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Current topic: Money income inequality in Russia

  • Dynamics of money income of the population

  • Inequality in the distribution of money income

  • In Russia its not like in Europe, but like in China

  • Regional inequality in income distribution: the Federal districts

  • Regional inequality in income distribution: subjects of the federation

  • Instead of a conclusion

  • Appendix: the distribution of subjects of the Russian Federation by 10-percent income groups in 1995 and 2011

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

European demographic barometer

Inequality of money incomes of the population in the EU-28

  • Money incomes of the population of the EU-28 differ by 3.8 times; of households, by 7.3 times

  • The 10% of the population of the EU-28 with the highest incomes receive nearly a quarter of all cash income

  • The ratio of money income of the 20% of the population with the highest income and the 20% with the lowest is 5.1 for the EU-28 as a whole, ranging from 3.4 to 7.2 for individual EU countries

  • 17% of the population of the EU-28 are at risk of poverty

  • On average, over three years approximately one in three persons remains in the same decile group, while the others more or less equally either increase or decrease their income status

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Theoretical and methodological issues of the definition and measurement of poverty

  • The phenomenon of poverty in modern Russia

  • Distinctive socio-demographic features of poverty in the Russian Federation

  • Living conditions of families with children: the dynamics of inequality

Take care of women!

  • Human development and gender inequality

  • New assessments of the human development index

  • What is a gender inequality index?

  • The gender inequality index 2013

In the vastness of Russia

  • Russian government approves the concept of the state family policy until 2025

  • The population of Russia has increased by 88 thousand people in six months

  • The population of Moscow may reach 15 million people by 2025

  • ROC proposes to gather data on religion during the census

  • Decision on funded pension will be made by mid-September

  • Golikova calls for a balanced  decision on the funded part of pensions

  • Pensions and salaries in the Crimea will fully conform to the laws of the  Russian Federation starting in 2015

  • In 2014, 120 thousand more children than in previous year will enter the first grade

  • Schools fitted out as temporary accommodation for refugees should open September 1

  • Golodets is sure that the problem of waiting lines for kindergartens will be solved in the current year

  • Moscow kindergartens for the first time will be able to provide places for all children over 2.5 years of age

  • Kadyrov calls on Muftis to eradicate early marriages

  • Benefits for young mothers entering institutions of higher learning  will be introduced from 2016

  • Russian government intends to reduce the time it takes to issue passports

  • Foreign travel passports will start being issued in the Crimea in September

  • Crimeans will renounce Ukrainian citizenship by submitting an application to the FMS

  • Changed rules for temporary and permanent registration of Russian citizens

  • In Russia only 20% of the temporary residence quota for foreign citizens has been used

  • According to the head of the HSE, migrant children should study together with their peers

  • Increased quotas for foreign students in Russian universities

  • All children of Ukrainian refugees will be enrolled in Russian schools and kindergartens

  • Lavrov puts at a million the number of Ukrainian refugees in Russia

  • Ministry of Labor plans to find jobs for at least 60% of those arriving in Russia from the south-east of Ukraine

  • Refugees from Ukraine can be easily integrated in the Russian Federation, but they need to be able to work legally

  • Russias FMS proposes measures for the distribution of refugees throughout the country

  • The Federation Council is preparing amendments on the employment of refugees and their status on the territory of the Russian Federation

  • Over 11 thousand refugees from Ukraine will be able to stay in Russia through the resettlement program

  • FMS has prepared provisional rules for working with compatriots arriving from Ukraine

  • Proposal in State Duma to deny benefits to finicky refugees

  • Putin calls for completion of rehabilitation of repressed peoples in Crimea

  • 56% of Russians support the introduction of penalties for drug addiction

  • Money for the state program for the rehabilitation of drug addicts has not been allocated

  • According to Putin, the authorities should deal with alcoholism and smoking, but not using Soviet methods

  • Rosstat records a decline in the number of murders and suicides in Russia during first half of year

  • Infant mortality decreasing in Russia

  • In recent months more than 70 thousand refugees from Ukraine have requested medical aid

Eurasian panorama

  • According to Lukashenko, Anyone who has only one child is a nut!

  • According to the UN, the number of victims of the conflict in eastern Ukraine has reached 2249 people

  • OSCE assesses the situation in Ukraine as a humanitarian catastrophe

  • Ukrainian refugees will receive 500 thousand in humanitarian aid from Finland

  • Germany records increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine

  • Ukrainian unemployed will be sent to rebuild facilities in the east of Ukraine

  • GDP growth in Kazakhstan in 2015-2019 will be 5-6.8%

  • Average monthly salary in Kazakhstan has risen to 25 thousand rubles

  • In Armenia around 40 thousand first-graders will start school September 1

  • Armenia moves to compulsory 12-year education

  • The number of kindergartens in Kazakhstan has exceeded the 1990 level

  • Kirgizia to begin collecting biometric data for all citizens over 16

  • Kazakhstan to help Russia calculate the number of dual citizenship holders

  • Tajiks in Russia will not have to declare their dual citizenship

  • Kazakhstan has no objections to Armenia entering the Customs Union

  • Over 25 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan left their villages in the first half of 2014

  • Kirgizia to allocate $3 million for the resettlement of residents of a village surrounded by the territory of Uzbekistan

  • Georgia has developed new rules for the entry and stay of foreign citizens

  • The Diaspora and the Karabakh conflict: additional incentives for migration from Armenia?

  • Migrants will be able to take Russian language test also in their home country

  • The number of drug addicts in Azerbaijan has doubled over past 14 years

  • The number of drug addicts in Kazakhstan has decreased by 10% over past five years

  • Infant mortality in Uzbekistan has decreased by 3.2 times

World news

  • 39% of children in the EU are born out of wedlock

  • In Latvia by 2030 only 1.5 million people will be left

  • South Koreans will be on the verge of extinction by 2750

  • In Latvia live 1.295 million Latvians and 582,998 Russians

  • In Latvia, a growing number of migrant workers from third countries

  • In Latvia, fertility has risen in 2014

  • Is Latvia the worlds most indifferent country to children?

  • Cancer is becoming the main cause of death in Europe

  • Latvia has lost tens of thousands of schoolchildren due to emigration and the demographic hole

  • The worlds oldest man is a 111-year-old Japanese

  • In Lithuania, wages slowly rising

  • There will be no salary growth in Estonia in 2015

  • The average pension in Estonia in 2014 was almost 350 euros

  • Will fingerprinting rid Venezuelans of smugglers ?

  • Ukrainian crisis has not affected the situation on the labor market in Germany

  • In Peru, over one and a half million minors work

  • In Germany, concern about the increasing flow of migrants from the east

  • 23% of Estonian schoolchildrens parents work abroad

  • Tunisia is introducing a new tax for foreigners leaving the country

  • UN to provide humanitarian aid to half a million refugees in northern Iraq

  • Religious cleansing in Iraq is a crime against humanity

  • Smoking in the military costs the Pentagon $1.6 billion a year

  • Ebola virus outbreak could last from 6 to 9 months

  • Authorities in 30 U.S. states are asking for help in the prevention of the Ebola virus in the country

  • WHO is awaiting results of laboratory tests to confirm the outbreak of Ebola in Congo

  • Health authorities in Mexico intensifying the fight against the spread of dengue fever

  • Latvia has created a new cure for lymphoma

  • WHO recommends that adults consume no more than 2 grams of salt per day

  • Iran scraps birth control program

The newspapers write about

  • RIA Novosti on the tenth anniversary of the monetization of in-kind benefits

  • Kommersant-Dengi on the problems of evaluating different categories of people in Moscow and the incomes of Muscovites

  • Vremya on salaries in Kazakhstan

  • Kommersant-Dengi on the bankruptcy of municipal units

  • Toyo Keizai on the problem of aging and social support in Japan

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on the problems of aging in Russia

  • Vedomosti on funded pensions and their revocation

  • Kommersant on further contributions to the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund

  • Vedomosti on the age of Russian CEOs

  • Slon.Ru on the worth of a life

  • Slon.Ru on the demographic situation in Russia

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on childlessness in Russia

  • Novaya Gazeta on the problems of orphans and adoption

  • Novye izvestiya on the accelerated depriving of registration

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on the rubber apartment question

  • on the danger of biometric passports

  • Kommersant and Open Democracy on refugees from Ukraine

  • Open Democracy and on refugees in Ukraine

  • Novye izvestiya on a possible wave of immigration to Sweden

  • Diena on the desirable departure of Russians from Latvia

  • LSBlog on the problems of integration of migrants

  • Atlantico on the situation of labor migrants in Saudi Arabia

  • Novye Izvestiya on the emigration of the rich from China

  • Bloomberg on immigration to the U.S.

  • Kommersant on the unrest in Ferguson

  • Independent on the new apartheid

  • Arutz Sheva on the suffering of Yezidi Kurds

  • Kommersant-Dengi on the history of the slave trade

  • Ogonyok on the problem of hepatitis C

  • Independent on Plague villages

  • Novye Izvestiya on drunkenness and the price of alcohol

  • Bolshoi Gorod on the rating of livable cities

  • on the fertile factor of gender inequality

Read books and magazines

  • The Global burden of disease: Generating evidence, guiding policy

  • Ethno-demographic processes in Kazakhstan and neighboring territories

  • Cultural differences and political boundaries in an era of global migration

  • Statistics of malignant neoplasms in Russia and the CIS in 2012

  • Regional Migration Report: Eastern Europe

  • Through the pages of the journals Narodonaselenie (Population) and Obozrevatel (The Observer)

  • Contents of the European Journal of Population

The reading room

  • The concept of state family policy in Russia for the period up to 2025

Profession: researcher

  • European Population Conference in Budapest

  • Congratulations on the anniversary of Valery Vladimirovich Elizarov

  • Boris Vladimirovich Dubin passes away

  • The course of his life

  • Boris Dubin. The price of life and death in a society without law and justice

  • Remembering Andrei Gavrilovich Volkov: "Soon we will not know how Russias population is changing

Student page

  • Young demographic scholars of the HSE took part in international summer schools and share their impressions

  • Amsterdam

  • Lund

  • Cluj

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