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Current topic: Would the Russians like to emigrate?

  • Emigration in general sociological context
  • Emigratory intentions as a chronic feature of the post-Soviet society
  • There is no any linear growth of emigratory intentions
  • Who wants to leave, who is to remain?
  • The middle class youth: intentions to work or to learn abroad
  • What is holding  advanced youth in its emigratory state of mind
  • Probability to execute plans and fulfill wishes to leave abroad
  • Summary and conclusions

Russian demographic barometer.
Demographic results of the first half of the year 2012 (a part III)

  • From January to July 2012 the net migration in Russia, as compared with the same period in 2011, decreased on 3,3 %, and made 167 thousand persons, or 2
  • Russia is still getting the maximum net migration in exchange with Uzbekistan
  • Rural population has got the highest level in intra-regional migration - 17 arrived persons and 21 left persons per 1000 persons in 2011
  • Population of 81 of 83 regions-federal subjects increased owing to migration exchange with the CIS countries, but in most of them it reduced as a result of the migration exchange with other Russian regions
  • Intra-regional migration, largely, is of a family nature; there is a liberal share of young men in population increase in Russia owing to the CIS countries population movements
  • As of the end of the second quarter 2012, 983 thousand   foreign citizens had a labour permit in Russia

Analytical articles

  • Citizenship and immigration in the countries of liberal democracy: between ideology and pragmatics
  • Granting voting rights to non-citizens: trends and practice
  • Guidelines of immigration policy of Great Britain and EU
  • Changes in social structure of Russian society and its political implications: forecast attempt

Take care of women!

  • Global reduction of maternal mortality: if one can get the Millennium Goals?

Russian news

  • St-Petersburg is the city with a population of five-million
  • More than 500 residents of Moscow overstepped their centenary
  • In Russians opinion women reach their old age in their 60, and men in their 70
  • The draft of the project of Strategy of long-term development of pension system has been made available on web-site of Ministry of Labor
  • The draft of development of the pension system will be widely consulted
  • The pension system should be transparent and intelligible
  • Can increase of employed service reduce any share of shadow salaries?
  • In 2013 the average labour pension will make about 10,3 thousand Roubles
  • From January 1, 2013 in Moscow a local residence requirement will be applied or pensioners
  • Social benefits in Russian Federation will be adjusted according to the rate of inflation
  • For the last 5 years the number of orphans from Russian Federation adopted by foreigners reduced on 64 %
  • There will be a working group  in Russia for placing orphaned children in families
  • Restriction of parental rights is more effective than deprivation of parental rights
  • In 2011 only 64 thousand persons paid alinony voluntary
  • Adoptions agreement signed between Russia and the USA will take effect in November 1.
  • Russia subscribed Protocol to the Convention on the rights of the child in the part relating to the trafficking of children
  • There should be a gradual adoption of e-work records
  • A little more than 1 million of unemployed have been registered as of September 1
  • Issuance of passports of next generation will start within a 3-5 years
  • The State Duma approved in the second reading amended Law about citizenship of Russian Federation
  • About 50 thousand compatriots will be able to return to Russian Federation from abroad
  • About third part of compatriots  are immigrating in Siberia and Far Eastern District from abroad
  • No participants of the Program for resettlement of compatriots should pass knowledge of language tests
  • Head of the Federal Migration Service expects that the exam in Russian for migrants  will be put into practice in 2013
  • Within a year the number of migrants in Tatarstan increased on 20 %
  • Moscow Governments are reducing quotas of employment of the Chinese
  • Annually 500 thousand of Russians are dying because of alcoholic intoxication
  • Anti-smoking Draft Law is subject to the public gaze
  • In 2012 more than 17 thousand persons were killed in Russia in road traffic accidents
  • One in five schoolchild in Russia are short of iodine in food
  • For the first time Government of Russian Federation approved rules governing pronouncement dead and cession of resuscitation
  • An embryo in Russia will not be vested with the rights of human being
  • It will be forbidden to Moscow clinics to transfer more than two embryos in the course of IVF
  • Only 5 % of orphans in Russia can be deemed to be healthy
  • There are plans to spend more than 30 trillion roubles for public health development in Russian  
  • A bill relating to revert to the permanent standard winter time has  been brought tin the State Duma

Eurasian news

  • As of September 1, population of Belarus made 9459 thousand persons
  • For 15 years the quantity of Ukrainians reduced on 7 million persons
  • In Belarus  there are 574 persons who are of 100 years old and more
  • More and more seldom people in Belarus get married and with increasing frequency they are getting divorced
  • By 2050 one in third residents in Armenia will be older than 60 years
  • Kazakhstan has been relegated to the group of ageing countries
  • The new Minister of Labour of is oppose to increase the pension age
  • Is Pension Fund of Ukraine on the brick of financial collapse?
  • From January 1, 2013 the minimum salary in Armenia will be raised on 6 dollars
  • From October 1, the subsistence level in Ukraine will be raised
  • In 2013 the subsistence level in Kazakhstan will reach 18660 Tenge
  • The average old-age pension in Azerbaijan exceeds the average work pension
  • In Moldova long-livers will get 5000 Leu
  • Mazhilis of Kazakhstan approved ratification of the Convention on non-discrimination of workers with family responsibilities
  • Triennial incentives gender equality program started in Armenia
  • In Armenia the number of children living in orphanages has reduced
  • Azerbaijan is planning to improve the legal base governing adoption of child
  • In Kazakhstan the number of people in prison exceeds 53 thousand persons
  • In Armenia the Repatriation Fund has been established
  • Within six months more than 500 thousand workplaces have been created in Uzbekistan
  • UN suggested Kazakhstan to simplify the procedure of employment for labour migrants
  • There are plans in Russia to simplify for citizens of Tajikistan the mode of stay and work
  • In Belarus they are going to get construction workers from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and North Korea
  • Migrant workers from Moldova do not wish to be "a cash cow" for the state budget
  • Repatriates in Kazakhstan will obtain housing even after they receive citizenship
  • The President of Moldova has appealed  to ethnic groups residing in the country to be loyal to the country and to its European integration
  • 90 % of all Afghani refugees in Central Asia are located on territory of Tajikistan
  • The rate of cardiovascular mortality in Armenia makes 50 % of common mortality rate
  • Annually 90 thousand Ukrainians die of cancer
  • The Government of Armenia is planning to open gerontological centers in the country

World news

  • Population of Lithuania is less than 3 million
  • Lithuania is still a mono-nation state
  • The Copts express their objection as they consider that data about their number in Egypt are understated
  • Parliamentarians of Latvia are thinking about measures  to raise fertility
  • Burgomaster of Brussels suggested to limit fertility in the capital of Belgium
  • Prohibition to marriage at night will be raised in Great Britain
  • In Warsaw dozens  of thousands persons participated in the meeting against raise in retiring age
  • Soon in Lithuania there will be nobody who will be able to support pensioners.
  • UN World Food Program will revise the  Millennium Declaration
  • One in five new-Yorkers lives below poverty line
  • Is it profitable for Estonia to be the country of low-paid manpower?
  • The Central Electoral Commission of Latvia set aside a question about referendum on citizenship
  • Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia asked the Seim do not complicate the procedure of children registration for the non-citizens
  • Turkey toughened entry regulations for citizens of Uzbekistan
  • In one year more than 160 medics are leaving Estonia in search of a better earnings
  • The number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries can reach 700 thousand persons
  • About 3,5 thousand Syrian Armenians arrived in Armenia
  • Greece will toughen the law concerning irregular migrants
  • Signs of religious intolerance were beginning to show up in the USA
  • It was refused to Russian high schools in Estonia to preserve gymnasium education in Russian language
  • Population in Switzerland spoke against absolute smoking ban in public places
  • A new mortal form of salmonellosis spread as a consequences of HIV
  • In Great Britain discussion of IVS with participation of three parents started
  • In Latvia the number of those who suffer sexual-transmissible and skin diseases is increasing
  • It is for the first time that children's presenilation was slowed down

Newspapers write about ..

  • Ekpert-Ural, about demographic policy and demographic problems in Russia
  • RFI about a demographic science and demographic problems
  • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda about program filling of demographic policy in Kazakhstan
  • about baby-boom to come in Ukraine
  • Kommersant-Ukraina about frauds with maternity benefits in Ukraine
  • Echo about fertility in Azerbaijan and Armenia
  • Rossijskaya Gazeta about Malthusian trap, youth bulge and Arabian revolutions
  • Novye Izvestiya about outflow of brainpower from Russia
  • Commersant about migration and labour market
  • Novye Izvestiya about strong team of the Commission on Russian citizenship
  • Rossijskaya Gazeta about deportation of those whose stay is undesirable
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about deportation of Mexican illegal aliens in the USA in the light of elections
  • about withdrawal of administrative responsibility for absence of registration in Ukraine
  • about influence of migration to Russia on Tajikistan
  • Bekjrusskije Novosti about work force outflow from Belarus
  • Argumenty i facty about migrants fertility in Moscow
  • Vedomosty about trial examination results for testing knowledge of Russian language for migrants
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about cultural diversity
  • Vedomosty about Russian multiculturalism
  • Atlantico about racism against white-skin
  • Zerkalo nedeli about discrimination in Ukraine
  • Moskovskije Novosti about immigrants from Islamic countries in residing France
  • Commersant about Jewish refugees
  • about refugees in Jordan
  • Utro.Ru about ageing
  • Novyje Izvestiya, Commersant and about pension reform
  • BELTA about progressive scale for calculation pensions in Belarus
  • FINANCE.UA about pensions for zarobitchan
  • Vedomosti about savings owing to retirement benefits and breakfasts for "guest" Muscovites
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda about social benefits in Moscow
  • Izvestiya about penalties for illegal rentier
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about social feeling of  East and Western Germans
  • La Vanguardia about relations between life expectancy and educational level
  • Rossijskaya Gazets about non-communicable diseases as the mortality factors
  • about the Atlas of health in Russia
  • Telegraph about postoperative mortality rate in Latvia
  • Novyje Izvestiya about probable raising of age when purchase of alcohol is allowed
  • Commersant and "Izvestiya" about responsibility for drunkenness at the wheel
  • RBC daily about alcohol trade rules
  • Vzglyad about the Moscow agglomeration
  • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda about city agglomerations in Kazakhstan
  • Rossijskaya Gazeta about amendments to the law National Population Census
  • FINANCE.UA about political tourism in Ukraine
  • Novyje Izvestiya about problems with medical tourism in Israel
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda  about limit of embryos when IVF
  • Ekho about rights of embryos to life in Azerbaijan
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about absent nationality of embryos
  • Commentarii about male contraception
  • Novaya Gazeta about parents violence towards children
  • Commersant about neuters parents in France
  • The New York Times about the end of men

Recent publications

  • Aspects of migratory policy in Russia: choice of a surefire way
  • Migration in modern Russia: situation, problems, trends
  • Study of principal barriers in access to education in southern Kyrgyzstan
  • Demographic space of Asia: history, modern times, future hypotheses
  • Scientific study of population in Siberia
  • In columns of magazines Problemsy Socialnoj Gigijeny, Zdravookhraneniya I Istorii Meditsiny and Vrach
  • Content of the Journal of International Migration and Integration magazine

Profession: Researcher

  • Anniversary congratulations to Olga Dmitrievna Vorobjeva
  • Stages of many-sided activity
  • Primary publications of Olga Dmitrievna Vorobjeva
  • Roundtable Advance of international standards and norms for protection rights of household employees in Russian Federation

Students' Page

  • Congratulation to winners - graduate Masters of the Institute of demography
  • The first course in the fourth time: initiation into graduate students
  • Invitation of young scientists on conference Morals. Reproductive Health. Demography 2012 (Minsk, November, 6-9, 2012)

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in August-September 2012

  • In September the web site traffic statistics increased in one and a half time
  • In September Demoskop was read in 125 countries
  • Russian visitors geography is broadening
  • In September most attentive foreign readers were on Comoro Islands
  • Geography of Russian regions
  • The most attentive reader of Demoskop from Russia is in the Nizhny Arkhyz
  • Language of users
  • In September the site rating in section Science has increased
  • Materials of reference...
  • The top pages of Demoskop Weekly in September 2012

New ads

  • Lecture of A/G/VISHNEVSKY, Director of the Institute of Demography of National Research University Higher School of Economics. The end of the Divine order? About the new demographic challenges facing humanity. The City of Moscow, Moscow State University, the Main library, the Assembly hall. October 14, 2012, 11:45-12:45

  • The Second Russian Economic Congress (REC-2013). Susdal (Vladimir region). February 18-23, 2013. Registration of requests for participation: November 15, 2012

  • 27th International Population Conference. August 26-31, 2013.  Busan (South Korea). The Deadline for submission requests for  participation: October 31, 2012

  • International Seminar: Is access enough? Understanding and addressing unmet need in Family Planning. Nanyuki (Kenya), 14-16 May, 2013

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