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Current topic: The regional capitals and the hinterland

  • Remember the centers, but dont forget the periphery

  • Administrative-territorial units of different orders

  • The farther from the center, the greater the decline in population

  • Does the population resilience of peripheral cities depend on their size?

  • The rural provinces are emptying out everywhere

  • Peripheral Russia is contracting, but in different ways

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  • Topics of previous issues

Eurasian demographic barometer

  • The urban population of the CIS, 2013

  • 65% of the CIS population lives in urban areas, but the indicator value varies from 26% in Tajikistan to 76% in Belarus

  • Urbanization rates have slowed down in most CIS countries

  • In some CIS countries the urban population is younger than the rural one, while in others it is older

  • In the urban population of CIS countries women are, as a rule, in the majority.  The exception is Tajikistan

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Out-of-the-way places of central Russia: how they are formally idenitified

  • Neither here nor there: the suburbs of Irkutsk as a space for development

  • Census data at the municipal level: limitations and problems of analysis as exemplified by the Moscow region

  • The experience of large-scale socio-demographic research into the Tver regions rural districts

  • Centro-peripheral migration interactions in Central Russia

  • An estimate of the number of internal guest workers   in Russias small cities

  • Change in population size of urban and rural settlements of the Central Federal District

Letter to the editor

  • Criticism and critics (once more on the Demographic Encyclopedia)

On-line polling

  • The world is worried about terrorist attacks and global warming

  • Russians on migration and ethnic tension

  • Amnesty for migrants: pros and cons

  • The maternity capital

  • Orthodoxy in Russia: past and present

  • Russians on the Russian Orthodox Church

In the vastness of Russia

  • The population of Russia has increased by 219 thousand people since the start of the year

  • By 2030 the age dependency ratio will be 824 per 1000

  • Most Russians consider the countrys demographic situation dangerous

  • Rosstat release last volume with results of the 2010 Census

  • The number of orphans in Russia over the past six years has decreased by 41%

  • Russians have adopted 2.5 times more children than foreigners

  • 7 billion rubles needed each year for children not receiving alimony

  • State Duma adopts bill on pension reform on first reading

  • Kudrin blasts pension reform

  • Topilin explains why the pensions of working pensioners will not be frozen

  • The average number of work years at retirement is 34.5

  • The Ministry of Labor has calculated the pension of mothers with many children and 30 years of employment

  • Foreign citizens will receive a social pension after 15 years of residence in the Russian Federation

  • Small towns are increasingly lagging behind big ones in terms of living standards

  • The Ministry of Labor registers a high level of unemployment in 51 monotowns

  • The number of unemployed in Russia has increased by two thousand since early November

  • 13% of citizens would like to leave Russia

  • Work visas will not solve the problem of migrants in the Russian Federation, says Kudrin

  • 50,000 migrants worked in Moscows liquidated markets

  • FMS will track illegal migrants through the database of scanned passports

  • Should company execs help in the hunt for rubber apartments?  

  • Sobyanin announces a rise in ethnic and non-resident crime in Moscow

  • The Ministry of Education and Science will make the exam for migrants tougher

  • A bill is in the works for state support of NGOs involved in assimilating migrants

  • FMS comes up with explanation why migrants irritate Russians

  • In Moscow, a program is being developed to deal with ethnic issues of kindergartens

  • 2013 sees 54,000 new cases of HIV

  • Russia introducing fines for smoking in unauthorized places

  • Mass health examinations have helped identify cancer at an early stage

  • More than 14,000 teenage abortions were performed in Russia over past year

  • Smoking and abortions increase the risk of preterm delivery

  • The Ministry of Health has not approved an initiative to ban free abortions

  • The State Duma bans advertising of abortion

  • ROC Head of the Commission on the Family is against government funding of IVF

  • Should surrogacy in Russia be regulated?

  • The share of happy Russians has increased by 30% over last 23 years

  • In Ingushetia, fine for bride-kidnapping to increase 20-fold

Eurasian panorama

  • The population of Ukraine as of October 1 was 45.5 million people

  • The population of Kirgizia is 5.7 million people, an increase of 650 thousand over past 10 years

  • Ukraine to create a single demographic population register

  • In Belarus a draft decree on introducing a tax on freeloaders

  • The number of unemployed in Kirgizia is over 200 thousand

  • In Kirgizia, the most in-demand profession is that of plumber

  • Uzbekistan plans to create 983.6 thousand jobs in 2014

  • The employment rate in Tajikistan is 59%

  • 2402 Kirgiz people have received Russian citizenship since the start of the year

  • Could Central Asia see a social explosion within a year?

  • Ukraines Foreign Ministry explains why citizens of Ukraine may not be allowed in Russia

  • 20 thousand Ukrainians denied entry to Russia

  • Over 1000 families from Tajikistan have applied for resettlement in the Russian Federation

  • Delaying the entry of Kirgizia into the Customs Union threatens its migrant workers

  • Ukraine guest workers unlikely to return from Europe

  • A pension system for migrant workers is planned for 2014

  • 60% of migrants from Kirgizia do not have access to medical services in Russia

  • Representatives from CIS countries have signed a protocol on combating criminal migration

  • Many labor migrants from Kirgizia do not want to be registered in Russia

  • Kazakhstan Senate proposes to fingerprint migrant workers

  • Deportations from Russia have led to an increase in crime in the capital of Kirgizia

  • Ukrainians are killed in roads accidents 3-4 times more often than Europeans

  • Moldovans fear war, poverty and disease

World news

  • Population growth in the EU in 2013 is mainly due to migrants

  • The population of Latvia: 2.008 million people

  • China eases one-child policy

  • Lithuanians do not regret joining the EU

  • The worst country for women in the Arab world

  • Latvia expects wage growth

  • Lithuanians undecided on which pension model they prefer

  • Lawyers in Greece want to change the law on pensions for immigrants from the USSR

  • U.S. unemployment is still too high

  • Question of residence permits will be re-examined in Latvian Saeima

  • In Estonia, the number of Finnish permanent residents has increased over past year

  • Republicans refuse to consider immigration reform

  • President of Latvia is not bothered by emigration from the country

  • Saudi Arabia expels about 60 thousand illegals over two-week period

  • Human rights activists are concerned about the exploitation of migrant workers building sports facilities in Qatar

  • UN demands moratorium on deportation of Syrian refugees

  • In the Philippines, about 1.4 million displaced people are forced to live on the street

  • About 2.7 million residents of the Congo forced to leave their homes

  • Since 2007 the number of smokers in Turkey has decreased by 4%

  • The risk of cancer in Latvia has not decreased

  • Sweden proposes polio vaccinations for children of Syrian refugees

  • Europe flooded with antibiotic-resistant bacteria

  • Experts say world has lost  battle with diabetes

  • Americans discover secret of sudden infant death syndrome

  • British women to be paid for breastfeeding

  • U.S. House of Representatives again postpones part of health care provisions

  • So far only about 100 thousand people have bought policies within U.S. health care reform

  • Obamacare will leave 5 million Americans without health insurance

  • Turkey lifts ban on women MPs wearing trousers

  • Britains oldest resident dies at age 113

  • U.S. Senate votes to ban discrimination against gays in the workplace

  • Hawaii legalizes same-sex marriage

The newspapers write about

  • Novaya gazeta on four Russias

  • Ekho Moskvy and Ogonyok on seasonal work in Russia

  • Novye Izvestiya on stimulating the unemployed to leave the monotowns

  • Kommersant on places for registering foreigners in Moscow

  • Izvestiya on automating the registration of foreigners

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on rubber apartments and discrimination against internal migrants

  • El Pais on residence registration in China

  • Kommersant on the adaptation of migrants in Russia

  • Izvestiya on the Ministry of Education and Sciences  unified exam for migrants

  • Kommersant-Dengi on migration and inequality in the world

  • BelGazeta on international migration in Belarus

  • Sovietskaya Belorussiya on a readmission agreement between Russia and Belarus

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda Kyrgyzstan on an agreement for voluntary resettlement between Russia and Kirgizia

  • Ekspress-K on labor migration in Kazakhstan

  • Den on educational migration from Ukraine

  • Vedomosti on the reduction of migration from east to west Germany

  • Biznes & Baltiya on residence permit quotas in Latvia

  • on the price of a Maltese passport

  • Radio Svoboda on xenophobia and nationalism in Russia

  • Novaya Gazeta on pogroms and civil solidarity

  • on politics of multiculturalism

  • Moskovskie novosti on the geography of crime in Moscow

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on foreign crime in Moscow

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the concept of public security

  • CBS and Vedomosti on easing Chinas one-child policy

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the Ministry of Healths attitude to the ban on free abortions

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on preterm babies

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on taking away the drivers licenses of alimony defaulters

  • on life expectancy

  • Kommersant on modernizing Moscows health care system

  • Panorama on a drop in the number of HIV/AIDS cases in Kazakhstan

  • Ekspert on the dangers of smoking

  • on aviation insecurity

  • Den on victims of road accidents in Ukraine

  • El Pais on violent deaths in Latin America

  • Kommersant-Vlast on the quality of life

  • Kommersant-Dengi on the informal labor market

  • Forward on Jews and Jewish culture

  • Ekho on plans for Greater  Baku

  • on controversial census results in Turkmenistan

  • Le Monde on early marriages in Yemen

  • Vedomosti on womens careers in Russia

  • Novye Izvestiya on quotas for women in Germany

  • Time on American teenagers and condoms

Read books and magazines

  • The geography of population and social geography

  • The Russias out of the way places: models and methods of study

  • In the shadow of the big city: the social space of the suburb

  • Internal guest workers

  • International migration, health and human rights

  • Through the pages of the journals Regionalnye issledovaniya (Regional studies) and Narodonaselenie (Population)

  • Contents of the Journal of Population Economics

Profession: researcher

  • On the 30th anniversary of the death of Frank W. Notestein

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