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Current topic: We just live together

  • What to call it?

  • Cohabitation in different regions of the world

  • The legal status of domestic partners in different countries

  • OECD countries: mechanisms of consensual unions

  • Unregistered marriage in Russia: the historical path

  • Cohabitation and non-marital fertility in post-soviet space

  • Theories of cohabitation formation in the modern world

  • Studies of living together without being married

  • Links to current topic

  • Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer

Demographic results for mid-2013 (part 1)

  • The population of Russia on July 1, 2013 totaled 143.4 million people, an increase of 77 thousand people, or 0.05%, from the beginning of the year

  • In January - June 2013 the natural decline decreased by 4.2 thousand people  compared with the same period in 2012; population growth continues to come from migration

  • Growth in the number of births in the first half-year has come to a halt

  • In the first half of 2013 the number of registered marriages and divorces increased compared with the same period of 2012

Through the eyes of analysts

  • Global trends of marriage and divorce

  • Common-law marriage in Russia: freedom and relationships

  • Young adults: marriage, partnership and parenthood.  Discourse  and practices in modern Russia

  • Expanding the boundaries: interethnic and inter-religious marriages in post-Soviet Tajikistan (as exemplified by the marriages of Tajik women to foreigners)

  • Homosexuality and public opinion in Russia: from disapproval to indifference

Letter to the editor

  • On the new Demographic Encyclopedia

On-line polls

  • Nearly a third of Russians believe that children and career are incompatible

  • Russians favor preserving maternity capital payments after 2016

  • The ideal family according to a VTsIOM poll

  • The subsistence level, poverty and wealth in the views of Russians

  • The attitude to migrants: between phobias and self-interest

In the vastness of Russia

  • The Russian Statistics Service has prepared the 10th volume of the 2010 census results: Fertility

  • 1.5 million children have started first grade in Russias new school year

  • Over 5 thousand inclusive schools will be in operation in Russia by the end of 2013

  • 20 percent of Moscow households dont have the means to buy all their childrens school supplies

  • Kindergartens for a total of 50 thousand children will be built by the end of the year

  • Kindergarten fees in Russia will increase by no more than 5%

  • The real size of pensions in July rose by 3%

  • Ministry of Labor proposes to pay pensioners 10 thousand rubles extra in cases of emergency

  • Pensioners over 70 will be offered a thirteenth pension

  • Over 3 billion rubles to be paid out for third child benefits in 2013

  • Moscow allows applications for marriage registration on the internet

  • Should students be trained for specific employers?

  • Passport with electronic chip to be introduced in Russia starting in 2016

  • FMS to maintain a registration information base of citizens of Russia

  • Government may allow foreigners to remain in Russia without a visa for 72 hours

  • State Duma intends to leave children adopted by foreigners their Russian citizenship

  • Putin sympathetic to those who have emigrated in search of work

  • Procedure for obtaining temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation to be simplified

  • An immigration amnesty is not in the works in Russia

  • One million migrant workers in Moscow

  • The use of illegal labor must be firmly stopped

  • Federation Council creates working group on migration

  • 190 thousand foreigners denied entry into Russia for violations

  • The deportation of illegal immigrants will cost Moscow almost 800 thousand rubles

  • Migrant workers in Sochi will be evicted from the city for the duration of the Olympics

  • Moscow authorities want to oblige migrants  to pass a medical examination in order to obtain a work permit

  • Migrants in Moscow will no longer be tested for drug use

  • Over 30 thousand new cases of HIV detected in Russia in the first half of the year

  • Ministry of Health keeps 20-minute norm for ambulance arrival

  • The number of places in Moscows hospitals to be reduced by one third

  • Ministry of Health proposes to increase payments for medicines for children with disabilities

  • Nearly 60% of Russians could not find positive traits in Muscovites

Eurasian panorama

  • The population of Uzbekistan is over 30 million

  • The population of Belarus on August 1 was 9461.5 thousand

  • By 2015 Belarus will reach zero population decline

  • In 2014 Belarus will develop a new national demographic security concept

  • In Belarus, 454 divorces for every 1000 marriages

  • The education level of the population of Belarus is rising

  • In Kazakhstan the cost of living rose in August by 5.9%

  • In Belarus the rise of salaries continues

  • In Belarus, salaries of state employees to increase slightly from September 1

  • Starting in 2014 the minimum wage in Armenia will be 50 thousand drams

  • Azerbaijan raises minimum wage

  • In Azerbaijan, salaries of doctors and social benefits to increase from September 1

  • In Belarus, average pension is now 2.6 times higher than the cost of living

  • The average pension in Azerbaijan will grow to 170 manat

  • Since September 1 the minimum pension in Georgia has increased to 150 GEL

  • Belarus to consider maternity capital with the states financial capacity in mind

  • Moldovas economically active population has shrunk by 3.4% over the past year

  • Health workers and seamstresses: the professions most in demand in Moldova

  • State Duma to end Russian-Turkmen agreement on dual citizenship

  • In exceptional cases foreigners will be able to stay in Moldova for up to 15 days

  • 32 percent of Moldovans want to move to another country

  • Moldova increases penalties for forced labor and begging

  • 60% of HIV cases in Armenia are migrant workers

  • Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs proposes to ban smoking and drinking for those under 18 years of age

  • No threat of plague spread in Kirgizia

  • Kirgizia lifts bubonic plague quarantine

  • The proportion of overweight Belarusians could reach 50% by 2050

  • Most of the ruling Party of Regions in Ukraines parliament wont support law against discrimination of sexual minorities

World news

  • The number of students in Latvia decreased by 1000 over past year

  • Since 2006 the number of school children in Lithuania has decreased by 31%

  • Nearly 5 million Britons earning less than a living wage

  • The average salary in Estonia has risen to 976 euros

  • 1 out of every 11 Estonians eats only one euro a day worth of food

  • In 2014 all pensions in Latvia will be indexed

  • Male physicians in U.S. earn a third more than female ones

  • U.S. authorities have given same-sex marriages the same status as traditional ones from the point of view of taxation

  • Europe faces a severe labor shortage

  • Unemployment in Germany in August remained unchanged at 6.8%

  • The number of students leaving Lithuania is 2.5 times higher than the number of those coming there to study

  • Chechen authorities deny information about mass requests by Chechens for asylum in Germany

  • As a result of the Syrian crisis, more than 7 million people have become refugees

  • Uganda agrees to accept on its territory Africans deported by Israel

  • Britons suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction more than other Europeans

  • Facebook involved in HIV education

  • Tobacco is twice as likely to cause death among blacks and mulattos as among white people

  • In Estonia, women who smoke during pregnancy will be punished

  • Do signs about the ban on smoking not work well?

  • Nearly half of patients with hypertension are unaware of their diagnosis

  • Over a hundred persons have caught the new coronavirus

  • Boys are discovered to be one and a half times more vulnerable than girls

  • European men have gotten 11 centimeters taller over the past century

  • Does poverty reduce mental capacity?

  • Beijing tightens measures against environmental pollution

  • The reduction of working hours has had no positive impact on how Koreans feel

The newspapers write about.

  • Novye Izvestiya on advice for Putin

  • Novye Izvestiya on the fact that social obligations will not be increased any more

  • on the maternity capital and other measures to support families

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the benefit of the maternity capital

  • Vedomosti on optimizing the cost of pension benefits

  • Novye Izvestiya on a possible increase in the retirement age for low-paid workers

  • Izvestiya on the new legislative demographic initiatives of Mizulina

  • Vedomosti on health care expenditures

  • Novye Izvestiya on Muscovites through the eyes of the Civil Registry Office

  • Novye Izvestiya on the demographic situation in Germany

  • Den on the price of Ukraines losses in World War II

  • Kommersant-Ukraina on mortality from road accidents in Ukraine

  • Ekspert on drug use

  • Ekspert on suicide genes

  • Daily Mail on obesity and health

  • Profil on migration and elections

  • Ogonyok on Anti-migrant Month

  • Izvestiya and Novye Izvestiya on proposals to combat illegal migration

  • Vedomosti and Kommersant on migrants and crime

  • Kommersant on the medical commission for migrants

  • Slon.Ru on the Mexico of Europe

  • on the consequences of migration for Kyrgyzstan

  • Delfi.It on the children of Lithuanian emigrants

  • on the export of doctors from Cuba

  • Atlantico and Daily Mail on the European immigration to Germany and Great Britain

  • Der Spiegel on the results of 30 years of immigration from Ethiopia to Israel

  • on the status of repatriated Kazakhs

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Syrian refuges in Switzerland

  • The American Conservative on the Christians of Syria

  • on informal employment

  • Novye Izvestiya on the planned abolition of subsidies for air travel in the eastern regions of Russia

  • Kommersant on the attitude of Russians to the death penalty

  • La Stampa on the height of men in Europe

  • on eugenic experiments in the U.S. and other countries

  • on the meaning of homosexuality

Read books and magazines

  • Demographic tables

  • Report on the situation in the field of non-communicable diseases in the world, 2010

  • An Atlas of temporal variations of natural, human and social processes

  • Sustainable human development: safeguarding justice

  • The changing national role in health system governance

  • Through the pages of the journals Profilakticheskaya Meditsina (Preventive Medicine) and Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

  • Contents of the journal Population & Societies

Profession: researcher

  • International Congress on Population in Busan

  • 160 years since the birth of Dmitry Nikolayevich Zhbankov

  •     A biographical sketch

  •     D. N. Zhbankov.  The Traumatic Epidemic in Russia

New in the reading room

  • L.E. Darski, M.S. Tolts.  Demographic tables

  • D.N. Zhbankov.  In The Land of Women

Student page

  • Demographer graduates in the press

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