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Current topic: Europe seeks answers to the challenges of aging

  1. How many Europes are there?

  2. Life expectancy: uneven changes for groups of countries

  3. Stable growth of life expectancy in countries of the EU-15

  4. New members of the European Union and countries of Southeastern Europe: downturns and upswings in life expectancy

  5. Life expectancy in the CIS: the transformational crisis and national differences

  6. Intra-European differences in age composition are large

  7. The views of governments on questions of aging

  8. The Madrid International Plan of Action

  9. Four high-priority areas of focus

Russian Demographic barometer: Demographic results for 2012 (part 1)

  1. According to preliminary estimates,  the population of Russia at the start of 2013 stood at 143.4 million people

  2. The natural decrease in population in 2012 was reduced to nearly zero; population growth still depends mainly on migration

  3. In 2012 the growth in births accelerated once again

  4. The number of marriages and divorces went down in 2012

Analytical articles

  1. The demographic factor in the evolution of the social state in Europe

  2. The future of the pension system: parametric reforms or paradigm shift?

  3. A micro-analysis of the Russian pension system

  4. Providing geriatric care for the population of Ukraine: the state and problems of the current system, prospects and paths to reform

  5. The new calculation of infant mortality: preliminary results

Interactive poll

What do you think about Chinas population policy?

Recent polls

  1. Russians on orphans and the law forbidding their adoption by Americans

  2. Problems of orphans in Russia.  Citizens on the Presidents initiatives

  3. On the toughening of penalties for violating registration laws

  4. Russians ambivalent about registration bill

  5. Happiness Russian-style: no guarantees whatsoever and feeling ill at ease

Russian news

  • Russia should increase its life expectancy to 74 years
  • In the next few years Russia could find itself in a demographic hole
  • The population of Transbaikal has decreased by 4.1 thousand people due to migration loss
  • Will the fertility in the Northwestern district soon exceed mortality?
  • Mortality in Moscow over the past two years has decreased by 18%
  • Every fifth Russian can expect to see economic improvements this year
  • Food prices in Russia grew twice as fast as in the EU in 2012
  • The Ministry of Labor intends to propose a plan this fall for increasing the minimum wage by 2018
  • Moscow authorities forecast a growth in income and an increase in the cost of living for 2013
  • Salaries in the Russian Federation will at least double by 2030
  • Salaries in the neighboring regions of Russia should not differ considerably
  • Medvedev signs decree on the indexation of pensions
  • By 2018 the growth of pensions in Russia should reach 20-28%
  • The right to choose a cumulative part of ones pension will remain after 2013
  • Duma proposes to continue payment of maternity capital after 2016
  • The waiting list for pre-school education declined by 20% in 2012
  • The number of orphans in orphanages should be halved by 2018
  • The number of orphans in the regions will become an indicator for assessing the performance of the authorities
  • Lump sum compensation for adopters of certain categories of orphans will be 100 thousand rubles
  • Same-sex couples wont be able to adopt Russian children
  • Only 10% of Russians like living in their town
  • Electronic card to replace internal passport beginning in 2015
  • Nearly 90% of Russians say they live where they are registered
  • The FMS has denied 2000 foreigners entry to Russia since the start of the year
  • Unscrupulous employers may see their quotas for migrant labor withdrawn
  • Is the number of foreign workers in Moscow unacceptably high?
  • Migrants, not traffic, worry Muscovites more
  • Could half of the migrants in Saint Petersburg be replaced by pensioners, students and housewives?
  • Over a third of Russians support a 3000 ruble fine for smokers
  • Deaths from cancer in Russia 10 times higher than from traffic accidents
  • Around 43% of Russians go to the oncologist in the last stages of the disease
  • Cancer patients dont receive timely treatment due to long waits to see the doctor
  • The development of child health care should be one of the governments priorities
  • Russia to have nursing wards affiliated with maternity hospitals
  • By 2020 Russia will spend 27 trillion rubles on health care

Eurasian news

  • Life expectancy in Kazakhstan grew by 6 months in 2012
  • A rise in the number of divorces in Tajikistan
  • In Kazakhstan foreigners have adopted over 8 thousand children in the past 14 years
  • UNICEF calls for $8.2 million for the protection of children in Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • Kazakhstans Ministry of Labor sets poverty line for first quarter of 2013
  • The single pension fund in Kazakhstan to invest in infrastructure projects
  • The average monthly salary in Kirgizia came to 10,566 soms in 2012
  • The highest salary in Kazakhstan goes to executives in oil and gas
  • In Kazakhstan, a growing number of educated unemployed
  • The number of agricultural workers in Kazakhstan will fall by 2017
  • Abandoning Soviet passports will cost Moldova 1.84 million euros
  • In Moscow an agreement is signed on the procedure for stays in the Russian Federation of citizens of Tajikistan
  • In Kirgizia a proposal is made to create a separate Ministry of Migration
  • Kirgiz Foreign Ministry proposes to confirm immigration quota
  • Kirgiz diaspora in Russia to have a hot line
  • Are the leaders in abortions and abandoned children in Russia migrant workers from Kirgizia?
  • Kazakhstan to toughen criminal liability for human trafficking
  • Tajikistan plans to increase the number of centers for teaching the Russian language
  • Russian language courses for migrants from Uzbekist an to open in St. Petersburg in February
  • Kazakhstan Ministry of Culture to create a state commission for converting the Kazakh language into the Roman alphabet
  • Is cheap vodka making drunkards out the inhabitants of Kazakhstan?
  • HIV-infection down in Kazakhstan
  • Diagnosing cancer in Kazakhstan will start at an earlier age
  • Belarusians are not ready to pay fully for health care services, nor the State to spend more on the Ministry of Health

World news

  • The population of Turkey reaches 75 million
  • Natural increase of Latvias population remains negative
  • Polish becomes the third most widely spoken native language in England
  • Soros forecasts a Soviet-style collapse of the European Union
  • By 2015 the U.S. budget deficit could be reduced 2.5 times
  • Every third resident of the European Union has no savings
  • Illegal employment in Latvia has not been reduced
  • One sixth of Estonians under age 29 neither work nor study
  • Latvia issues first passport indicating patronymic
  • Barak Obama urges Congress to speed up implementation of immigration reform
  • British authorities aim to reduce the flow of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria
  • Latvian government supports re-emigration plan
  • Over 700 thousand Syrian refugees in neighboring countries
  • Kuwait conference raises $1.2 billion for Syrian refugees
  • Testing begins in France of new therapeutic HIV vaccine
  • Half of the worlds countries not ready for the fight against cancer
  • The British are promised cancer control within the coming decade
  • Britain threatened by infections resistant to most known antibiotics
  • 86% of Estonians do not take sick leave, and continue to go to work
  • Zimbabwe could become the first country where women make up 50% of the Parliament
  • Lithuania wants to complete the process of disclosure of personal files
  • French Parliament legalizes same-sex marriage
  • British Parliament supports bill to legalize same-sex marriage
  • The President of India approves the death penalty for rape
  • Parisian women officially allowed to wear trousers

Newspapers write about ...

  • FINANCE.UA on the economic problems of aging

  • Moldavskie Vedomosti on the problem of aging in Moldova

  • Vedomosti on the problems of the Russian pension system

  • Vedomosti on the demographic successes of Russia

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on Rosstat health survey

  • on road traffic deaths in Russia

  • Mainichi on suicide in Japan

  • The Independent on cannibalism in North Korea

  • Novye Izvestiya on cancer rates and mortality

  • Die Presse on problems of transplantation

  • InoPressa.Ru on the harmfulness of smoking

  • Zerkalo on the consequences of consanguineous marriages in Azerbaijan

  • Kommersant, Ogonyok and Vedomosti on the toughening of registration rules

  • Novye Izvestiya on registration and medical care

  • Vecherni Bishkek on Russian citizenship

  • The Telegraph on British citizenship test

  • on the abolition of dual citizenship in Turkmenistan

  • Vedomosti on discrimination against migrants on the labor market

  • on violations of migrants rights in Sochi

  • Belorusskie Novosti on labor migration from Belarus

  • Izvestiya on migration quotas and the shortage of janitors and street cleaners

  • Rossiskaya Biznes-Gazeta on migrants in trade

  • Izvestiya on encouraging NGOs  fighting against illegal migration

  • on Copts in Moscow

  • The Atlantic on violations of the rights of Tibetans in China

  • Kommersant and Novye Izvestiya on illegal migration to the U.S.

  • Atlantico on the migration of native inhabitants out of the big cities

  • The Guardian on negative ad campaign to keep potential immigrants out of Great Britain

  • The Financial Times on the potential wave of emigration from Poland

  • Atlantico on xenophobia in France

  • Otramerica on racism in Latin America

  • Die Welt on the history of the slave trade

  • Novaya Gazeta on migration through the eyes of a philosopher

  • Itogi on the problem of orphans in Russia

  • on orphans in the Russian regions

  • on the problems of Russian education

  • Rossiskaya Gazeta on a single electronic registration system in the registry office

  • Chas on the problems of registration in Latvia

  • Rossiiskaya Gazeta on the Russian Orthodox Church and electronic ID cards

  • Lettera43 on equality between men and women in Europe

  • Rossiiskaya Gazeta on the development program for the Far East and Baikal region

  • Ekspert on urbanism and economics

  • Otramerica on the Earths environmental problems

Recent publications

  1. Strategy and action plan for healthy ageing in Europe, 20122020

  2. Policies and priority interventions for healthy ageing

  3. Family relations of Kazakhstan's population at the turn of the century: the historical and demographic aspect

  4. Regional population policy

  5. The regions of Russia: socio-economic indicators, 2012

  6. Through the pages of the magazines Profilakticheskaya Meditsina and the Zhurnal Issledovanii sotsialnoi politiki

  7. Contents of the Journal of Population Economics

Profession: Researcher

  1. What are demographic ratings for? Meeting of the Population section of the CDU

  2. 120 years since the birth of Viktor Kornelevich Yatsunski

Students' Page

  1. Competition for admission to Masters Program Demography

  2. Demography Masters program: the view from within

  3. Regional differentiation of the number of orphans in modern Russia.  Academic seminar

From the history of demographic thought

  • Karl Kautsky.  Fragments from the book  Reproduction and development in nature and society (Vermehrung und Entwicklung in Natur und Gesellschaft)

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in December 2012 January 2013

  • In January, traffic to the site dropped by 10%

  • In January Demoscope was read in 128 countries

  • Geography of Russian visitors expands

  • The most attentive foreign readers in January were from the Comoros islands

  • Geographical breakdown of visitors according to regions of Russia

  • The most attentive Russian Demoscope reader was from the village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye in the Primorye Region

  • The language of users

  • January rating goes up in the Science section

  • We are quoted.

  • The most popular pages of Demoscope Weekly in January 2013

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