vox on suing your parents for giving you birth

  • Novye Izvestiya on feminism

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on female circumcision

  • Izvestiya on collecting biometrics

  • Novye Izvestiya on the unavailability of toilets

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on the demographic situation of Iran

  • Delfi.Iv on the demographic situation of Latvia

  • on Russian surnames

Read books and magazines

  • The situation of children and families with children in the city of Moscow in 2017

  • Russian youth of the Kyrgyz Republic in the twenty-first century. Adaptation strategies

  • Population of Ukraine 2017

  • Labour force survey in the EU, candidate and EFTA countries. Main characteristics of national surveys, 2017

  • Collection of statistical materials on diseases of the circulatory system

  • Through the pages of the magazines Naseleniye i Ekonomika (Population and Economics) and Zhurnal Issledovaniy Sotsialnoy Politiki (Journal of Social Policy Studies)

  • Contents of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Profession: researcher

  • Demographic indicators in the presidents May (2018) decree. Scientific seminar Modern Demography of the International Laboratory for Population and Health Research, HSE

  • 130 years since the birth of Peter Afanasyevich Kuvshinnikov

  •    P. Kuvshinnikov. Natural movement of the population of the RSFSR in 1920-1922

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