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Global Tuberculosis Report 2021: Supplementary Material

The Contribution of Migration to Regional Development

Руководство по национальным трансфертным счетам

Tracking Universal Health Coverage: 2021 Global Monitoring Report

Краткие итоги. Итоги Национальной переписи населения 2021 года в Республике Казахстан

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№ 598, March 2022

COVID-19 is more deadly for men than for women
Gilles Pison, France Meslé
From around age 50, male excess mortality from COVID-19 is higher than that observed for all-cause mortality. This difference may reflect a higher infection risk for men due to their behaviour and activities, but also a higher prevalence of comorbidities liable to increase case fatality rates (risk of dying of the disease once infected).

№ 599, April 2022

Non-standard work schedules: increasing exposure among low-skilled women
Anne Lambert, Laetitia Langlois
Exposure to non-standard work schedules is far from marginal in France, and while the number of salaried workers concerned has not increased much over the last decade, the nature of exposure has shifted according to sex and social categories. Low-skilled women have been most affected by the development of non-standard work schedules, weekend working especially, while people in higher-level occupations have experienced a reduction in non-standard schedules, but also in unpredictable and variable work schedules.

№ 600, May 2022

Older people’s feelings of isolation and low morale during the COVID-19 crisis
Laurent Nowik, Raphaël Dhuot
Isolated and restricted in their social relations and activities during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of pensioners under the general pension scheme reported a decline in their mental well-being following the outbreak and lockdowns. For those stating they had needed help, moral or emotional support came first. Those living alone felt the consequences of health policies more so than those living with a partner. Individuals’ mental well-being also differed by sex, health status, economic level, and age. Those having the worst experience of lockdown were among the youngest pensioners and those living alone.

№ 601 , May 2022

Under-15 fertility around the world
Approximately 400,000 births to adolescent girls under age 15 occurred worldwide each year in the 2010s, representing a fertility rate of around 13 annual births per 10,000 girls aged 10–14. More than half of these occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, where we observe 40 annual births per 10,000 girls aged 10–14. Since the early 1970s, fertility among girls aged 10–14 has decreased sixfold worldwide. In countries of the Global South, a majority of these births occur within a union (marriage or non-marital cohabitation).

№ 602, June 2022

Immigrant families: rising educational levels across generations but persistent inequalities
Cris Beauchemin, Mathieu Ichou, Patrick Simon, L'équipe de l'enquête TeO2
While children born to immigrants in France are more qualified than their parents, their educational levels are nonetheless below those of children with French native-born parents. In families of Asian and sub-Saharan African origin, the parents more often have a tertiary qualification than French-born parents. In families from Turkey and the Middle East, on the other hand, the parents’ educational level is low, and the progress of their children is limited, making this group the least qualified of all immigrant-origin groups. It is well known that girls outperform boys at school in France. This is also true for the daughters of immigrants, who achieve a higher educational level than their parents more frequently than sons do.

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