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№ 165 - 166
16 - 29 августа 2004

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Население России 2002. Ежегодный демографический доклад

Перспективы миграции и этнического развития России и их учет при разработке стратегических направлений развития страны на длительную перспективу

Ураинско-венгерское трансграничное сотрудничество

Диаспоры в Российской Федерации: формирование и управление (Северо-Кавказский регион)

Population ageind and socio-economic status of older persons in Estonia

По страницам журналов «Вопросы статистики», «Центральная Азия и Кавказ»

Содержание журнала «International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family»

International Journal of Law, Policy
and the Family

Published by Oxford University Press


Volume 17, Issue 2, August 2003

The Constitutional Family: Developments in South African Family Law Jurisprudence under the 1996 Constitution
Julia Sloth-Nielsen and Belinda Van Heerden
pp. 121-146

Child Protection, Permanency Planning and Children's Right to Family Life
Patrick Parkinson
pp. 147-172

A Theory of Child Support
Scott Altman
pp. 173-210

Toward Creating a Policy of Permanence for America's Disposable Children: The Evolution of Federal Funding Statutes for Foster Care from 1961 to Present
Deborah L. Sanders
pp. 211-243

Book Review
Margaret Davies and Ngaire Naffine: Are Persons Property? Legal Debates about Property and Personality
Reviewed by J.W. Harris
pp. 244-248

Book Review
Jane Scoular, ed. Family Dynamics: Contemporary Issues in Family Law
Reviewed by Mavis Maclean
pp. 248-249

Volume 17, Issue 3, October 2003

Re Kevin and the Right of Transsexual Persons to Marry in Australia
James McConvill and Eithne Mills
pp. 251-274

Sexual Crimes Against and Exploitation of Children and the Law in Papua New Guinea
John Y. Luluaki
pp. 275-307

Children in Trouble with the Law: Child Justice in Sweden and South Africa
Karolin Johansson and Therese Palm
pp. 308-337

Setting a Standard or Reflecting Reality? The 'Role' of Divorce Law, and the Case of the Family Law Act 1996
Ezra Hasson
pp. 338-365

Exploring Parent and Child Perceptions of Interparental Conflict
Lauren G. Wild and Martin P. M. Richards
pp. 366-384

Book Review
p. 385

Volume 18, Issue 1, April 2004

Spousal Maintenance in Australia
Belinda Fehlberg
pp. 1-37

Managing Domestic Violence Cases in Family Court Social Services in Israel
Hanna Laufer
pp. 38-51

Marit Long Kastom: Marriage in the Solomon Islands
Jennifer Corrin Care and Kenneth Brown
pp. 52-75

Donor, Father or Parent? Conceiving Paternity in the Australian Family Court
Deborah Dempsey
pp. 76-102

One, Two or Three Parents? Lesbian Co-Mothers and a Known Donor with 'Family Life' under Dutch Law
Machteld Vonk
pp. 103-117

Volume 18, Issue 2, August 2004

Reforming Custody Laws: a Comparative Study
Helen Rhoades and Susan B.Boyd
pp. 119-146

Redefining the Child's Right to Identity
Ya'ir Ronen
pp. 147-177

Children Between Cultures
John Eekelaar
pp. 178-194

Medical Confidentiality Within the Family: The Doctor's Duty Reconsidered
Roy Gilbar
pp. 195-213

The Holy Family and the Law
Lior Barshack
pp. 214-234

Adoption: The Nature of Policy Shifts in England and Wales, 1972-2002
Jane Lewis
pp. 235-255

Book Review
Stephen Cretney: Family Law in the Twentieth Century: A History
Reviewed by Nigel Lowe
pp. 256-260

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