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Current topic:Intrafamily Inter-generational Transfers in Russia

  • Inter-generatonal Tranfers inside Family Groups

  • Empirical Basis for Intrafamily Transfers Analysis

  • From Whom and to Whom do Transfers Go?

  • The Size of Transfers

  • The Frequency of Transfers

  • Upon which Factors does the Material Benefits Flow from Children to Parents Depend?

  • What does Influence the Transfers Dynamics?

  • Conclusion

Russian demographic barometer:

Demographic results of the first half-year 2012 (part I)

  • The Population of Russia has Increased by 85.6 Thousand for the first half-year 2012, Amounting to 143.1 Million as of 1 July

  • Natural Decrease in Population in the the first half-year of 2012 Reduced to -0.8‰, Though Population Increase is Still Mostly due to Migration

  • The Birth Number Growth Tendency Kept throughout January-July 2012

  • Less Marriages and Divorces Registered for the the first half-year 2012 than in 2011 for the Same Period

Analytical articles

  • The Overview of Approaches to the Study of Private Inter-generational Transfers

  • The Pension Reform and Inter-generational Altruism in the Economic Dynamics Models

  • Sociological Aspects of the Altruism in Inter-generational Relations

  • Childcare and Children Upbringing in Preclassical European Economic Thought

Take care of women!

"A Woman is also a Human Being":  Russian Thoughts on Feminism

Recent polls

  • Pension Reform - Russians Await Decline in Pensioners Lives

  • Russians on Newcomers Policy

  • Russians against Suggestion to Legalize Soft Drugs Usage

  • Around Half of Russians against Gay-Parades and about 80% against Gay Marriages

Russian news

  • The Number of Births in Russia Increased by 80 Thousand in First Seven Months 2012
  • The Majority of Russian Orphans Parents are Alive
  • Medvedev Gave 2 weeks to Develop the National Strategy for Child Protection Rights Realization Plan
  • Regions to Receive 263 million Russian roubles for Orphan Socialization Programme
  • Russian Ministry of Labour Published The Pension System Reform Scheme
  • The Head of Economic Development Ministry propose to give citizens the right of choose Pension System
  • Preparing Children to New School Year Costs Russians more than 15 Thousand Roubles
  • Russians Spent more than 454 Billion Roubles of Maternity Capital
  • Moscow Authorities Decided to Introduce Residential Qualification for Pensioners
  • Russians Reduced their Materialistic Demands
  • Life in Moscow Became Less attractive for Russians
  • The Ministry of Labour offered not to Change the Unemployment Benefit Amount
  • Russia Started to Develop a New Generation of Passports
  • More than a 1000 Compatriots Wished to Move to Altai
  • Immigrants will be Made to Take the Russian Language Exam from 2013
  • Aren't Immigrants Interested in the Cultural Adaptation?
  • Ministry of the Interior Shared how not to Become Slaver Victim
  • Putin Offered to Form Inter-Ethnic Relations Council Praesidium
  • Federal Programme on Consolidation Nation Unity will be Resumed?
  • Putin Blamed Irresponsible Politicians for Ethnic Conflicts
  • Children at Schools should be Taught Tolerance
  • Onishenko Counted 3 Million of Alcoholics in Russia
  • The Ministry of Health Submitted an Anti Smoking Bill to the Government
  • Russia loses 1.5 Trillion Roubles due to Smokers Early Deaths
  • The Sale of Cigarettes from Age 21 won't Affect the Teenagers Smoking
  • Medication Prices Have Gone Up by 15% for this Year
  • The Scarcity of Funds for Free Medical Help Amounted to 238 Billion Roubles in 2011
  • The Patients Association Suggested to Improve New Rules of Paid Medical Service
  • The Ministry of Health Defined the Provision of Assistance Procedure in case of Infertility
  • Paper Compulsory Health Insurance Policy to be Replaced with Electronic One within 2 Years
  • Russian Media Start to Mark their Production according to Viewers Age

Eurasian news

  • The Population of Belarus is 9457.1 Thousand People as of 1 August
  • Natural Increase in Population of Belarus Recorded in January-July in 63 towns and 20 Urban-Type Communities
  • The Birth Rate for the first half-year Amounted to 18.2 per mille in Uzbekistan
  • According to Nazarbaev, the Baby Boom in Kazakhstan will Continue until 2016
  • Azarov Promises that Birth Rate will Exceed Death Rate in 1-1.5 Years in Ukraine
  • The Number of Births on a Rise in Belarus since 2004
  • The Number of Byelorussian Women of Active Procreative Age is to Reduce from 2013
  • The Children Generation Substitutes the Parent Generation only by 65% in Belarus
  • One-child Families Dominate in Belarus
  • The Working-age Population Death Rate Reduced by 18% for the the first half-year in Belarus
  • The Infant Death Rate Reduced by 2 Times for the Past 10 Years in Belarus
  • The Income per Capita Tripled for the Past 7 Years in Uzbekistan
  • The Amount of Living Wage Increased by 6.3% in August in Kazakhstan
  • The Medium Salary Rose by 15% in Ukraine
  • The Pension of Georgia Citizens has Risen since September
  • Byelorussian Pensioners will Decide Themselves, whether to Get
  • Pension During Work or Not
  • Wealthy Get The Majority of Social Benefits in Ukraine
  • Not more than 5% Ukrainian Citizens Live as European Middle Class
  • Is the Absolute Majority of Uzbekistan Citizens are Satisfied with Their Lives?
  • Standard of Education in Tajikistan is Between Vanuatu and Namibia
  • More than 2.5 Million of Students Went to School on 1 September in Kazakhstan
  • More than 100 Thousand First-graders Went to Kirghiz Schools on 1 September
  • More than 37 thousand First-graders Went to School in Armenia
  • 610 Thousand Unemployed in Uzbekistan
  • The Number of Unemployed Decreased to 4.5% in Moldova
  • More Men than Women are Getting Unemployed in Belarus
  • Russia and Tajikistan will Regulate the Migration Processes Together
  • Belarus Needs the Foreigner Settlement Scheme in Demographically Depressed Areas
  • 858 People got into Slavery for the Past 8 years in Kazakhstan
  • Yanukovich is Unsure, whether the Law upon Language will Work as It is
  • The Number of HIV infected Amounted to 335 People in Georgia
  • More than 51 Thousand People Died from the Cardiovascular Diseases in Kazakhstan in 2011
  • The Number of Suicides Decreased in Belarus
  • The Uncomplicated Birth Ratio Increased up to 38% in Belarus
  • Early Cancer Diagnosis Screenings are Planned to be Introduced in Kazakhstan from 2013
  • Belarus Introduces Curfew for Minors

World news

  • The Population of Latvia Decreased by 30 Thousand People in 2011
  • British Women Don't Hurry to Wed, then Regret it
  • The Declared Salary of Estonian Residents Turned out to be less than Official Data Nearly by 200 Euro
  • The Salaries Rose by 3.7% in Latvia
  • The Salary of Medics Working with Pregnant Women has Risen in Latvia
  • The Latvian Government Decided to Increase Maternity Benefits
  • The Number of Unemployed in Euro zone Exceeded 18 Million People
  • The Unemployment in France Exceeded the Psychological Mark of 10%
  • Latvian Seim Will Discuss Amendments to the Law on Citizenship in the Second Readings
  • 13% of Lithuanian Residents are Planning to Work Elsewhere
  • The Number of Syrian Refugees exceeded 200 Thousand People
  • Jordan Asked 700 Million Dollars for Syrian Refugees
  • Spanish Medics Protest against the Ban on Free Medical Assistance for Illegal Immigrants
  • For 26% of Estonian Residents Russian is Their Mother Tongue
  • France Poses "The Gypsy Question" at the EU summit
  • The Numbers of Smokers in Latvia is on a Rise
  • Nearly 5Million People Die from Dangerous Chemicals Effect Annually
  • The Alzheimer's Named the Brain Diabetes
  • 87 People in the USA Became the Victims of the West Nile Fever
  • More than 10 People Died from Legionnaire Disease in Quebec
  • Is the New Dangerous Disease Threatening the Residents of California?
  • The Cuban Ministry of Health Announced the End of Cholera Outbreak
  • The Red Cross Stopped Its Work in Pakistan
  • Turkey Wishes to Return the Death Penalty
  • The Estonian Authorities Developed The Concept of Gay-Cohabitation
  • The German Authorities Decided to Legalize Same Sex Couples Rights
  • The Californian Authorities to Ban Treatment of Under aged from Homosexuality
  • The Bishops of Scotland Called for Opposition to Same Sex Marriages Legalization
  • The Oldest French Woman Dies at the Age of 112

Newspapers write about ...

  • about the economy and population of Russia

  • about the USA economy and demographics

  • Vedomosti  and Independent Newspaper about pension reform in Russia

  • about pensioner issues in Israel

  • Vedomosti about the Russian Promotion of Employment Programme among population

  • Moskovskiy Komsomolets about improvement of demographic rates in Russia

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about healthcare expenditures in Russia

  • Ogonyok on the ranking of countries by the  health indicators

  • Byelorusskaya niva about demographic situation in Belarus

  • Chas  and about demographic and migration issues in Latvia

  • Svobodnaya Pressa about Russian attitude to immigrants

  •  and Vedomosti about the advantages and disadvantages of immigrants

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta about migration in Russia

  • Novye izvestiya about migration and Russian citizenship

  • about plan of action on migration policy concept realization

  • Tribuna about medical help to immigrants

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta about struggle against illegal migration in Kirghizia

  • Moskovskie novosti about youth emigration from Russia

  • The Guardian about refugees from Syria

  • Ogonyok about "vertical" and "horizontal" conflicts

  • about possible punishment of officials for nationalistic statements

  • about fines for women insults

  • Moskovskie novosti about Moscow residential qualification

  • Profil about abortions in Russia

  • Le Huffington Post about abortions in USA

  • Karavan about infertility in Kazakhstan

  • TREND about fertility in Iran

  • Mellat about standart of living in Tehran

  • about the number of family members, quality of life and fertility

  • Izvestiya about the usage of maternity capital

  • Moskovskiy komsomolets about Russian policy on children

  • Telegraf about family policy in Latvia

  • Newsweek Polska about Polish childfree

  • New Yorker about reasons for autism

  • Izvestiya about building of new towns in the Moscow area

  • Vedomosti about the number of Russian voters

  • Den about the coming population census in Ukraine

  • about the introduction on demographic register in Ukraine

  • Ogonyok about the spreading of religions in Russia

Recent publications

  • International Migration of Population: The Challenges of Globalization

  • The Population of Kazakhstan at the End of XIX, the First Quarter of XX Century

  • The Maternity Protection in Terms of Labour and Familial Relations Regulation between Men and Women

  • The European Union and the BRIC countries

  • In One's Right Mind and Good Health The Older Generation, Society, and Politics

  • Through the Pages of Narodonaselenie and Obeshestvennye nauki i sovremennost magazines

  • The Content of the Gender and Development magazine

Profession: Researcher

  • Pavel Markovich Polyan Celebrates 60th Birthday

  • Images of Pavel Polyan

  • Pavel Polyan. Black Sea Region as the Amphitheatre of Genocide and Deportation

  • Main Publications of Pavel Markovich Polyan

  • The Works of Pavel Markovich Polyan at Demoscope

  • Pavel Nerler’s Poems

  • Sergei Alekseevich Vasin Celebrates 55th Birthday

Our man in Japan. Temporary column:

The Gender Trap for Japanese, or Who is Going to Wear Wedding Kimono Tomorrow? Part II

  • Long Way to Gender Equality
  • Lost Battles on the Sexual Front
  • Who is Going to Wear the Wedding Kimono Tomorrow?
  • New Man Wanted! The Gender Revolution to Be Continued?

Satirical column

Why Don't We Need People? Vladimir MILOV, a politician, knows that  "Arriving semi-skilled workers don't meet the work force demand, but compete in predatory pricing on the low paid work market... Semi-skilled Russians lose the opportunity to get well paid jobs and also desocialize". Demoscope knows more...

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in July-August 2012

  • The Decline in the web site traffic has Stopped in August

  • Demoscope has been read in 125 countries in August

  • The Geography of Russian users narrowed

  • The most attentive foreign readers in August are from Bosnia and Herzegovina  

  • The Geography of Russian Regions

  • The most attentive reader of Demoscope is from Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia

  • The User Language

  • The rating of the website in the Science section has grown in August

  • We are Quoted by...

  • The Most Popular Pages of Demoscope Weekly in August 2012

New ads

  • IUSSP Seminar on International Migration in the Middle East and North Africa after the Arab Uprising: A Long Term Perspective. Cairo, Egypt, 22-23 April 2013

  • The Alpine Population Conference. La Tyuyl (Valle d'Aosta, Italy), 13-16 April 2013

  • The Russian School of Economics and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (Roctock, Germany) would like to invite you on a course "Population and health", Moscow, the Russian School of Economics, from 14 January to 1 February 2013

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