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Current topic: Has the potential of structural factors of fertility growth been exhausted? Part 1

  • The influence of age and marriage structures on the population of Russia

  • Births to foreign citizens

  • Each new generation of Russians has fewer children on average than its parents

  • Fertility and replacement of generations

  • The rural population reacts more sharply to policy measures and changes in registration practices

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  • Topics of previous issues

World demographic barometer

Households in OECD countries

  • The average household size in OECD countries declined to 2.46 in 2015

  • In most OECD countries, households without children predominate, and most households with children have 1 or 2

  • 82% of children live with both parents, but increasingly their union is not registered

  • 24% of young people aged 20-34 live in a marriage, 17% with a partner in an unregistered union, and 59% with no partner, of which 35% live with their parents

  • In some OECD countries, the mean age of mother at first birth has risen to 30 years or more, while the proportion of women who have not given birth to any child in their life has risen to 20%

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Current fertility trends in Russia and the impact of government support measures

  • Losses of potential births in Russia due to health problems

  • Trends in qualitative and quantitative changes in features of fertility in Russia and the Republic of Komi


  • The rights of adolescents

  • Exercise, eat, drink and dont get sick!

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Smoking in Russia: monitoring

  • The Far East: Monitoring the migration situation

In the vastness of Russia

  • By 2020 the population of Russia will increase to 147.8 million people

  • The economically active population will shrink by 1 million people by 2020

  • Ekaterinburg strengthens its position as a city of one and a half million people

  • Russians having fewer babies

  • Young residents of St. Petersburg will be paid 50,000 rubles for a first child

  • Veronika Skvortsova identifies main causes of mortality reduction

  • The demographic situation remains a problem for the development of education in the Russian Federation

  • Will Chechnya become world leader in life expectancy?

  • Kudrin proposes to raise the retirement age as of 2019

  • Golikova names the benefits of raising the retirement age

  • Will raising the retirement age lead to social collapse?

  • Golodets promises pensions equal to two subsistence minimums

  • Kudrin presents Russian economic development program to president

  • Putin announces Decade of Childhood in Russia

  • Kazan judged best city in Russia

  • Electronic work history books may appear in Russia starting January 1, 2018

  • Only a quarter of Russians work in their field of specialization

  • Head of Rostrud names most in-demand profession in Russia

  • Ministry of Labor head admits possibility of reducing working day due to robots

  • Visa-free entry to Russia begins for holders of Fan-ID

  • Moscow introducing special procedure for registering visitors to the World Cup 2018

  • Compatriots 2.0 program will help develop labor mobility in the Far East

  • State Duma will consider new bill on political asylum

  • Are one third of traffic accidents in Russia caused by foreign drivers?

  • Violators of anti-smoking law were fined 121 million rubles last year

  • The soberest regions of Russia are Chechnya and Ingushetia

  • Mortality from tuberculosis has decreased by 65% over eight years

  • Medics trade union against age limit for head doctors

  • Rospotrebnadzor warns Russians of measles outbreak in a number of European countries

  • Government allocates over a million rubles for polio vaccines

  • Most Russians diagnosed with obesity live in the Nenets Autonomous District, the Altai Territory and the Penza region

  • Yandex introduces new app for online consultations with doctors

  • One in three Russians justifies the use of violence against children

  • State Duma passes law on criminal liability for the creation of death groups

  • HRC suggests that Putin give administrative amnesty

World news

  • Demographic problems may hamper development of Latvia

  • Latvian exodus will only increase

  • 200,000 Georgians have been born abroad over last 25 years

  • Young Uzbeks would like to limit themselves to two children

  • Worldwide deficit of pension systems will exceed 400 trillion dollars by 2050

  • IMF and WB approve draft pension reform in Ukraine

  • Average salaries in Latvia are 2 times more than in Russia

  • In Latvia, a third of residents are engaged in part-time work, in Lithuania more than half

  • Kazakhstan recognizes outflow of metallurgical specialists

  • Introduction of biometric passports will cost Belorussia less than other CIS countries

  • Visa-free entry to EU for Ukrainians begins June 11

  • US tightens rules for issuing entry visas

  • Documents will be checked on border of Latvia and Estonia

  • Lithuania is building a fence on the border with Russia

  • Tajiks are advised not to travel to certain cities of Russia yet

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kirgizia is concerned about restrictions on using non-Russian driving licenses

  • In 2016 the majority of Britains guest workers came from India

  • About 60,000 migrants have arrived in the EU over the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year

  • Planned expenditures on refugees in Germany were exceeded by more than 1 billion euros

  • Volume of remittances to Kirgizia from Russia exceeds 2013 level

  • In Germany, an increase in the number of cases of fake paternity for immigrant children

  • More than 7 million people die from tobacco each year

  • Over half of men in Armenia smoke

  • German authorities intend to fine parents refusing to vaccinate their children

  • WHO advises adolescents to sleep more so they dont get fat

  • Taiwan allows gay marriage

The newspapers write about

  • on the motherhood fine

  • Telegraph on 50,000 rubles for young mothers

  • Politiken on the unwillingness of the Chinese to have a second child

  • on improving the demographic situation

  • RBK on the problems of obstetrics in Russia

  • Izvestia on the Russian style of raising children

  • on the North Caucasian model of marriage

  • on mortality from HIV in Russia

  • Izvestia on obesity in Russia

  • Kommersant on WHO recommendations concerning antibiotics

  • Novye Izvestia on painkillers

  • SwissInfo on euthanasia in Switzerland

  • REGNUM on increasing Armenias population to 4 million

  • Vedomosti on migration and terrorism

  • Gatestone Institute on the Islamization of Great Britain

  • Die Presse on the list of questions for entry to the EU

  • RBK on the oath for taking Russian citizenship

  • RBK on the children of migrants and the fight against illegal migration

  • Radio Svoboda on migrants from Africa in Russia

  • Interfaks-Dalniy Vostok on the Far Eastern hectare

  • Meduza on Chinese tourism in the Irkutsk region

  • Znak on the age structure of the population and the housing market

  • RBK on agglomerations

  • RBK on how to spend additional budget revenues

  • Izvestia on the system of social insurance and pension provision through the eyes of Golikova

  • Le Figaro on pension reform in Russia

  • WirtschaftsWoche Heute on a guaranteed basic income

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on a two-hour workday

  • The Guardian on inequality and unnecessary people

Read books and magazines

  • What do we know about modern Russian suburbs?

  • The World's women 2015: trends and statistics

  • Millennium Development Goals. Ukraine: National Report 2000-2015

  • South-North migration of EU citizens in times of crisis

  • World health statistics 2017: monitoring health for the SDGs

  • Through the pages of the journals Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya (Sociological Research) and Vestnik RAMN (Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)

  • Contents of the journal Population and Development Review

Demographic Digest

  • Visualizing compositional data on the Lexis surface

  • Size of Town, Level of Education and Life Satisfaction in Western Europe

  • BONUS: The whole Human Mortality Database in the palm of your hand

Profession: researcher

  • 85 years since the birth of Viktor Fedorovich Shukailo

  • Babatunde Osotimehin has died

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