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Current topic: Migrants through the eyes of Muscovites

  • Migration in the metropolis

  • The complex attitude of Muscovites to migrants

  • Migrants in Moscows labor market

  • The notorious housing problem

  • Migrants and the public health system in Moscow

  • Children of migrants in Moscow

  • Enclaves?

  • Migrants and crime

  • Conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

European demographic barometer

  • Integration of immigrants in the EU-28: 2013

  • In 2013, 2.3 million people were granted primary residence permits in the EU-28; 4% of the resident population of the EU-28 are citizens of countries outside the Union

  • The economic activity of immigrants from other EU countries is higher than that of domestic residents, but that of immigrants from outside the EU is notably lower

  • The unemployment rate among immigrants who are citizens of countries outside the EU is twice that of domestic residents - 21% versus 10% in 2013

  • The employment level of immigrants from other EU countries is slightly higher than that of its own citizens (71% vs. 69%), while that of immigrants from outside the EU is significantly lower (56%)

  • Among immigrant citizens of countries outside the EU, the percentage of those in poverty or social exclusion is almost twice as high as of those inside  

Through the eyes of analysts

  • The transformation of labor migration: social aspects

  • Mobility of foreign workers in the Russian labor market

  • Attitudes to immigration and the subjective well-being of the host population

  • Religion as a factor in the integration of immigrants: features of the American experience

  • Moldova: a country of massive labor emigration


  • When does a person become adult?

  • Leave or stay?

  • Drug addiction and how to fight it

  • Russians on drug addiction

  • The fate of smokers in Russia

  • The church-going habits of Orthodox believers

In the vastness of Russia

  • In 2014 Russias population has increased by 59.1 thousand people

  • Russia records natural increase in population for the first time since the beginning of the year

  • In 2013 fertility exceeded mortality for the first time since the start of the 1990s

  • Life expectancy by 2018 should reach 74 years

  • The number of large families increasing in Russia

  • Census to be conducted in Crimea

  • Government approves state program for social support of the population

  • Ministry of Labor calls for approval of  family policy  concept

  • Working pensioners will receive pension increase in August

  • The question of renouncing the funded part of the pension is being actively discussed

  • In first 6 months of 2014, 20 times fewer people than before turned to non-state pension funds

  • Government will propose to extend the maternity capital program beyond 2016

  • Payment of maternity capital in the Crimea will begin from January 1, 2015

  • Families with disabled children may be allowed to spend maternity capital on equipping their apartments

  • Ministry of Labor proposes to increase the duration of sick leave for those taking care of gravely ill children

  • In July the official unemployment rate in Russia fell by 3%

  • Medvedev demands simplification of passport registration procedure with the help of public service portal

  • Around 1.6 million residents of Crimea have received Russian passports

  • Notification of a second citizenship can be given as of August 17

  • Russians with dual citizenship may be a few million

  • Foreign native Russian speakers will start being issued visas for obtaining Russian citizenship

  • Most Russians dont plan to emigrate from Russia

  • According to the Attorney General, the migration flow to Russia continues to grow

  • According to the FMS, the number of migrants entering Russia from Central Asia has declined by one-fourth

  • Patent law for migrants employed by legal entities requires more work

  • Migrants will not be able to receive work permits while in Russia as tourists

  • Ministry of Labor wants to abolish quotas for employment of residents of South-Eastern Ukraine

  • Will exam requirement help migrants adapt to life in Russia?

  • Migrants will need to correctly answer 40% of questions to pass Russian Federation exam

  • Government approves measures to facilitate the resettlement of compatriots in Russia

  • Over 65 thousand Ukrainians have applied for temporary asylum or refugee status in Russia

  • Review time for temporary asylum applications has been reduced to three days

  • HRC offers sheltered Ukrainian refugees 9000 rubles

  • The number of Ukrainian refugees in temporary accommodation centers in Russia has exceeded 51 thousand people

  • Russian regions allocated more than 350 million rubles for the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees

  • Refugees from Ukraine are not being sent to Moscow and Saint Petersburg

  • FMS proposes to close part of Ukrainian refugee camps

  • All children of refugees from Ukraine will be sent to kindergartens, schools and universities in Russia

  • Half of Russians think refugees from Ukraine should stay in Russia

  • The percentage of smokers among Russians has decreased by 6% over past year

  • Russians appear to have a sweet tooth and have begun drinking less

  • Russian President signs into law penalties for illegal abortions

  • The idea of partly paid compulsory health insurance is hardly workable

  • By the end of 2014 nearly all inhabitants of the Crimea will receive compulsory health insurance policies

  • Ministry of Health wants to find out the attitude of the population to health care

  • Russia returns to standard time

Eurasian panorama

  • The number of dead in eastern Ukraine has almost doubled over past two weeks

  • Experts have assessed the impact of economic sanctions on Kazakhstan

  • Transnistria is hoping to create a free trade zone with Moldova

  • Kirgizia plans autumn pension increase

  • Kiev is not paying pensions in 24 cities of Donbass

  • Overall unemployment rate in Kirgizia is 8.4%

  • In Kazakhstan, one of the lowest rates of youth unemployment in the world

  • Kirgizia supports idea of a migrant card in the CIS

  • Citizens of South Ossetia will be able to get new passport for traveling abroad starting August 1

  • Passport control regime introduced in Tajikistan capital

  • 66 countries have introduced visa-free entry for citizens of Kazakhstan

  • Authorities of Russia and Armenia have simplified the procedure for citizens staying in their countries

  • Will the Russian labor market open to citizens of Armenia by September?

  • Russian Federation will implement organized labor recruitment for migrants from Tajikistan

  • 730 thousand people have crossed the border between Ukraine and Russia since the beginning of the year

  • The number of internally-displaced persons in Ukraine has reached 117 thousand people

  • 138 Ukrainians have turned to Belarus for refugee status

  • The volume of remittances to Moldova continues to grow

  • Russia provided 81.2% of all transfers to Armenia in the first half of the year

  • About 250 criminal cases of human trafficking are opened each year in Kazakhstan

  • Dengue fever diagnosed in 5 Kazakh tourists returning from Thailand

  • Almost four thousand pedestrians in Kazakhstan have been hit by motor vehicles in first half of year

World news

  • In the Philippines, 100 millionth citizen is born

  • Latvia is the EU leader in population reduction

  • Population increase has slowed down in Estonias capital

  • In Lithuania, 3.5 times more men than women have died from external causes

  • Lithuania takes 35th place in the UN Human Development Index

  • Russia and the Czech Republic sign agreement on mutual protection of pension rights

  • Average age of adoptive parents in Lithuania is 37 years for women, 34 years for men

  • In Latvia, a growing number of children not attending school

  • New immigration regime in Thailand will not affect tourists

  • Nearly four million foreigners officially reside in Italy

  • Saudi Arabia prohibits men from marrying women from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar and Chad

  • HRW criticizes the decision of the United States to accelerate the deportation of children of illegal immigrants

  • In Lithuania, a growing number of illegal immigrants from Vietnam

  • Sweden expects significant growth in spending due to increased number of refugees

  • Estonian residents have a negative attitude to a possible influx of refugees

  • In July, 1.2 thousand civilians killed in Iraq

  • One in a hundred residents in Goa, India is infected with HIV

  • Giant condom put on obelisk in Brazil to fight HIV

  • In the UK, 4 children with a drug addiction are born every day

  • July 28: World Hepatitis Day

  • Canada to send Africa thousands of doses of experimental vaccine against Ebola virus

  • UN warns of panic due to Ebola outbreak in Africa

  • In Malaysia over 56 thousand people have come down with Ebola virus

  • Will chemotherapy treatment for cancer no longer be necessary in 20 years?

  • In Latvia, fewer and fewer healthy recruits

  • In Finland a growing number of drug addicts and alcoholics among doctors

  • New York declared Americas unhappiest city

The newspapers write about

  • o global migration

  • Vedomosti on tests for migrants

  • Izvestiya and Kommersant-Dengi on passport for traveling abroad for migrants

  • Russkaya sluzhba BBC on Russian citizenship by birth

  • Vedomosti on refugees in the world

  • ITAR-TASS on refugees in Russia

  • M24 and Kommersant on refugees from Ukraine

  • The National Interest on immigration in Russia and the U.S.

  • The Guardian on the misadventures of migrant workers in Qatar

  • Atlantico on illegal immigration in France

  • Kommersant on the attitude of Russians to their right to exit the country

  • Sekret Firmy, Die Welt and The National Interest on emigration from Russia

  • Vedomosti on Russian worlds

  • Kommersant on implementing the law on dual citizenship

  • Kommersant-Dengi on the price of a Moscow registration

  • Ogonyok on internal migration in Russia

  • on state financing of education abroad

  • ForUm on the demographic problems of Ukraine

  • KazTAG on the demographic situation in Northern Kazakhstan

  • on demographic differences between the Crimea and Russia

  • on foreign agents in the State Duma

  • on the crisis and conservative gender attitudes

  • Javan on the harmfulness of feminism

  • on gender problems in Japan

  • Kommersant-Dengi on aging

  • Kommersant-FM and Kommersant on freezing the funded part of Russians pensions

  • on health and labor activity of pensioners

  • Kommersant on the state of Russians health

  • on excise duties on cigarettes and the dangers of smoking

  • Novaya Gazeta on medicines for patients with orphan diseases

  • Novye Izvestiya on a possible extension of sanctions to drugs

  • Novye Izvestiya on combating unregistered medicines

  • Kommersant on the problem of drug addiction in Moscow

  • Ekspert-Online and Novye Izvestiya on the Ebola epidemic

  • The Diplomat on the lesser harm of Hiroshima

  • on hunger

  • Ogonyok on social inequality and economic growth

  • Kommersant Dengi on reducing the income of Muscovites

  • Kommersant on state support for monocities

  • Vedomosti on owning ones home as a brake on economic development

  • The Atlantic on overtime and labor productivity

  • Ekspert-Kazakhstan on the problems of Kazakhstans labor market

  • on alcohol and colonization

  • Helsingin Sanomat on alcohol and the intellect

Read books and magazines

  • Born too soon

  • Social-demographic problems of the population in Russian (Soviet) literature, 1914-1941

  • Social geography, sociobiology and the social sciences: modeling and forecasting development processes in the regions of Russias near north

  • EU neighborhood migration report 2013

  • Key figures on Europe 2013[ digest of the online Eurostat yearbook

  • Through the pages of the magazines Demographicheskoye Obozrenie (Demographic Review) and Uroven zhizni naseleniya regionov Rossii (Living standards in the regions of Russia)

  • Contents of the journal Demography

The Reading Room

  • The Federal Law of 23 June 2014 157-FZ "On Amending the Federal Law On Citizenship of the Russian Federation

  • Kaminsky L.S., Novoselsky S.A.:  Poteri v proshlykh voynakh (Losses in past wars) (1756-1918)

Profession: researcher

  • 125 years since the birth of Lev Semenovich Kaminsky

Student page

  • Selected essays. Analysis and evaluation of undocumented migration in Russia

Satirical column

  • Life expectancy: the unprecedented speed of scrambling out of the hole

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