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Женщины и мужчины России. 2018

Медико-демографические показатели Российской Федерации в 2017 году

Health At A Glance: Europe 2018 State Of Health In The Eu Cycle

WHO Global Report On Trends In Prevalence Of Tobacco Smoking 2000-2025 - Second Edition

Индексы и индикаторы человеческого развития. Обновленные статистические данные 2018

По страницам журналов «Здравоохранение Российской Федерации» и «Российский медицинский журнал»

Содержание журнала «Demographic Research»

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Volume 39

Article 11

Using census data to measure maternal mortality: A review of recent experience
Kenneth Hill, Peter Johnson, Kavita Singh, Anthony Amuzu-Pharin, Yagya Kharki

Article 12

When working isn’t enough: Family demographic processes and in-work poverty across the life course in the United States
Zachary Van Winkle, Emanuela Struffolino

Article 13

Gender differences and similarities in the educational gradient in fertility: The role of earnings potential and gender composition in study disciplines
Alessandra Trimarchi, Jan Van Bavel

Article 14

Interviewer effects on patterns of nonresponse: Evaluating the impact on the reasons for contraceptive nonuse in the Indonesia and the Philippines DHS
Mark Amos

Article 15

Joint lifestyles and the risk of union dissolution: Differences between marriage and cohabitation
Kirsten van Houdt, Anne-Rigt Poortman

Article 16

Stability and change in personal fertility ideals among U.S. women in heterosexual relationships
Colleen Ray, Sela Harcey, Arthur L. Greil, Stacy Tiemeyer, Julia McQuillan

Article 17

Co-ethnic marriage versus intermarriage among immigrants and their descendants: A comparison across seven European countries using event-history analysis
Tina Hannemann, Hill Kulu, Leen Rahnu, Allan Puur, Mihaela Hărăguş, Ognjen Obućina, Amparo González-Ferrer, Karel Neels, Layla Van den Berg, Ariane Pailhé, Gina Potarca, Laura Bernardi

Article 18

Neonatal mortality, cold weather, and socioeconomic status in two northern Italian rural parishes, 1820–1900
Francesco Scalone, Alessandra Samoggia

Article 19

Family policies, childbearing, and economic crisis: The case of Iceland
Ari Klængur Jónsson

Article 20

Fewer mothers with more colleges? The impacts of expansion in higher education on first marriage and first childbirth
Seongsoo Choi

Article 21

Cause-specific mortality as a sentinel indicator of current socioeconomic conditions in Italy
Elisabetta Barbi, Oliviero Casacchia, Filomena Racioppi

Article 22

WhatsApp usage patterns and prediction of demographic characteristics without access to message content
Avi Rosenfeld, Sigal Sina, David Sarne, Or Avidov, Sarit Kraus

Article 23

The impact of proportional changes in age-specific mortality on life expectancy when the mortality rate is a log-linear function of age
Michael Væth, Mette Vinther Skriver, Henrik Støvring

Article 24

Fertility compression in Niger: A study of fertility change by parity (1977–2011)
Thomas Spoorenberg, Hamidou Issaka Maga

Article 25

Same-sex relationship experiences and expectations regarding partnership and parenthood
Karsten Hank, Martin Wetzel

Article 26

Multigenerational socioeconomic attainments and mortality among older men: An adjacent generations approach
Joseph Wolfe, Shawn Bauldry, Melissa Hardy, Eliza K. Pavalko

Article 27

The role of education in the intersection of partnership transitions and motherhood in Europe and the United States
Julia Mikolai, Ann Berrington, Brienna Perelli-Harris

Article 28

Economic uncertainty and first-birth intentions in Europe
Susanne Fahlén, Livia Sz. Oláh

Article 29

Educational selectivity of internal migrants: A global assessment
Aude Bernard, Martin Bell

Article 30

Love. Break up. Repeat: The prevalence and stability of serial cohabitation among West German women and men born in the early 1970s
Nicole Hiekel, Barbara Elisabeth Fulda

Article 31

Immigrant women and Medicaid-financed births
Masanori Kuroki

Article 32

Explaining Swedish sibling similarity in fertility: Parental fertility behavior vs. social background
Johan Dahlberg, Martin Kolk

Article 33

Persistence of death in the United States: The remarkably different mortality patterns between America’s Heartland and Dixieland
Wesley James, Jeralynn Cossman, Julia Wolf

Article 34

Religiosity and marital fertility among Muslims in Israel
Jona Schellekens, A’as Atrash

Article 35

Fertility responses to individual and contextual unemployment: Differences by socioeconomic background
Wei-hsin Yu, Shengwei Sun

Article 36

From hell to heaven? Evidence of migration trajectories from an Italian refugee centre
Manuela Stranges, François-Charles Wolff

Article 37

Life lived and left: Estimating age-specific survival in stable populations with unknown ages
James W. Vaupel, Francisco Villavicencio

Article 38

Return intentions over the life course: Evidence on the effects of life events from a longitudinal sample of first- and second-generation Turkish migrants in Germany
Giulia Bettin, Eralba Cela, Tineke Fokkema

Article 39

Housework division and gender ideology: When do attitudes really matter?
Renzo Carriero, Lorenzo Todesco

Article 40

Child poverty across immigrant generations in the United States, 1993–2016: Evidence using the official and supplemental poverty measures
Brian Thiede, Matthew M. Brooks

Article 41

Late-life health effects of teenage motherhood
Viola Angelini, Jochen Mierau

Article 42

Family histories and the demography of grandparenthood
Bruno Arpino, Jordi Gumà, Albert Julià

Article 43

Putting family centre stage: Ties to nonresident family, internal migration, and immobility
Clara H. Mulder

Article 44

Contemporary female migration in Ghana: Analyses of the 2000 and 2010 Censuses
Samantha R. Lattof, Philomena Nyarko, Ernestina Coast, Tiziana Leone

Article 45

Does age-adjusted measurement of contraceptive use better explain the relationship between fertility and contraception?
Yoonjoung Choi, Madeleine Short Fabic, Jacob Adetunji

Article 46

Birth and employment transitions of women in Turkey: The emergence of role incompatibility
Ayşe Abbasoğlu Özgören, A. Banu Ergöçmen, Aysıt Tansel

Article 47

Higher acceptance rates of asylum seekers lead to slightly more asylum applications in the future
Hannes Weber

Article 48

Order matters: The effect of premarital pregnancy on second childbearing in Japan
Fumiya Uchikoshi, Ryohei Mogi

Volume 40

Article 1

Running out of time? Understanding the consequences of the biological clock for the dynamics of fertility intentions and union formation
Michael Wagner, Johannes Huinink, Aart C. Liefbroer

Article 2

Weak support for a U-shaped pattern between societal gender equality and fertility when comparing societies across time
Martin Kolk

Article 3

Stability and change in family time transfers and workload inequality in Italian couples
Marina Zannella, Alessandra De Rose

Article 4

The Healthy Immigrant Effect: The role of educational selectivity in the good health of migrants
Mathieu Ichou, Matthew Wallace

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