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2019 United Nations Demographic Yearbook

World Population Ageing 2020 Highlights

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Демографический ежегодник Казахстана

Злокачественные новообразования в России в 2019 году (заболеваемость и смертность)

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Содержание журнала «International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health»

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International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Alan Guttmacher Institute


Volume 46, 2020

The Extended Role of Health Facility Cleaners in Maternity Care in Kenya
Ginger Golub, May Sudhinaraset, Katie Giessler, Kendall Dunlop-Korsness and Allison Stone
January 2020

Contraceptive Use Behavior Change After an Unintended Birth in Colombia and Peru
Ewa Batyra
March 2020

Applying Inverse Probability Weighting to Measure Contraceptive Prevalence Using Data from a Community-Based Reproductive Health Intervention in Pakistan
Ece Amber Özçelik, Julia Rohr, Kristy Hackett, Iqbal Shah and David Canning
April 2020

Addressing Abortion Provider Stigma: A Pilot Implementation of the Providers Share Workshop in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America
Elizabeth A. Mosley, Lisa Martin, Meghan Seewald, Jane Hassinger, Kelly Blanchard, Sarah E. Baum, Diana Santana, Lina Echeverri, Jenna Garrett, Jesse Njunguru and Lisa H. Harris
April 2020


Estimates of the Potential Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Taylor Riley, Elizabeth Sully, Zara Ahmed and Ann Biddlecom
April 2020

Exploring Conscientious Objection to Abortion Among Health Providers in Ghana
John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Peter Baffoe, Mathias Aboba, Philip Ayivor, Harry Nartey, Beth Felker, Dick Van der Tak and Adriana A. E. Biney
May 2020

Perceived Infertility Among Young Adults in Balaka, Malawi
Chelsea Polis, Ann M. Moore, Abdallah Chilungo and Sara Yeatman
May 2020

Modern Contraceptive Use Following an Unplanned Birth in Bangladesh: An Analysis of National Survey Data
Md Nuruzzaman Khan, Melissa Harris and Deborah Loxton
May 2020

Provision of Emergency Contraceptive Pills in Kinshasa's Informal Drug Shops: Results from a Mystery Client Study
Julie H. Hernandez, Pierre Akilimalib and Muanda Fidèle Mbadu
June 2020

The Health System Costs of Postabortion Care in Senegal
Naomi Lince-Deroche, Ibrahima Sene, Emma Pliskin, Onikepe Oluwadamilola Owolabi and Akinrinola Bankole
June 2020

Explaining the Education-Health Gradient in Preventing STIs in Andean Peru: Cognitive Executive Functioning, Awareness and Health Knowledge
Ismael G. Muñoz, David P. Baker and Ellen Peters
July 2020

Perceived Conflicting Desires to Delay the First Birth: A Household-Level Exploration in Nepal
Nadia Diamond-Smith, Noemi Plaza, Mahesh Puri, Minakshi Dahal, Sheri D. Weiser and Cynthia C. Harper
July 2020

Gender Differences in Perceived Benefits of and Barriers to Use of Modern Contraceptive Methods in Rural Malawi
Sarah Huber-Krum and Alison H. Norris
August 2020


Reproductive Autonomy Is Nonnegotiable, Even in the Time of COVID-19
Leigh Senderowicz and Jenny A. Higgins
August 2020

What About Methods for Men? A Qualitative Analysis of Attitudes Toward Male Contraception in Burkina Faso and Uganda
Alice F. Cartwright, Anna Lawton, Aurélie Brunie and Rebecca L. Callahan
September 2020

Correlates of Satisfaction with Sexual Initiation Among Mexican Adolescents
Irene Casique
September 2020

Climate-Related Displacement and Antenatal Care Service Utilization in Rural Bangladesh
Md. Rabiul Haque, Nick Parr and Salut Muhidin
September 2020

An Application of the Confidante Method to Estimate Induced Abortion Incidence in Java, Indonesia
Melissa Stillman, Ellie Leong, Budi Utomo, Dadun Dadun, Riznawaty Imma Aryanty, Gilda Sedgh and Margaret Giorgio
September 2020

Reconceptualizing Women's and Girls' Empowerment: A Cross-Cultural Index for Measuring Progress Toward Improved Sexual and Reproductive Health
Caroline Moreau, Celia Karp, Shannon N. Wood, Hadiza Galadanci, Simon Peter Sebina Kibira, Fredrick Makumbi, Elizabeth Omoluabi, Solomon Shiferaw, Assefa Seme and Amy Tsui
October 2020

Estimating the Incidence of Induced Abortion in Java, Indonesia, 2018
Margaret M. Giorgio, Budi Utomo, Nugroho Soeharno, Riznawaty Imma Aryanty, Besral, Melissa Stillman, Jesse Philbin, Susheela Singh and Gilda Sedgh
October 2020

Factors Associated with Disposable Menstrual Absorbent Use Among Young Women in India
Usha Ram, Manas R. Pradhan, Sunita Patel and F. Ram
October 2020

Provider and Women Characteristics as Risk Factors for Postpartum Copper IUD Expulsion and Discontinuation in Nepal
Mahesh Chandra Puri, Muqi Guo, Iqbal H. Shah, Lucy Stone, Dev Maharjan and David Canning
December 2020

Women's Perspectives on Contraceptive-Induced Amenorrhea in Burkina Faso and Uganda
Amelia C.L. Mackenzie, Siân L. Curtis, Rebecca L. Callahan, Elizabeth E. Tolley, Ilene S. Speizer, Sandra L. Martin and Aurélie Brunie
December 2020

Acknowledgment to Reviewers
December 2020

Focus on Abortion: Introduction

Focus on Abortion: Introduction
December 2020

Focus on Abortion: Article

Assessing Readiness to Provide Comprehensive Abortion Care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo After Passage of the Maputo Protocol
Annie L. Glover, Patrick Kayembe, Didine Kaba and Pélagie Babakazo
December 2020

An Application of the List Experiment to Estimate Abortion Prevalence in Karachi, Pakistan
Sarah Huber-Krum, Kristy Hackett, Navdep Kaur, Sidrah Nausheen, Sajid Soofi, David Canning and Iqbal Shah
December 2020

Chilean Medical and Midwifery Faculty’s Views on Conscientious Objection for Abortion Services
Lidia Casas, Lori Freedman, Alejandra Ramm, Sara Correa, C. Finley Baba and M. Antonia Biggs
December 2020

Contraceptive Receipt Among First-Trimester Abortion Clients and Postpartum Women in Urban Mexico
Blair G. Darney, Evelyn Fuentes-Rivera, Biani Saavedra-Avendaño, Patricio Sanhueza-Smith and Raffaela Schiavon
December 2020

Global Developments in Laws on Induced Abortion: 2008–2019
Lisa Remez, Katherine Mayall and Susheela Singh
December 2020

Feasibility of Multilevel Pregnancy Tests for Telemedicine Abortion Service Follow-Up: A Pilot Study
Erica Chong, Wendy R. Sheldon, Danielle Lopez-Green, Cecilia Gonzalez H., Bárbara Hernández Castillo, Marián Gulías Ogando, Nirdesh Tuladhar and Jennifer Blum
December 2020

Focus on Abortion: Special Report

Expanding Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care in Humanitarian Contexts: Case Study from the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh
Sharmin Sultana, Shadie Tofigh, Rezwana Chowdhury, Sayed Rubayet, Ghazaleh Samandari and Alison Edelman
December 2020

Focus on Abortion: Viewpoint

Refugee and Internally Displaced Women’s Abortion Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices: Addressing the Lack of Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Blake Erhardt-Ohren and Sarah Lewinger
December 2020

COVID-19 and Abortion: Making Structural Violence Visible
Rishita Nandagiri, Ernestina Coast and Joe Strong
December 2020

Abortion Self-Care: A Forward-Looking Solution To Inequitable Access
Lucía Vázquez-Quesada, Ankita Shukla, Isabel Vieitez, Rajib Acharya and Saumya RamaRao
December 2020

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