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Институт демографии Национального исследовательского университета "Высшая школа экономики"

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Результативность демографической политики России

Эмиграция из России в конце ХХ начале ХХI века

Руководство по использованию административных источников и выборочных обследований для измерения международной миграции в странах СНГ

Женщины России XXI век. Гендерные исследования

Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2016

По страницам журналов «Социологические исследования» и «проблемы прогнозирования»

Содержание журнала «Demography»

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Официальный журнал Американской демографической ассоциации


Volume 53, 2016

Issue 3, June

Family Income and Child Cognitive and Noncognitive Development in Australia: Does Money Matter?
Rasheda Khanam, Son Nghiem

Who Coresides With Parents? An Analysis Based on Sibling Comparative Advantage
Sen Ma, Fangqi Wen

Mothering Experiences: How Single Parenthood and Employment Structure the Emotional Valence of Parenting
Ann Meier, Kelly Musick, Sarah Flood, Rachel Dunifon

Relationship Between the Formation Conditions and Durations of One-Person Households in the Seoul Metropolitan Region
Changhyo Yi

Household Crowding During Childhood and Long-Term Education Outcomes
Leonard M. Lopoo, Andrew S. London

The (Conditional) Resource Dilution Model: State- and Community-Level Modifications
Benjamin G. Gibbs, Joseph Workman, Douglas B. Downey

Understanding the Disability Dynamics of Youth: Health Condition and Limitation Changes for Youth and Their Influence on Longitudinal Survey Attrition
David R. Mann, Todd Honeycutt

The Family Life Course and Health: Partnership, Fertility Histories, and Later-Life Physical Health Trajectories in Australia
Martin O’Flaherty, Janeen Baxter, Michele Haynes, Gavin Turrell

Death and Desirability: Retrospective Reporting of Unintended Pregnancy After a Child’s Death
Emily Smith-Greenaway, Christie Sennott

Maternal Risk Exposure and Adult Daughters’ Health, Schooling, and Employment: A Constructed Cohort Analysis of 50 Developing Countries
Qingfeng Li, Amy O. Tsui

The Education-Occupation Mismatch of International and Internal Migrants in Mexico, 2005–2012
Andrés Villarreal

Issue 4, August

The Influence of Parental Education on Timing and Type of Union Formation: Changes Over the Life Course and Over Time in the Netherlands
Jarl E. Mooyaart, Aart C. Liefbroer

Diverging Patterns of Union Transition Among Cohabitors by Race/Ethnicity and Education: Trends and Marital Intentions in the United States
Janet Chen-Lan Kuo, R. Kelly Raley

Same-Sex and Different-Sex Cohabiting Couple Relationship Stability
Wendy D. Manning, Susan L. Brown, J. Bart Stykes

The Role of Family Orientations in Shaping the Effect of Fertility on Subjective Well-being: A Propensity Score Matching Approach
Nicoletta Balbo, Bruno Arpino

Population Policy: Abortion and Modern Contraception Are Substitutes
Grant Miller, Christine Valente

How Has Elderly Migration Changed in the Twenty-First Century? What the Data Can—and Cannot—Tell Us
Karen Smith Conway, Jonathan C. Rork

Moving Toward Integration? Effects of Migration on Ethnoracial Segregation Across the Rural-Urban Continuum
Richelle L. Winkler, Kenneth M. Johnson

Socioeconomic Segregation in Large Cities in France and the United States
Lincoln Quillian, Hugues Lagrange

Birds of a Feather: Social Bases of Neighborhood Formation in Newark, New Jersey, 1880
John R. Logan, Hyoung-jin Shin

Life Expectancy Among U.S.-born and Foreign-born Older Adults in the United States: Estimates From Linked Social Security and Medicare Data
Neil K. Mehta, Irma T. Elo, Michal Engelman, Diane S. Lauderdale, Bert M. Kestenbaum

The Effect of Schooling on Mortality: New Evidence From 50,000 Swedish Twins
Petter Lundborg, Carl Hampus Lyttkens, Paul Nystedt

Gendered Authorship and Demographic Research: An Analysis of 50 Years of Demography
Sandra Krapf, Michaela Kreyenfeld, Katharina Wolf

Racial Inequality in Education in Brazil: A Twins Fixed-Effects Approach
Letícia J. Marteleto, Molly Dondero

Progress on Poverty? New Estimates of Historical Trends Using an Anchored Supplemental Poverty Measure
Christopher Wimer, Liana Fox, Irwin Garfinkel, Neeraj Kaushal, Jane Waldfogel

Beyond the Parental Generation: The Influence of Grandfathers and Great-grandfathers on Status Attainment
Antonie Knigge

The Intrinsic Estimator, Alternative Estimates, and Predictions of Mortality Trends: A Comment on Masters, Hummer, Powers, Beck, Lin, and Finch
Manfred te Grotenhuis, Ben Pelzer, Liying Luo, Alexander W. Schmidt-Catran

Fitting Age-Period-Cohort Models Using the Intrinsic Estimator: Assumptions and Misapplications
Ryan K. Masters, Daniel A. Powers, Robert A. Hummer, Audrey Beck, Shih-Fan Lin, Brian Karl Finch

Issue 5, October

The Dynamics of Son Preference, Technology Diffusion, and Fertility Decline Underlying Distorted Sex Ratios at Birth: A Simulation Approach
Ridhi Kashyap, Francisco Villavicencio

Explaining the Effect of Parent-Child Coresidence on Marriage Formation: The Case of Japan
Wei-hsin Yu, Janet Chen-Lan Kuo

Productivity, Rank, and Returns in Polygamy
Julia Anna Matz

Predictors of Marital Dissolution During a Period of Rapid Social Change: Evidence From South Asia
Elyse A. Jennings

Temporary Life Changes and the Timing of Divorce
Peter Fallesen, Richard Breen

Black-White Differences in Sex and Contraceptive Use Among Young Women
Yasamin Kusunoki, Jennifer S. Barber, Elizabeth J. Ela, Amelia Bucek

Changes in the Transnational Family Structures of Mexican Farm Workers in the Era of Border Militarization
Erin R. Hamilton, Jo Mhairi Hale

Determinants of Mexico-U.S. Outward and Return Migration Flows: A State-Level Panel Data Analysis
Isabelle Chort, Maëlys de la Rupelle

Premigration School Quality, Time Spent in the United States, and the Math Achievement of Immigrant High School Students
Robert Bozick, Alessandro Malchiodi, Trey Miller

Geographic Variation in the Cumulative Risk of Imprisonment and Parental Imprisonment in the United States
Christopher Muller, Christopher Wildeman

Trapped in Place? Segmented Resilience to Hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, 1970–2005
John R. Logan, Sukriti Issar, Zengwang Xu

Spatial Variation in the Quality of American Community Survey Estimates
David C. Folch, Daniel Arribas-Bel, Julia Koschinsky, Seth E. Spielman

SES Gradients Among Mexicans in the United States and in Mexico: A New Twist to the Hispanic Paradox?
Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez, Alberto Palloni, Fernando Riosmena, Rebeca Wong

Offspring Socioeconomic Status and Parent Mortality Within a Historical Population
Zachary Zimmer, Heidi A. Hanson, Ken R. Smith

Family Structure and Child Health: Does the Sex Composition of Parents Matter?
Corinne Reczek, Russell Spiker, Hui Liu, Robert Crosnoe

A Social History of Disease: Contextualizing the Rise and Fall of Social Inequalities in Cause-Specific Mortality
Sean A. P. Clouston, Marcie S. Rubin, Jo C. Phelan, Bruce G. Link

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