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Current topic: China’s demographic prospects

Part one

  • A not very rich country with a huge population

  • Sources of data on the population of China

  • Life expectancy is probably overestimated

  • The structure of causes of death attests to the unfinished first epidemiological transition

  • Future problems of the elderly population

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer

Morbidity of Russia’s population, 2013-2014

  • In 2013 the morbidity of Russia’s population continued to grow

  • In 2014 the incidence of acute upper respiratory tract infections decreased, while acute intestinal infections and viral hepatitis increased

  • The incidence of tuberculosis and HIV have become the same

  • In 2013 the incidence of adolescent drug and substance abuse increased again

  • In 2014, 279 thousand people were injured and 27 thousand people died in road accidents

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • New aspects of the demographic situation in China

  • A Chinese adult: superhero or eternal child?

  • The global Chinese diaspora and Russia’s new conception of migration

  • Quality of Life Conference in the BRICS countries

  • Iran: Political and demographic development as a factor of stability and upheavals


  • Marriage in Russia: Yesterday and today

  • Doctors, hospitals and medicine: the medical problems of Russians

  • Working Russians are for the stability of the pensions system

  • The gender composition of candidates for leadership positions

In the vastness of Russia

  • Average life expectancy in Moscow is 6 years more than in Russia as a whole

  • The number of Russians preferring to be

  • single than married has increased three-fold since 1989

  • Rosstat proposes to make participation in the census mandatory

  • The fate of the funded part of the pensions will be determined before May

  • Have mandatory retirement savings proven not very effective?

  • The head of the Bank of Russia considers it necessary to keep mandatory pension savings

  • Real wages have declined by 9%

  • Social pensions in Russia have increased by 10.3%

  • About 11% of Russians receive their whole salary “in an envelope”

  • Legalization of the labor market will help to avoid a deficit of the Russian Pension Fund

  • Russia ranks sixth in the world intellectual property ranking

  • On the Russian labor market the professions most in demand are laborers

  • The number of job openings in Russia since December has fallen by more than half

  • The number of registered unemployed in January increased by 12%

  • Total unemployment has risen to 5.8%

  • State institutions are so far coping with the difficult situation on the labor market

  • In 2014 the number of unemployed in Chechnya decreased to nearly 100 thousand people

  • State Duma will consider a bill to simplify granting of Russian citizenship to Ukrainians

  • Bureaucracy hinders Russian-speaking foreigners from acquiring Russian citizenship

  • Foreigners criticizing Russia may be barred from entry

  • State Duma may make migrants liable for working outside their profession

  • Russian language exam for migrants to Russia to become more difficult

  • In the south of Moscow, a Russian language testing center for migrants has closed

  • HIV incidence in the Crimea is one and a half times higher than in other regions of Russia

  • The number of Russian smokers has decreased

  • Mortality of drug users in Russia has decreased by half

  • Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Russia has decreased by 40%

  • Annual checkups have increased the detection of serious diseases by 50%

  • More than 50% of Russians over 30 are overweight

  • The Union of Pediatricians of Russia has supports the idea of abortions no longer being covered by state health insurance

  • Ministry of Health explains why Russians have begun dying more often in hospitals

  • Russian hotline set up for complaints regarding pain medications

Eurasian panorama

  • Deficit of Ukraine’s pension fund has reached $3.4 billion

  • Are about 6 million working Ukrainians below the poverty line?

  • Since the beginning of 2015 GDP of Kirgizia has increased by 7%, inflation by 1.5%

  • Inflation in Belarus for the first quarter increased by 5%

  • More than 670 thousand people in Ukraine urgently need food

  • Pension payments have begun in Lugansk

  • Georgia will move to state system of mandatory health insurance

  • 1.3% of the economically active population of the EAEC are registered unemployed

  • Lukashenko signs “decree on parasites”

  • Russian citizens face receiving status of “Belarusian parasite”

  • Around 150,000 people were employed in Kazakhstan as part of employment program

  • Tajik citizens are not required to give up their citizenship when obtaining Russian citizenship

  • The priority of the Union State of Russia and Belarus is migration policy

  • The President of Transnistria has repealed a number of measures to tighten immigration control

  • The number of Tajik citizens in Russia since the beginning of the year has decreased by 7%

  • Every year about 200 thousand Armenian citizen travel to Russia for temporary work

  • About 60-70% of migrants from Kirgizia are youth

  • The number of labor migrants from Tajikistan over past two months has decreased by 13.4%

  • The conflict in Ukraine has made 1,700,000 people refugees

  • Moldovan authorities have not yet begun to tax remittances of migrant workers

  • Kirgizia asks Russia to exempt migrants from Russia language exam

  • Uzbek woman, the country’s oldest resident, dies at the age of 135

World news

  • By 2050 the number of Muslims in the world will nearly equal that of Christians

  • Subsistence level in Estonia is 203 euros

  • 10% of young Danes are insolvent

  • Estonia promises to increase child benefits

  • After 2020, Latvia will be in short supply of workers

  • Italy continues to break records in Europe for the number of unemployed

  • Almost one in ten Lithuanians of working age is unemployed

  • Macedonia introduces visa-free regime for citizens of Russia

  • Cameron promises to reduce the number of migrants entering the UK

  • In Finland, immigrants have been divided into “useful” and “harmful”

  • Economic migration from Venezuela is growing

  • In 2014, 866 thousand applications for asylum were filed in industrialized countries

  • The EU country most inhospitable to refugees is Estonia

  • The number of internally displaced persons in Iraq has reached 3 million

  • International community will have a hard time coping with the influx of refugees from Iraq

  • Latvian ombudsman speaks out against government funding of ethnic minority schools

  • Nearly 1,000 people were killed in Iraq in March

  • The number of victims of the bombing in Yemen has risen to 560 people

  • The number of victims of the Ebola virus in West Africa has exceeded 10.5 thousand people

  • Lithuania to ban smoking even in private cars

  • The number of cancer patients in Latvia has grown by 39% over last ten years

  • Will a genetically modified polio virus be able to cure brain cancer?

  • British doctors expect epidemics of diseases against which antibiotics are powerless

  • Scientists have discovered dangerous mutations in the genome of most people

  • About a quarter of a million Chinese have been affected by flood

  • One-fifth of Danes in favor of returning the death penalty

  • In Japan, the planet’s oldest inhabitant has died

The newspapers write about…

  • “” on the risks of poverty for families with children

  • “Nezavisimaya gazeta” on poverty in Russia

  • “Novye izvestiya” on the middle class

  • “Novye izvestiya” on a reduction of salaries

  • “Vedomosti”, “Novye izvestiya” and “Kommersant” on unemployment

  • “Novye izvestiya” on layoffs at large enterprises

  • “NG v Belorussii” on the parasite tax in Belarus

  • “Kommersant” on harmful workplaces

  • “” on forbidden professions for women

  • “Nezavisimaya gazeta” on the funded pension system

  • “Meditsinskaya gazeta” on evaluating the supply of doctors

  • “Novye izvestiya” on surrogate alcohol

  • “” on mortality in road accidents

  • “Project Syndicate” on obesity

  • “Kommersant” on the high cost of examinations for migrants

  • “Kommersant” on fines for foreigners working outside of their profession

  • “Ekho” on labor migration from Azerbaijan and Ukraine

  • “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” on the agreement between Kazakhstan and Belarus on readmission

  • “Kommersant-Dengi” on Russians’ diminishing intentions to emigrate

  • “Yle” on the costs and benefits of immigrants from Finland

  • “Russkaya Germaniya” on emigrants and Russian pensions

  • “” on human trafficking

  • “” on climate refugees

  • “RBK” on an efficiency rating of passports

  • “” on the ethnic affairs agency

  • “” on the status of Russian compatriots in Turkmenistan

  • “Expert Online” on the gender ratio

  • “Ekspert” on housing in Russia

  • “Novaya gazeta” on rural Russia

  • “” on the problems of residents of settlements near tailing dumps

  • “NG-religii” and “” on a forecast of the number of adherents of various religions

  • “La Stampa” on the spread of Islam

  • “Kommersant” on the attitudes of Russians to Ukrainians

  • “” on why the Dutch are so tall

  • “Sabah” on happiness

Read books and newspapers

  • The backbone of modern India’s economy and population distribution.

  • Ethnic atlas of the Stavropol Krai

  • Health and demographic indicators of the Russian Federation in 2013

  • Demographic yearbook of the Kirgiz republic: 2009-2013

  • Professions of the welfare state

  • Through the pages of the magazines “Profilaktichesksya meditsina” (“Preventive Medicine”) and “Mir Rossii. Sotsiologiya, Etnologiya” (“Universe of Russia. Sociology, ethnology”)

  • Contents of the journal “Population and Development Review”

Profession: researcher

  • Demography at the XVI April International Scientific Conference of the Higher School of Economics

  • Gala evening dedicated to the 80th birthday of A.G. Vishnevsky

  • Happy birthday to Julia Fridrihovna Florinskaya

Student Page

  • Open Doors Day at the Institute of Demography

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