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Current topic: Migration in Russia: streams and centers of gravity

  • Why the number of internal migrants has doubled

  • A new strengthening of westward drift?

  • Moscow and other centers of attraction of migrants

  • Where temporary migrants go

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Russian demographic barometer

  • Crime in Russia: 2013

  • Against a background of a continuing decline in crime, the number of crimes related to drug trafficking is growing: in 2013 it increased by 5.7% , while the share in the total number of crimes has increased to 10.5%

  • The number of murders and attempted murders continues to decline, amounting in 2013 to 8.6 per 100,000 people

  • The number of road accidents and their victims went down in 2013, but remains quite high

  • 66% of the perpetrators of crimes in 2013 had no regular source of income; 48% had committed crimes before

  • The number of convictions is decreasing: in 2013 735.6 thousand people were convicted of crimes -  29% of them  to punishment by imprisonment, 30%  conditionally

  • As of  April 1, 2014 Russian prisons held 675,000 people in confinement

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Federal districts on Russias migration map

  • The migration of young people in the regional centers of Russia at the end of the 20th start of the 21st centuries

  • Rural-urban migration in the Republic of Buryatia and the development of the suburbs of Ulan-Ude in 1989-2012

  • Us and them in Russian provincial towns

Take care of women!

  • Attitudes towards divorce, extramarital relations, homosexuality, abortion and contraception in 40 different countries of the world

In the vastness of Russia

  • Life expectancy in Russia has increased to 71 years

  • Russia breaks its own record for female life expectancy

  • Medvedev speaks out against raising retirement age

  • Putin promises pensioners further income growth

  • All social obligations of the government will be met

  • Cost of social services package has grown to 881 rubles

  • Russian system of social payments will be operational in the Crimea as of January 1, 2015

  • A growing number of children adopted by foster families

  • State Duma has banned outstaffing in the Russian Federation

  • In Russia, sales managers in greatest demand

  • Russians will be obliged to report the receipt of a second citizenship and permanent residence permit

  • Putin signs law on granting Russian citizenship to children  who are not in somebodys charge

  • 100 thousand residents of Crimea have received Russian passports

  • HRC proposes to extend deadline for Crimeans to choose citizenship

  • Russia needs foreign street cleaners who are adapted to Russian life

  • Migrant workers will have to prove knowledge of Russian language and history, as well as of legislation of the Russian Federation

  • New immigration center opens in Moscow region

  • State Duma exempts refugees from need to obtain work permit

  • About 200 Ukrainians have applied for refugee status in Russia

  • HRC proposes to fine, not expel, foreign offenders in Russia

  • In Russia, a growing number of incidents of inter-ethnic tensions

  • Over past eight years mortality from heart attacks in Russia has been cut in half

  • Russia records record low infant mortality

  • Russia ranks fifth in world in number of suicides

  • Moscow to begin experiment in rehabilitation of drug addicts

  • Complete cessation of methadone treatment in Crimea will take place before the end of May

  • In 2013 the incidence of tuberculosis decreased by 7.5%

  • Nearly half of Russians suffer from chronic diseases

  • As of 2015 all children will undergo  mass health examinations

  • Donor organs to be given only to those willing to become donors themselves

  • Hemophiliacs ask to reconsider the list of free medicines

  • In Russia there are 86 specialized hematology and oncology centers for children

  • Changes in funding of medical centers will not affect their functioning

Eurasian panorama

  • Azerbaijans population is 9,494,600 people

  • In Kiev, the number of births rose in 2014

  • Moldova to launch information campaign on the census

  • Incomes of the population of Tajikistan have increased by 10.6%

  • Child benefits in Belarus to increase starting in May

  • Kazakhs to be given benefits package for moving to regions with labor shortages

  • Is Moldova forcing Transdniestrians to take up Moldavian  citizenship?

  • Moldovans traveling visa-free to EU may be required to show seven kinds of accompanying documents

  • Ukraines State Border Guard Service has confirmed the introduction of restrictions on entry to Russian citizens aged 16-60

  • Belarus ratifies agreement with Tajikistan on temporary labor migration

  • Azerbaijan and Russia preparing agreement on labor migration

  • The largest number of Moldovan guest workers are working in Russia

  • Kazakh repatriates can choose themselves which region of Kazakhstan to live in

  • 1200 residents of Moldova participating in program to resettle compatriots to Russia in 2014

  • Belarus ready to accept refugees from Ukraine

  • Immigrants have appeared from Eastern to Western Ukraine

  • UN urges Moldova not to discriminate against Roma

  • Armenia welcomes adoption of Armenian Genocide resolution by U.S. Senate

  • The number of HIV-infected people in Azerbaijan has reached 4,298

  • Since independence Uzbekistans infant mortality has dropped by 3.2 times

  • Azerbaijan has one of the lowest levels of road traffic fatalities in the CIS

  • In Kazakhstan early diagnosis of cancer has improved, but is still not enough

  • About 15 new cases of hemophilia are registered annually in Armenia

  • The most frequent victims of domestic violence in Belarus are married women aged 27-40 with children

  • Azerbaijan to introduce compulsory medical insurance

  • By the year 2015 accessibility for disabled children in Kazakhstan will be established in 20% of schools

World news

  • The Earths population has reached 7.2 billion people

  • In Latvia 7.6% more children were born than in previous year

  • Prosperity increases life expectancy

  • More than 4.8 million Italians live in absolute poverty

  • Does Lithuania plan to pay pensions using the pensioners money?

  • Disabled Latvians to be returned their pre-crisis additional payments

  • Iranian President speaks in support of womens rights

  • Wisconsin becomes first U.S. state to ban ads for rehoming adopted children

  • Is unemployment forcing British youth into the priesthood?

  • Labor market for people with disabilities in Estonia to be reformed

  • More Latvians still leave than return

  • 6 thousand African refugees rescued during four-day period off Italian coast

  • The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey is approaching one million

  • 23 thousand civilians have taken refuge from  rebels at UN base in north of South Sudan

  • Hundreds of civilians killed in two weeks of fighting in Aleppo

  • The number of victims of the super typhoon in the Philippines has reached 6.3 thousand people

  • Estonians alcohol consumption down by an average of 0.3 liters per year

  • Does moderate alcohol consumption help your career?

  • Iran may ban vasectomies and tighten abortion law

  • The number of victims of Ebola in West Africa has reached 1376 people

  • Saudi Arabia reports sharp increase in number of people infected with new coronavirus

  • Childrens health depends on the health of the parents, not the technology of conception

  • Women make up almost 70% of victims of domestic violence

  • Reducing salt intake helps prevent hypertension, stroke and ischemic heart disease

  • After age 50, should you give up your steak?

  • The most frequent cause of families bankruptcy in U.S. is spending on cancer treatment

  • Does our mental and physical peak come at age 24?

  • Indian court acknowledges existence of third sex

  • Two teenagers age 12 and 13 become youngest parents in Britain

The newspapers write about.

  • on migrants in Moscow

  • Svobodnaya Pressa and Novye Izvestiya on replacement migration

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on migrants and the Russian army

  • Kommersant on giving the FMS the authority to conduct  inquiries

  • Novye Izvestiya on citizenship for our own

  • Novye Izvestiya on possibilities of getting Russian citizenship in Georgia

  • Novye Izvestiya on punishment for concealing second citizenship

  • on emigration from Russia

  • The Moscow times on Russian citizens with U.S. passports

  • Politicheskie Izvestiya on the oppression of Russians in Ukraine and their readiness to move to Russia

  • Izvestiya and Novye Izvestiya on refugees from Ukraine

  • Novye Izvestiya on expelling Syrian refugees from Russia

  • Izvestiya on the rights of Ukrainian citizens in Crimea

  • EurasiaNet on Russians in eastern Kazakhstan

  • Kursor on teaching in Arabic in Israel

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on exporting educational services

  • Korrespondent on the population of the Earth

  • Litovskiy Kuryer on the boom in fertility and the lack of children in Lithuania

  • Zerkalo nedeli on fertility in Ukraine

  • Kommersant on the maternity capital as collateral for a loan

  • Izvestiya  on the unconstitutionality of paid abortions

  • Tabnak on the birth in Iran of children with drug dependence

  • Ogonyok on the situation of orphans in Russia

  • Project Syndicate on possibilities of reducing maternal and child mortality

  • on grave road accidents, their victims and perpetrators

  • The Guardian on alcohol consumption and violent crime in the UK

  • Salon on inequality in the USA

  • Kommersant on the size of unemployment benefits

  • Kommersant on gray salaries

  • Sekret Firmy on the 100 best cities of Russia

  • Kommersant on patriotism

  • Novye Izvestiya on Christianity in China

  • El Mundo on a brain map

  • on the real reason babies cry

  • Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin on the lack of sleep and the destinies  of the world

  • Novye Izvestiya on the price of happiness in pounds

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  • State of World Population 2013

  • International Migration Report 2013

  • International Migration Policies: Government Views And Priorities

  • Regulating economic migration: existing mechanisms and practices of recruitment, selection and admission of foreign labor and the possibility of coordinated management of labor migration in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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Profession: researcher

  • Demographic development of Russias northern regions. Meeting of the Demographic section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Happy 85th birthday to Vladimir Aleksandrovich Yadov!

  • 120 years since the birth of Frank Lorimer

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