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Государственный доклад о положении детей в Российской Федерации

Доклад о состоянии и тенденциях демографического развития Российской Федерации

Семья в Санкт-Петербурге. Демографические, социологические, социально-психологические аспекты

Отцы и матери после развода

Репродуктивное поведение населения Российской Федерации в современных условиях

Девиантность подростков: теория, методология, эмпирическая реальность

По страницам журналов «Народонаселение» и «Здравоохранение Российской Федерации»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Marriage and Family»

Journal of Marriage and Family

The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), USA


Volume 64, 2002, N 1-4
Volume 65, 2003, N 1

Journal of Marriage and Family издается Национальным советом по семейным отношениям США. Один из ведущих журналов в области исследования проблем семьи на протяжении последних 60 лет. В нем публикуются оригинальные исследования и теории, научные интерпретации и обзоры, критические дискуссии, связанные со всеми аспектами брака и семьи, а также обзоры книг.

VOLUME 64, NUMBER 1, February 2002


From the Editor. Alexis Walker, Editor, pages 1-1.

Work And Family

You Can't Always Get What You Want-Infant Care Preferences and Use Among Employed Mothers. Lisa A. Riley and Jennifer L. Glass, pages 2-15.

Child-Care Usage and Mother-Infant "Quality Time". Cathryn L. Booth, K. Alison Clarke-Stewart, Deborah Lowe Vandell, Kathleen McCartney, and Margaret Tresch Owen, pages 16-26.

Divison of Labor, Perceived Fairness, and Marital Quality: The Effect of Gender Ideology. Yoav Lavee and Ruth Katz, pages 27-39.

Parent And Child Relations

Physical Discipline and Behavior Problems in African American, European American, and Hispanic Children: Emotional Support as a Moderator. Vonnie C. McLoyd and and Julia Smith, pages 40-53.

Perceived Parental Acceptance-Rejection and Psychological Adjustment: A Meta-Analysis of Cross-Cultural and Intracultural Studies. Abdul Khaleque and Ronald P. Rohner, pages 54-64.

Positive Parenting Among African American Mothers With a Serious Mental Illness. Daphna Oyserman, Deborah Bybee, Carol T. Mowbray, and Peter MacFarlane, pages 65-77.

Marital Conflict, Ineffective Parenting, and Children's and Adolescents' Maladjustment. Cheryl Buehler and Jean M. Gerard, pages 78-92.

Adopted Adolescents' Preoccupation With Adoption: The Impact on Adoptive Family Relationships. Julie K. Kohler, Harold D. Grotevant, and Ruth G. McRoy, pages 93-104.

Psychosocial Adjustment of African American Children in Single-Mother Families: A Test of Three Risk Models. Deborah J. Jones, Rex Forehand, Gene Brody, and Lisa Armistead, pages 105-115.

Fathers And Fatherhood

Becoming Custodial Dads: Exploring Parenting Among Low-Income and Working-Class African American Fathers. Jennifer Hamer and Kathleen Marchioro, pages 116-129.

Effects of Commitment and Psychological Centrality on Fathering. Kay Pasley, Ted G. Futris, and Martie L. Skinner, pages 130-138.


Occupational Self-Direction, Values, and Egalitarian Relationships: A Study of Dual-Earner Couples. Mary Maguire Klute, Ann C. Crouter, Aline G. Sayer, and Susan M. McHale, pages 139-151.

Measures of Assimilation in the Marriage Market: Mexican Americans 1970-1990. Michael J. Rosenfeld, pages 152-162.

Predicting the Timing of Separation and Marital Satisfaction: An Eight-Year Prospective Longitudinal Study. Lawrence A. Kurdek, pages 163-179.

Toward a Greater Understanding of the Cohabitation Effect: Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Communication. Catherine L. Cohan and Stacey Kleinbaum, pages 180-192.

Marital Sentiment Override: Does It Influence Couples' Perceptions?. Melissa W. Hawkins, Sybil Carrere, and John M. Gottman, pages 193-201.

Patterns, Determinants, and Implications of Intermarriage Among Arab Americans. Andrzej Kulczycki and Arun Peter Lobo, pages 202-210.

Of General Interest

An Empirical Test of Crisis, Social Selection, and Role Explanations of the Relationship Between Marital Disruption and Psychological Distress: A Pooled Time-Series Analysis of Four-Wave Panel Data. David R. Johnson and Jian Wu, pages 211-224.

Trends and Countertrends in Sexual Permissiveness: Three Decades of Attitude Change in The Netherlands 1965-1995. Gerbert Kraaykamp, pages 225-239.

Parents' Coresidence With Adult Children: Can Immigration Explain Racial and Ethnic Variation?. Jennifer E. Glick and Jennifer Van Hook, pages 240-253.

Does Marital History Matter? Marital Status and Wealth Outcomes Among Preretirement Adults. Janet Wilmoth and Gregor Koso, pages 254-268.

Book Reviews. Alan C. Acock, pages 269-270.

Book Reviews. , pages 270-270.

Book Reviews. Naima Brown Smith, pages 271-271.

Book Reviews. Susan J. Ferguson, pages 272-273.

Book Reviews. Kathleen Jenkins, pages 273-274.

Book Reviews. , pages 274-276.

Book Reviews. , pages 276-277.

VOLUME 64, NUMBER 2, May 2002


From the Editor. Alexis Walker, Editor, pages 279-279.

Assessing the Influence of Context Using Multilevel Modeling Multilevel Models in Family Research: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues. Jay Teachman and Kyle Crowder, pages 280-294.

Welfare, Premarital Childbearing, and the Role of Normative Climate: 1968-1994. Amy C. Butler, pages 295-313.

The Community Context of Family Structure and Adolescent Drug Use. John P. Hoffmann, pages 314-330.

Community Differences in the Association Between Parenting Practices and Child Conduct Problems. Ronald L. Simons, Kuei-Hsiu Lin, Leslie C. Gordon, Gene H. Brody, Velma Murry, and Rand D. Conger, pages 331-345.

Family Resilience

Introduction to the Special SectionFamily Resilience in Multiple Contexts. Lawrence H. Ganong, Special Section Editor and Marilyn Coleman, Special Section Editor, pages 346-348.

Integrating Family Resilience and Family Stress Theory. Joan M. Patterson, pages 349-360.

Resilience in Midwestern Families: Selected Findings from the First Decade of a Prospective, Longitudinal Study. Rand D. Conger and Katherine J. Conger, pages 361-373.

Resilience Within the Family Networks of Lesbians and Gay Men: Intentionality and Redefinition. Ramona Faith Oswald, pages 374-383.

"Beating the Odds" Versus "Changing the Odds": Poverty, Resilience, and Family Policy. Karen Seccombe, pages 384-394.

A Panel Study of the Associations Between Maintenance Strategies and Relational Characteristics. Daniel J. Canary, Laura Stafford, and Beth A. Semic, pages 395-406.

Marriage and Premarital Relationships

The Substitution Hypothesis: The Impact of Premarital Liaisons and Human Capital on Marital Timing. Monica Gaughan, pages 407-419.

The Effects of Marital and Nonmarital Union Transition on Health. Zheng Wu and Randy Hart, pages 420-432.

Compatibility, Leisure, and Satisfaction in Marital Relationships. Duane W. Crawford, Renate M. Houts, Ted L. Huston, and Laura J. George, pages 433-449.

The Unbearable Lightness of Positive Illusions: Engaged Individuals' Explanations of Unrealistically Positive Relationship Perceptions. Blaine J. Fowers, Marla Reis Veingrad, and Carmentxu Dominicis, pages 450-460.

Child and Adolescent Well-Being

Temperamental Vulnerability and Negative Parenting as Interacting Predictors of Child Adjustment. Amanda Sheffield Morris, Jennifer S. Silk, Laurence Steinberg, Frances M. Sessa, Shelli Avenevoli, and Marilyn J. Essex, pages 461-471.

Children's Well-Being during Parents' Marital Disruption Process: A Pooled Time-Series Analysis. Yongmin Sun and Yuanzhang Li, pages 472-488.

The Effects of Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Parental Separation on Adolescent Well-Being. Tami M. Videon, pages 489-503.

Of General Interest

Social Fathering in Low-Income, African American Families with Preschool Children. Rukmalie Jayakody and Ariel Kalil, pages 504-516.

Structural and Supportive Changes in Couples' Family and Friendship Networks Across the Transition to Parenthood. Kelly K. Bost, Martha J. Cox, Margaret R. Burchinal, and Chris Payne, pages 517-531.

Older Women in Poverty: The Impact of Midlife Factors. Thomas P. Vartanian and Justine M. McNamara, pages 532-548.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews. Allison L. Sneider, pages 549-550.

Book Reviews. Mary Riege Laner, pages 550-551.

Book Reviews. Elaine G. Porter, pages 551-552.

Book Reviews. Dwaine Plaza, pages 552-553.

Book Reviews. Orit Avishai-Bentovim, pages 553-554.

Book Reviews. Naomi Gerstel, pages 554-556.

VOLUME 64, NUMBER 3, August 2002


From the Editor. Alexis Walker, Editor, pages 557-557.

A Symposium on Ambivalence in Intergenerational Relationships

Sociological Ambivalence and Family Ties: A Critical Perspective. Ingrid Arnet Connidis and Julie Ann McMullin, pages 558-567.


Solidarity, Conflict, and Ambivalence: Complementary or Competing Perspectives on Intergenerational Relationships?. Vern Bengtson, Roseann Giarrusso, J. Beth Mabry, and Merril Silverstein, pages 568-576.

Agency, Accountability, and Embedded Relations: "What's Love Got to Do With It?". Sara R. Curran, pages 577-584.

Intergenerational Ambivalence: Further Steps in Theory and Research. Kurt Luscher, pages 585-593.


Ambivalence, Family Ties, and Doing Sociology. Ingrid Arnet Connidis and Julie Ann McMullin, pages 594-601.

An Empirical Study

Explaining Mothers' Ambivalence Toward Their Adult Children. Karl Pillemer and J. Jill Suitor, pages 602-613.

More in Family Gerontology

Leaving the Parental Home: Chinese Culture in an Urban Context. Kwok-fai Ting and Stephen W. K. Chiu, pages 614-626.

Patterns of Intergenerational Transfers in Southeast Asia. Elizabeth Frankenberg, Lee Lillard, and Robert J. Willis, pages 627-641.

Parental Divorce and Interpersonal Trustin Adult Offspring. Valarie King, pages 642-656.

Transitions to Caregiving, Gender, and Psychological Well-Being: A Prospective U.S. National Study. Nadine F. Marks, James David Lambert, and Heejeong Choi, pages 657-667.

Families and Adolescents

Is Family Cohesion a Risk or Protective Factor During Adolescent Development?. Judith Baer, pages 668-675.

Parental Behavior and the Quality of Adolescent Friendships: A Social-Contextual Perspective. Ming Cui, Rand D. Conger, Chalandra M. Bryant, and Glen H. Elder, Jr, pages 676-689.

Economic Disadvantage, Family Dynamics, and Adolescent Enrollment in Higher Education. Robert Crosnoe, Rashmita S. Mistry, and Glen H. Elder, Jr, pages 690-702.

Families and Children

Parenting Practices, Child Adjustment, and Family Diversity. Paul R. Amato and Frieda Fowler, pages 703-716.

Childhood Living Arrangements and the Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce. Jay D. Teachman, pages 717-729.

Economic Development and the Effects of Family Characteristics on Mathematics Achievement. Kathryn S. Schiller, Vladimir T. Khmelkov, and Xiao-Qing Wang, pages 730-742.

Cohabitation and Marriage

Premarital Cohabitation and Housework: Couples in Cross-National Perspective. Jeanne A. Batalova and Philip N. Cohen, pages 743-755.

Gender Differences in Union Formation in Mexico: Evidence From Marital Search Models. Emilio A. Parrado and Rene M. Zenteno, pages 756-773.

The Effects of the Differential Undercount on Survey Estimates of Race Differences in Marriage. R. Kelly Raley, pages 774-779.

Of General Interest

Religion, Convention, and Paternal Involvement. W. Bradford Wilcox, pages 780-792.

Economic Distress and Intimate Violence: Testing Family Stress and Resources Theories. Greer Litton Fox, Michael L. Benson, Alfred A. DeMaris, and Judy Van Wyk, pages 793-807.

Book Reviews

Family Ties and Aging. Toni Calasanti, pages 808-809.

Halving It All: How Equally Shared Parenting Works. Susan Walzer, pages 809-810.

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued. Mark Evan Edwards, pages 810-811.

Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation. Cynthia Harrison, pages 811-812.

Care Work: Gender, Labor and the Welfare State. Valerie Leiter, pages 812-813.

Working Families: The Transformation of the American Home. Amy S. Wharton, pages 813-814.

From Culture Wars to Common Ground: Religion and the American Family Debate. Gwyneth I. Williams, pages 814-815.

Gay and Lesbian Parenting. Marla Berman, pages 815-817.

Remaking the Godly Marriage: Gender Negotiation in Evangelical Families. David C. Dollahite, pages 817-818.

VOLUME 64, NUMBER 4, November 2002


From the Editor. Alexis Walker, Editor, pages 819-819.


Gender, Work, and Intimate Violence: Men's Occupational Violence Spillover and Compensatory Violence. Scott A. Melzer, pages 820-832.

The Span of Collective Efficacy: Extending Social Disorganization Theory to Partner Violence. Christopher R. Browning, pages 833-850.

Perpetrator or Victim? Relationships Between Intimate Partner Violence and Well-Being. Kristin L. Anderson, pages 851-863.

Do Child Abuse and Interparental Violence Lead to Adulthood Family Violence?. Richard E. Heyman and Amy M. Smith Slep, pages 864-870.


Seasonality of Sexual Debut. Martin L. Levin, Xiaohe Xu, and John P. Bartkowski, pages 871-884.

Teen Sexual Behavior: Applicability of the Theory of Reasoned Action. Mary Rogers Gillmore, Matthew E. Archibald, Diane M. Morrison, Anthony Wilsdon, Elizabeth A. Wells, Marilyn J. Hoppe, Deborah Nahom, and Elise Murowchick, pages 885-897.

Relationship Dissolution as a Life Stage Transition: Effects on Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors. Lisa D. Wade and John D. DeLamater, pages 898-914.

Parental Status and Beyond

Planned and Unplanned Childbearing Among Unmarried Women. Kelly Musick, pages 915-929.

The Division of Labor Across the Transition to Parenthood: A Justice Perspective. Esther S. Kluwer, Jose A. M. Heesink, and Evert van de Vliert, pages 930-943.

Multilevel Factors Influencing Maternal Stress During the First Three Years. Miriam Mulsow, Yvonne M. Caldera, Marta Pursley, Alan Reifman, and Aletha C. Huston, pages 944-956.

Beyond Parental Status: Psychological Well-Being in Middle and Old Age. Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, pages 957-971.

Motherhood and Fatherhood

Work Choices of Mothers in Families With Children With Disabilities. Shirley L. Porterfield, pages 972-981.

Comparing Father and Mother Reports of Father Involvement Among Low-Income Minority Families. Rebekah Levine Coley and Jodi Eileen Morris, pages 982-997.

Child Characteristics, Parenting Stress, and Parental Involvement: Fathers Versus Mothers. Brent A. McBride, Sarah J. Schoppe, and Thomas R. Rane, pages 998-1011.

Child and Adolescent Outcomes

African American Children's Adjustment: The Roles of Maternal and Teacher Depressive Symptoms. Rex Forehand, Deborah J. Jones, Gene H. Brody, and Lisa Armistead, pages 1012-1023.

Risk and Resiliency Factors Among Adolescents Who Experience Marital Transitions. Kathleen Boyce Rodgers and Hilary A. Rose, pages 1024-1037.

Writing About Research

Authorizing Family Science: An Analysis of the Objectifying Practices of Family Science Discourse. Stan J. Knapp, pages 1038-1048.


Institutional Barriers to Taking Good Advice: A Comment on "Authorizing Family Science". Mark Evan Edwards, pages 1048-1051.

What Do Social Constructionists Want?. Laura Ann Sanchez, pages 1051-1058.

Constructing Social Science (Please Read All Warnings Before, During, and After Use). Reed Larson, pages 1058-1062.

Of General Interest

Tradition and Change in Vietnamese Family Structure in the Red River Delta. Charles Hirschman and Nguyen Huu Minh, pages 1063-1079.

Ideology, Context, and Obligations to Assist Older Persons. Timothy Killian and Lawrence H. Ganong, pages 1080-1088.

Life Course Transitions, the Generational Stake, and Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships. Robert Crosnoe and Glen H. Elder Jr., pages 1089-1096.

Book Reviews

The Black Family: Essays and Studies. Sandra L. Barnes, pages 1097-1098.

Premarital Prediction of Marital Quality or Breakup: Research, Theory, and Practice. Matthew D. Johnson, pages 1098-1099.

Growing Up Protestant: Parents, Children, and Mainline Churches. John P. Bartkowski, pages 1099-1100.

Family and Community in Ireland. Betty Hilliard, pages 1100-1102.

America's Childcare Problem: The Way Out. Lisa A. Riley, pages 1102-1103.

Marriage: Just a Piece of Paper? and Revitalizing the Institution of Marriage for the Twenty-First Century: An Agenda for Strengthening Marriage. Jetse Sprey, pages 1103-1105.

Women, Work, and Family: Balancing and Weaving. Shelley Eriksen, pages 1105-1106.

Starting at Home: Caring and Social Policy. Pamela Herd, pages 1106-1107.

Putting Work in Its Place: A Quiet Revolution. E. Jeffrey Hill, pages 1107-1109.

VOLUME 65, NUMBER 1, February 2003

Sociohistorical Change

Continuity and Change in Marital Quality Between 1980 and 2000. Paul R. Amato, David R. Johnson, Alan Booth, and Stacy J. Rogers, pages 1-22.

Satisfaction With Work and Family Life: No Evidence of a Cultural Reversal. K. Jill Kiecolt, pages 23-35.

Families and Social Policy

Private Support and Public Assistance for Immigrant Families. Lingxin Hao, pages 36-51.

Family Cap and Nonmarital Fertility: The Racial Conditioning of Policy Effects. Radha Jagannathan and Michael J. Camasso, pages 52-71.

Falling Through The Cracks: Gaps In Child Support Among Welfare Recipients. Judi Bartfeld, pages 72-89.

Union Formation

Union Formation Among Men in the U.S.: Does Having Prior Children Matter?. Susan D. Stewart, Wendy D. Manning, and Pamela J. Smock, pages 90-104.

Cohabiting, Dating, and Perceived Costs of Marriage: A Model of Marriage Entry. Sandra L. McGinnis, pages 105-116.

Predicting Commitment to Wed Among Hispanic and Anglo Partners. Adriana J. Umana-Taylor and Mark A. Fine, pages 117-129.

Marriage and Other Intimate Relationships

Who Are the Marital Experts?. Rachel Ebling and Robert W. Levenson, pages 130-142.

Perfectionism, Coping, and Quality of Intimate Relationships. Michelle Haring, Paul L. Hewitt, and Gordon L. Flett, pages 143-158.

Family-of-Origin Experiences and Adjustment in Married Couples. Ronald M. Sabatelli and Suzanne Bartle-Haring, pages 159-169.

Families in Middle and Later Life

The Legacy of a Grandparent's Divorce: Consequences for Ties Between Grandparents and Grandchildren. Valarie King, pages 170-183.

Gender Differences in Adult Children's Support of Their Parents in Taiwan. I-Fen Lin, Noreen Goldman, Maxine Weinstein, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Tristan Gorrindo, and Teresa Seeman, pages 184-200.

Redressing Inequity in Parent Care Among Siblings. Berit Ingersoll-Dayton, Margaret B. Neal, Jung-hwa Ha, and Leslie B. Hammer, pages 201-212.

Of General Interest

Are All Dads Equal? Biology Versus Marriage as a Basis for Paternal Investment. Sandra L. Hofferth and Kermyt G. Anderson, pages 213-232.

Relationship Dynamics, Emotion State, and Domestic Violence: A Stress and Masculinities Perspective. Debra Umberson, Kristin L. Anderson, Kristi Williams, and Meichu D. Chen, pages 233-247.

Work, Family, and Mental Health: Testing Different Models of Work-Family Fit. Joseph G. Grzywacz and Brenda L. Bass, pages 248-261.

Book Reviews

Children in Changing Families: Life After Parental Separation. Kay Pasley, pages 262-263.

Women Without Children: Nurturing Lives. Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, pages 263-264.

For Better or for Worse: Divorce Reconsidered. Elizabeth A. Vandewater, pages 264-265.

The Birth of Pleasure. Christine H. Morton, pages 265-266.

Making Men Into Fathers: Men, Masculinities and the Social Politics of Fatherhood. William Marsiglio, pages 266-267.

Taking Parenting Public: The Case for a New Social Movement. Sylvia Yuen, pages 267-268.

Pit Women: Coal Communities in Northern England in the Early Twentieth Century. Janet Lee, pages 268-269.

Championing Child Care. Stephanie Schaefer, pages 269-270.

Caring and Doing for Others. Ingrid Arnet Connidis, pages 270-272.


Errata. , pages 273-273.

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