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Current topic:  A demographic breakthrough or going in circles? Part 1

      • Next to last in the top ten rating
      • The age structure of population will soon become unfavorable
      • Generations of children and generations of parents
      • Older age of motherhood contributed to current birth rates
      • What total fertility rate shows
      • 1,6 births per woman and reproduction of generations

    Demographic barometer. Population aging in the CIS

    • According to the CIS Interstate Statistics Committee, at the beginning of 2012, 11% of the CIS population were over 65
    • In the CIS states, men who survived to the age of 60 on average are expected to live another 14-13 years, women 20-21, but they are more likely to live alone
    • In most CIS countries over 10% of pensioners continue working
    • There are over 65 million of pensioners over 23% of population in the CIS states
    • Pensions in the CIS states

    Analytical articles

    • 1. Regional alternatives of the global demographic development
    • 2. Are there any alternatives in the alternativeless?
    • 3. Spatial differentiation of reproduction and migration processes
    • 4. Interstate migration in the CIS states
    • 5. Diasporas and social practices of service providers in the field of labour migration: a regional aspect

    On-line opinion polling

    What should be done with draft dodgers?

    Russian news

    • Since the beginning of 2012 the Russian population has increased by 208 thousand people
    • The State Duma has adopted the Law on the revision of the customer basket
    • The Federation Council has approved the Law on the reduction in funded part of pension
    • Do people benefit from the reduction in the funded part of pension?
    • Russia plans to create an alimony fund
    • The law on social service will be put forward for consideration by the government in January 2012
    • Unemployed people will not be able to register only for the purpose of getting unemployed benefits
    • Medvedev approved the State program The promotion of population employment
    • By 2025 Russia will lose 12-13 million workers
    • Socio-economic development in Russia will entail the need in trade professionals
    • Putin has signed the Law on a simplified procedure for citizenship restoration
    • Dmitriy Medvedev allocated to Tatarstan the largest quota for issuing temporary residence permits in the Privolzhsky Federal District
    • The State Duma simplifies the procedure for employing foreign nationals with a temporary residence permit
    • All foreign citizens arriving in Russia will have to undergo the procedure of fingerprinting
    • In Russia, refugees will receive biometric documents
    • Migrants have been obliged to provide a certificate on having taken the state Russian language testing
    • The State Duma will oblige migrant workers to obtain health insurance policy prior to entering Russia
    • The Governor Poltavchenko suggested inviting migrants ?from countries with the climate similar to St. Petersburg?
    • The number of illegal labour migrants was voiced in Smolney for the first time
    • Moscow will create database about all migrants arriving in the capital
    • The Moscow City Duma proposes to introduce a stop list for HIV-infected migrants
    • Migrants deported from the RF may face imprisonment if they return to the country
    • The number of regions accepting emigrant compatriots will be increased
    • About 200 people a day get infected with HIV in Russia
    • Russian have begun to drink less
    • By 2020, the number of people suffering from diabetes may double
    • Putin instructed to develop a draft program for rehabilitation of drug addicts
    • There are few rehabilitation programs for children recovering from cancer
    • Astahov calls for maintaining actual statistics of suicides among children
    • The program for health care modernization has been extended to 2013

    Eurasian news

    1. The population of the Ukraine is 45559 thousand people

    2. Since the beginning of this year the population of Uzbekistan has increased by 1,1%

    3. The population of Astana has exceeded770 thousand

    4. In 2013, the average life expectancy in Kazakhstan will reach 70 years

    5. By 2050, a quarter of Kazakhstan population will be over 65

    6. The demographic burden in Belorussia will increase both in urban and rural areas

    7. Over the nine months, the natural population growth was recorded in 70 Belorussian cities and 23 villages

    8. In Belorussia, the positive migration surplus has reduced the natural population loss by 37,9%

    9. In Belorussia, the fertility ensures population reproduction by approximately 60%

    10. The infant mortality level in Belorussia is 3,4 pro mile

    11. In Belorussia every three out of four children live in a city

    12. Population census and collection of information on dwelling stock will be carried out in Turkmenistan from 15 to 26 December

    13. The Ukrainian State Statistical Committee will use money allocated for the census of population to pay for public facilities and utilities

    14. The level food security in Kirgizia is falling

    15. In October the average salary in the Ukraine was 3110 grivnas

    16. During a year the average salary in Moldavia has increased by 8,3%

    17. During October, the average wages of Belorussian workers increased by 3,2%

    18. In 2012, an actual growth in the actual average salary in Azerbaijan is 6,3 times in excess of the GDP

    19. About 600 thousand Tajik pensioners do not work

    20. Starting from 1 April, 2013 the pension of people under 67 in Georgia will be raised

    21. Starting from 1 September, the minimum amount of pension in the Ukraine will be equal to 884 grivnas

    22. In Azerbaijan, 3% of pensioners still live below the poverty line

    23. Poverty is the greatest concern of Moldavian citizens

    24. The Ukrainian State Statistical Committee reported about a decline in poverty

    25. Women account for over a half of unemployed people in Tajikistan

    26. About a million workplaces will be created in Kazakhstan till 2020

    27. Over the last 15 years, more than 765 thousand residents of Kirgizia have been granted Russian citizenship

    28. More than 765 people have left Tajikistan in 2012

    29. Over 4300 compatriots moved from Tajikistan to Russia under the program for voluntary resettlement

    30. Tajik and Russian officials prepare an agreement on labour and mutual protection of human rights

    31. To work in Kazakhstan Kirgizian businessmen will need a residence permit

    32. Only every fifth labour migrant in Russia works legally

    33. A considerable part of migrants from Central Asia work in Kazakhstan illegally

    34. Money transfers from Russia to Moldavia grew, from the EC decrease

    35. The amount of money transfers from Kazakhstan have increased, and from Russia to Kirgizia have increased

    36. Every third man and every tenth woman smokes in Belorussia

    37. Annually<over 100 girls under 14 have a baby in the Ukraine

    World news

    • China intends to loosen control over fertility
    • In 2013, the best place to have a baby is Switzerland
    • The European Commission have prepared a five-year plan of Eurozone reform
    • The average monthly gross salary in Estonia is 855 Euro
    • Latvia plans to reduce the amount of allowance for the poorest
    • Only 47% of all Estonian citizens, having medical insurance policy, work in Estonia
    • Tajikistan, Liberia and Kirgizia lead in terms of the share of migrants cash transfers into the GDP of these countries
    • The highest labour productivity is in Norway
    • In Latvia, unemployment payment will not depend on the pensionable service
    • More professional unemployed people may appear in Latvia.
    • Obama intends to submit to the Congress draft laws on migration reform
    • US republican senators presented their immigration reform
    • Workplaces are needed to return emigrants to Latvia
    • Iranian women will have more difficulty in going abroad
    • The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey is growing
    • Worldwide, the total number of HIV infected people is 34 million
    • Every third adolescent in Latvia smokes or drinks
    • The Latvian Seim Commission proposes to fight alcohol addiction among children
    • 22% of Latvian high school students smoke marijuana
    • About 1,2 million people have got killed in road accidents since the beginning of the year
    • More than 200 million women do not have access to family planning services and commodities
    • WHO reported about a the second victim of a new coronavirus
    • The number of victims of yellow fever in Sudan doubled during half a month
    • The epidemic of duengue fever have taken lives of 32 people in Peru
    • Over 100 French people opposed one-sex marriages

    Newspapers write about

    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Belarus Segodnya about Russian and Belorussian baby boom
    • Rossiyskaya Gaxeta about the baby boom in Moscow
    • - about a growth in the Ukrainian population
    • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda about 17- million Kazakhstan
    • Parlamentskaya Gazeta about financial incentives to boost fertility
    • Commersant about demographic progress and gaps in the social work of the Ministry of labour
    • Commersant about a social support program
    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the pension reform
    • Commersant about pensions of taciturn/low profile people
    • Commersant - about the state programe for promotion of employment
    • Dengi about youth unemployment and social crisis
    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about migration, economy and attitude towards migrants
    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta about migrants transfers
    • Rossiyskaya gazeta about migration problems in Russia
    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta and Izvestiya about a draft law on Russian citizenship
    • Russkaya Germaniya about obtaining citizenship in the EC states
    • Moskovskiye Novosti and Commersant about the Russian language testing for migrants
    • Izvestiya about health insurance for migrants
    • Izvestiya about hotels for migrant workers
    • Nazavisimaya Gazeta about migrant perpetrators with austhentic documents
    • - about problems of labour migration in Kazakhstan
    • Nezavisimaya Moldova about migration and politics in Moldova
    • - about migrants children in Moldova
    • REGNUM - about Syrian refugees in Turkey
    • Commersant about new homogeneity of Russian society
    • Nazavisimaya Gazeta about Russian human capital
    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about generations of the digital epoch
    • Noviye Izvestiya about the HIV problem in Russia
    • Izvestiya about stop-list for HIV infected migrants
    • Moskovskiye Novosty about HIV infected abandoned children
    • Deutsche Welle - about proposals to legalize drugs in Germany
    • Vecherniy Bishkek about methodone therapy
    • Vatican Insider - about the spread of religions
    • Vatican Insider - about the church, euthanasia and abortions
    • - about the church, abortions and transgender in Belorussia
    • Moskovskiye Novosti about the church and juvenile justice
    • about the church and biometry in the Ukrain
    • Nezavisimaya Gaxeta about Russian census 2020
    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about the national policy in Tatarstan
    • Corriere della Sera about cheap Syrian brides
    • The Guardian - about the tracking system on Saudi women
    • - about mens destiny/fate
    • Lidovky - about humanization of cities
    • Noviye Izvestiya about non-taxable fat
    • The Independent about peoples dumbing down

    Recent publications

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    • The civilization in the XXI century: problems and prospects for development
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    • Population distribution, urbanization, internal migration and development: an international perspective
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    Profession: Researcher

    • 250 anniversary of Carl Fyodorovitch Herman
    • Following in Dr. Gordons Footsteps (Experience of studying the history of intellectual migration). The scientific seminar of The Institute of Demography, The National Research University The Higher Scool of Economics

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    Olimpiads for entering Masters Degree program and Winter schools of vocational guidance

    From the history of demographic thought

    Friedrich Engels. Fragments from The origin of the family, private property and the state

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    • 13 December2012, a meeting of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists on the Topic :Demographic results of 2011. The report of the head of the Directorate for population statistics and health care of the Rosstat Antonova O.I.
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