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Народонаселение мира в 2016 году

Республика Башкортостан. Демографический доклад. Выпуск 2

OECD labour force statistics 2015

Состояние онкологической помощи населению России в 2015 году

Социально значимые заболевания населения России в 2015 году

По страницам журналов «Демографическое обозрение» и «Экономика и организация промышленного производства (ЭКО)»

Содержание журнала «International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health»

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International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Alan Guttmacher Institute


Volume 41, 2015
Issue 4, December

How Reliable Are Reports of Early Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health Events In Demographic and Health Surveys?
Sarah E. Neal and Victoria Hosegood

The Incidence of Abortion in Nigeria
Akinrinola Bankole,Isaac F. Adewole,Rubina Hussain,Olutosin Awolude,Susheela Singh and Joshua O. Akinyemi

Understanding the Broader Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Female Sex Workers In Dhaka, Bangladesh
Karen R. Katz,Misti McDowell,Mackenzie Green,Shamim Jahan,Laura Johnson and Mario Chen

Belief in Family Planning Myths at the Individual And Community Levels and Modern Contraceptive Use in Urban Africa
Abdou Gueye,Ilene S. Speizer,Meghan Corroon and Chinelo C. Okigbo

Unmet Need for Family Planning in Sri Lanka: Low Enough or Still an Issue?
Deborah S. De Graff and K.A.P. Siddhisena

How Reliable Are Reports of Early Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health Events In Demographic and Health Surveys?
Sarah E. Neal and Victoria Hosegood

Letters 41(4)


Community Stigma Attached to HIV and AIDS Is a Common Barrier to Obtaining Care

Progress Has Been Made in Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young Ugandans

Ghana’s R3M Program Is Associated with Greater Provision of Safe Abortions

Community Stigma Attached to HIV and AIDS Is a Common Barrier to Obtaining Care

Women Married by Age 18 May Receive Reduced Benefits from Partner Violence–Reduction Programs
John Thomas

Efavirenz-Based ART May Reduce the Effectiveness of Contraceptive Implants

Prenatal Care Linked to Reduced Risk of Postpartum Hospitalization Among Women Who Deliver Vaginally

Volume 42, 2016
Issue 1, March

The Relationship Context of Adolescent Fertility In Southeastern Ghana
Jeffrey B. Bingenheimer and Kirsten Stoebenau

Understanding Female Condom Use and Negotiation Among Young Women in Cape Town, South Africa
Julia Martin,Patsy de Lora,Roger Rochat and Karen L. Andes

Place, Time and Experience: Barriers to Universalization Of Institutional Child Delivery in Rural Mozambique
Victor Agadjanian,Jing Yao and Sarah R. Hayford

Global Trends in Family Planning Programs, 1999–2014
Bernice Kuang and Isabel Brodsky


Understanding Early Marriage and Transactional Sex In the Context of Armed Conflict: Protection at a Price
Aisha Hutchinson,Philippa Waterhouse,Jane March-McDonald,Sarah Neal and Roger Ingham

Letters 42(1)


Global Burden of Stillbirth Has Declined in Recent Years, But Remains Generally High

Free Pregnancy Testing Is Linked to Uptake of Hormonal Contraceptives

Pregnancies Among Malawian Women Taking Antiretroviral Medication Are Often Unintended

Adoption of the Contraceptive Implant Is Not Associated With a Reduction in Condom Use

Women's Group Intervention Is Tied to Lower Neonatal Mortality In Rural Communities in India

Knowledge Is Key to Willingness to Pay for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

Issue 2, June

Postpartum Family Planning During Sociopolitical Transition: Findings from an Integrated Community-Based Program in Egypt
Chelsea M. Cooper,Elaine Charurat,Issam El-Adawi,Young-Mi Kim,Mark R. Emerson,Wael Zaki and Anne Schuster

“The Fetus Is My Patient, Too”: Attitudes Toward Abortion and Referral Among Physician Conscientious Objectors in Bogotá, Colombia
Lauren R. Fink,Kaitlyn K. Stanhope,Roger W. Rochat and Oscar A. Bernal

Mother, Daughter, Doctor: Medical Professionals and Mothers' Decision Making About Female Genital Cutting in Egypt
Sepideh Modrek and Maia Sieverding

Levels, Trends and Correlates of Abortion in Tehran, Iran: 2009–2014
Amir Erfani


HPV Vaccine Programs Are Failing to Reach Young Female Populations of Low-Income Countries

Despite Adversity, Progress Has Been Made Toward Maternal and Child Health Goals in Afghanistan

Adolescent Marriage Is Still the Norm in Bangladesh, but Trends Show That Marital Age Is Rising

Safe Male Circumcision Program in Uganda Attracts Sexually Active Men Who Have an Elevated HIV Risk

High Postpartum Uptake of IUD at Private Health Facilities with Provider Trained to Insert Method

Skilled Birth Attendance Rates in Burkina Faso Rose After Debut of Policy Subsidizing User Fees

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