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Current topic: The shrinking world of Russian

  • Great, mightymythical?

  • Demographic changes arent good for the Russian language

  • Fewer and fewer pupils being taught in Russian

  • Professional education in Russian in post-Soviet countries

  • The study of Russian outside the former U.S.S.R.


Eurasian demographic barometer

  • The population of the Commonwealth at the beginning of 2013 was 279 million people

  • In the population change of most CIS countries the decisive factor is natural increase

  • In 2005-2012 most CIS countries saw an increase in fertility

  • Despite a decline in 2005-2012, mortality in the CIS remains relatively high

Through the eyes of analysts

  • Languages of the world in a hundred years

  • Foreign students in Russian universities

  • The Russian language in the Ukrainian republic

  • Russians in Moldova: socio-demographic transformations

  • Particularities of adaptation of Russians in Kazakhstan

  • Identity and ethnic attitudes of Russians in their own ethnic environment and in others

  • The migrant services market in the Russian provinces: participants and development trends

New in video

  • Vladimir Putin on migration.  Speeches and pronouncements  from different years

On-line polling

  • The identity of Russians

  • What diploma is essential for success?

  • On the quality of education

  • The mobility of Russians, the telephone and e-mail

Results of previous polling

  • Should divorce be taxed?

In the vastness of Russia

  • Russia records natural population growth over summer

  • Mortality in Russia dropped 4.6% over past year

  • New pension formula will make it necessary to work both a long time and for your white salary too

  • Pension reform will only work in full for those who begin working in 2015

  • By 2030 the average pension will be 2.5 times that of the minimum subsistence level

  • The pension savings co-financing program will be prolonged until 2016

  • Russians need additional safeguards to preserve their retirement savings

  • 100 billion rubles budgeted for public sector wage increases in 2014

  • The Federal Service for the Execution of Punishment  may increase the wages of prisoners

  • 500 thousand children in line for places in kindergarten, says Medvedev

  • Are Russian officials ready for possible problems on the labor market?

  • Official unemployment in Russia down 3.8% in September

  • State Duma supports bill regarding fingerprints in Russian passports for traveling abroad

  • Draft law on fingerprinting visitors to Russia has been submitted to Duma

  • About 11 million foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russia

  • Does Russias conception of migration policy fully meet global challenges?

  • Migrants must respect the laws, language, culture and traditions of Russia

  • The introduction of visas for migrant workers will be possible only after 2015

  • Migration legislation must not have dead ends

  • Medvedev has increased the quota for foreigners wishing to study in Russia

  • In past three years 3.5 million migrants have received legal status in Russia

  • State Duma to propose road map of measures to combat illegal immigration

  • FMS proposes to prohibit the resale of quotas for migrant workers

  • Employers will be obliged to provide voluntary medical insurance policies for migrant workers

  • Sobyanin proposes to impose a tax on employers of migrant workers

  • FMS proposes criminal punishment for employing illegal migrant workers

  • Should employers be obliged to ensure the registration of migrants, but not at their legal address?

  • Only one in ten Muscovites is ready to rent to foreign workers

  • In Moscow this year have been opened 650 criminal cases of organizing illegal immigration

  • A resident of the Vladimir region has registered a thousand migrants

  • Conditions of detention of illegal migrants prior to deportation will be specified by law

  • Every day about 2 thousand persons are banned from entering Russia

  • Proposal to deny entry to migrants even for crossing on a red light

  • Will the level of tolerance towards other nationalities continue to grow?

  • Russians have begun consuming less alcohol

  • Immunization of infants against pneumococcal disease will become mandatory

  • In Primorye the dose of the drug in the Mantoux test was 2500 times too high

  • Mass medical check-ups show over 30% of Russians to be healthy

  • Russia to see laws encouraging voluntary medical check-ups

  • 52.6 billion rubles to be allocated for the construction of perinatal centers

  • Average waiting time of children for high-tech medical care should not exceed two weeks

  • Medvedev approves program to improve road safety until 2020

Eurasian panorama

  • Over 8 months in 2013 the population of Ukraine declined by nearly 100,000 people

  • In Kirgizia, the largest number of poor people live in the south

  • Armenia to develop strategy to increase salaries over next five years

  • Yanukovich promises significant increase in size of pensions in Ukraine

  • In November residents of Kirgizia will receive over $7 million in social benefits

  • Ukraine needs to modernize its enterprises even at the cost of drastic job cuts

  • Uzbekistan introduces additional guarantees of employment

  • New migration rules in Moldova will not affect residents of Transdniestria

  • One-third of respondents in Armenian poll intend to leave the country

  • Over the past 5 years more than 35 thousand people have moved from Russia to Belarus

  • Uzbekistan leads among countries from which nationals are returning to Russia

  • External labor migration from Kirgizia has become massive since 2000

  • Almost 40% of labor migrants from Kirgizia do not fill out registration documents in Russia

  • Migrants from Tajikistan will be able to obtain a work permit in the Russian Federation for a period of up to three years

  • Ban on remittances to Central Asia is legal nonsense

  • Moratorium on remittances to Central Asia will not affect the cash outflow from Russia

  • Remittances to Georgia in September rose by 14.6%

  • Azerbaijan threatens appropriate measures against Russians living there

  • Uzbekistan in 47th place in world slavery ranking

  • Nazarbayev orders switch to the Kazakh language for paperwork in Kazakh-speaking regions

  • Cases of anthrax reported in Armenia

World news

  • One in five French people do not know how much longer they must work until their pension

  • Belgium wont be able to pay pensions starting in 2018

  • Women lawyers in Britain earn a third less than men

  • Spain believes that negotiations with Russia will speed up the decision on adoptions

  • In Latvia, an increase in the number of adoptions

  • Quality of life in Riga has improved over past four years

  • Unemployment rising in Turkey

  • In Britain live over 600 thousand unemployed immigrants from the EU

  • Law on dual citizenship in Latvia excludes the possibility of Russian citizenship

  • Latvia will after all limit the program to provide residence permits to foreigners in exchange for investments

  • Should the abolition of visas between Russia and the EU not be abruptly sped up?

  • White House demands that the lower house pass immigration reform

  • EU to create rapid reaction group on migration issues

  • In Washington, a discussion of Russian migration problems

  • Russians lead in number of asylum requests in EU countries

  • Over 70 thousand people illegally crossed EU borders in 2012

  • Half a million Christians have fled Syria

  • 2014 will see an increase in the flow of refugees from Afghanistan to Central Asia

  • EU to provide Italy additional 30 million euros to solve its refugee problem

  • A group of refugees from different countries has begun hunger strike in Berlin

  • Over 100,000 women are sexually exploited in Turkey

  • Almost 50 million Europeans suffer from mental disorders

  • 35.6 million people worldwide suffer from dementia

  • Almost 300 million people worldwide have various forms of visual impairment

  • U.S. Republicans still want to repeal health care reform

  • Obama agrees to discuss with Republicans some aspects of health care reform

  • The president of Ecuador  threatens to resign if abortion is legalized there

  • Human rights activists have filed a lawsuit against the United Nations in connection with cholera in Haiti

  • By 2030 40% of the world population could be short of drinking water

  • Scientists discover genetic basis of emotional satisfaction from marriage


The newspapers write about

  • Kommersant on Biryulevo and attitudes towards migration

  • and Russkaya Sluzhba RFI on the situation in Biryulevo

  • on Sobyanin and Biryulevo

  • Novaya Gazeta on the possibility of a Biryulevo in Europe

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Nezavisimaya Gazeta and Vedomosti on visas for CIS countries

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on Russias economic losses due to illegal migration

  • on closing entry to Russia for citizens of Moldova

  • Vedomosti on the right of Tajikistans citizens to work for three years

  • Deti Mail.Ru on children of migrants and schools

  • Novye Izvestiya on kindergartens for children with temporary registration

  • Kommersant and on remittances of migrants

  • Moskovskie Novosti on the EUs discontent with UK migration policy

  • on the European integration of Moldova and Transdniestria

  • Novye Izvestiya on investments in residence permits in Spain

  • Telegraf on Chinese rentiers in Latvia

  • The New York Times on migration from London

  • Atlantico on migration from Paris to the provinces

  • Der Spiegel on the death of refugees in Lampedusa

  • on the Federal Program  to improve road safety

  • on the cost of cancer to the EU

  • on excessive mortality in Irak

  • on the victims of famine in North Korea

  • Novye Izvestiya on the causes of mortality among women

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on maternal and infant mortality in Belarus

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on perinatal centers

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on the demographic situation and population projections

  • Kommersant on parental leave and the length of service for ones pension

  • Novye Izvestiya on reconsidering the attitude to nursery schools

  • on the merging of schools in Azerbaijan

  • Ekspress-K on the program to encourage childbirth in Kazakhstan

  • on selective abortion in Azerbaijan

  • on the silver economy and gerontology marketing

  • Novye Izvestiya on the quality of life of the elderly

  • JB Press on the problem of aging in China

  • Vedomosti on the possible consequences of the latest pension reform

  • on the fight against aging

  • Moskovskie Novosti on Moscow as a city

  • on overpopulation in Baku

  • on loneliness in cities

  • on regional problems in Russia

  • Ogonyok on believers without a church

  • Vatican Insider on religions in China

  • on ethical aspects of surrogate motherhood

  •  The Huffington Post  on languages

  • The Washington Post on Malala Yusufzai

Read books and magazines

  • Russian language at the turn of the 21st  century

  • Student migration from CIS countries and the Baltic States: potential and prospects for Russia

  • The world of the elderly and how to make it more comfortable

  • Demographic Yearbook of the Kirgiz Republic: 2008-2012

  • Ethno-demographic processes and the resettlement community in Russias east: Past and Present

  • Through the pages of the journals Demographiya ta sotsialnaya ekonomika (Demography and Social Economy) and Statistika Ukrainy (Statistics of Ukraine)

  • Contents of the Journal of International Migration and Integration

From the archive folders

  • On doctoring the 1939 census

Profession: researcher

  • From an aging society to a society for all ages.  The first national conference on aging

  • Health care and migrant.  Round table at the Independent Press Center

  • Demographic development: challenges for social policy.  Demographic issues at the Kishinev conference

  • In memory of Vladimir G. Kostakov

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