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## 517-518

Current topic: Moscow: Megapolis? Agglomeration? Megalopolis?

    • Moscow region catches up the capital

    • Stages of development of the Moscow metropolitan area

    • Modern features of the territorial structure

    • Winter and summer populations of Moscow and its agglomeration

    • The housing market of Moscow region

    • Transformation of the economy of Moscow and Moscow region

    • Old and new ideas of rearrangement

European demographic barometer

Urban and rural population in the EU-27

    • Urban population in the EU-27 in 2010 ranged from 50% in Slovenia to 97.5% in Belgium

    • According to the OECD typology, 44.5% of the EU-27 population reside in predominantly urban areas, while the new EU typology counts 40.4%

    • At the beginning of 2011, about 40% of the EU-27 population was urban, and nearly a quarter rural

    • In 2010 the urban population of the EU-27 increased by 5,2, while the rural population decreased by 0,8

Analytical articles

    • Russian settlement system: the trends of change

    • Agglomeration processes and transformation of settlement in Siberia

    • Indicative approach to evaluating the seasonal dynamics of population distribution in Russia

    • City dwellers and dacha

Recent polls

    • The world is becoming less religious

    • Ideal family: "weather in the house" is more important than wealth

    • At what age did the Russians get married

    • More healthy people in Russia. The causes of diseases remain the same.

    • Our health: what to do and who's to blame?

Russian news

    • 12 million working pensioners will receive increased pensions in August

    • This fall the government will choose one of two options for pension reform

    • Gref told Medvedev about the pension reform trap

    • Cancellation of early pensions for teachers and doctors is not considered by the government

    • Yakutias population has exceeded 958 000 people

    • The number of Krasnoyarsk residents increased by 7.2% in 8 years

    • Migration outflow remains in Komi, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions

    • The average age of Orel residents increased by 1.7 years

    • Monthly payments to families for the third and subsequent children will amount to 7000 rubles

    • Russians consider low incomes and high prices to be their main problem

    • Queues at kindergartens all over Russia will be reduced by 65% in 2012

    • Agreement on cooperation with the U.S. and France in the field of adoption has been ratified

    • Russia can implement electronic identification of citizens in the future

    • Romodanovsky has been reappointed head of the FMS after its reassignment

    • After reattachment of FMS Romodanovsky retained his post

    • The quotas for migrant workers in their present form are inefficient

    • 1.266 billion rubles added to Moscow budget by patent work migrants in 2 years

    • Almost half of all Kyrgyz migrant workers settle in Moscow

    • The Cossacks will get rid of unwanted migrants in the Kuban

    • The death toll in Krymsk can reach 2500?

    • More than 23 thousand HIV patients found in Russia over 5 months in 2012

    • The government will examine the anti-smoking bill on October 18

    • More Russians get infected with viral hepatitis

    • More than 23 thousand women die from breast cancer in Russia each year

    • Not enough specialists to combat child suicides in Russia

    • Health Ministry sees no growth of morbidity and mortality related to heat exposure

    • Old people and children will have additional medical care due to heat exposure

    • A draft bill on imprisonment for illegal abortion has been submitted to the State Duma

    • Ministry of Health will verify implementation of the healthcare modernization program

    • Treatment beyond the state guarantees program can officially become a paid service

Eurasian news

    • Kazakhstans population increased by 101 000 people since the beginning of the year

    • Astanas population exceeded 758 000 people

    • Belarus population is reducing

    • Fertility in Belarus continues to increase

    • Migration growth in Belarus in January-June exceeded 2000 people

    • Positive net migration is preserved in Kazakhstan in 2012

    • Belarusian villages do not have enough brides

    • Armenian women will be prohibited to marry at age 17

    • Moldova will get an official "second capital"

    • In 2012, the poverty rate in Kyrgyzstan rose to 36.8%

    • The average salary in Ukraine have risen by almost 15% within a year

    • Pensions rose in Belarus on August 1

    • Child allowances in Belarus increase from August by 13.6%

    • The number of children not going to school in Kyrgyzstan has increased by 21% within a year

    • On June 1, 2013 Azerbaijan introduces general civil, official and diplomatic passports with a 80 Kb chip

    • Azerbaijan will adopt Migration Code by the end of the year

    • Georgia prepared migration strategy

    • About half the population of Belarus wants to permanently leave the country

    • The number of officially registered migrant workers in Azerbaijan increased by 5.2%

    • Having lost a job in Europe, Moldovans go to Russia

    • The volume of remittances of migrant workers in Kyrgyzstan is increasing

    • Migrant workers in Kyrgyzstan will be tested for knowledge of the Russian language

    • Viktor Yanukovych signed a bill on language policy

    • 51% of Ukrainians consider Ukrainian their native language

    • Doctors from Tajikistan will provide free medical assistance to their compatriots - migrant workers

    • The lowest suicide rate in the CIS is in Armenia

    • The incidence of viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS in Kazakhstan has decreased

    • According to various estimates, there are from 400 to 4000 drug addicts for 100 000 residents in Turkmenistan

    • Maternal mortality in Kazakhstan decreased by 13% in the first half of 2012

    • Belarus introduces recipes for hormonal contraception

    • Mortality from melanoma in the Ukraine is one of the highest in the world

    • Outbreak of measles observed in Turkmenistan

World news

    • Five million "test-tube babies" born over 34 years

    • Japanese women lost their leadership in life expectancy for the first time in 26 years

    • Mortality in Lithuania has decreased

    • Mortality in Latvia still exceeds fertility

    • Latvias population keeps on flowing to the capital

    • President of Nigeria is going to pursue a policy of birth control

    • Latvian government has approved a report on national minorities

    • Nearly 1.5 million Syrians are in need of urgent food aid

    • Unemployment in the euro area reached a record

    • Euro area expects growth in unemployment by a quarter

    • The share of unemployed in Spain is 24.6%

    • The crisis has deprived Estonia of every sixth job

    • 294 people refused Latvian citizenship in 2011

    • Romania considers granting citizenship to Moldovan residents its historical debt

    • Emigration from Lithuania does not stop

    • Lithuanian President hopes to return emigrants

    • Remittances from Lithuanian emigrants have decreased

    • The number of illegal migrants to Latvia has increased

    • According to the UN, the conflicting parties in Syria should provide security for Palestinian refugees

    • Iraq will open borders for refugees from Syria

    • Immigrants contribute to the simplification of the German language?

    • The death toll in the floods in North Korea reached 88 people

    • The strongest in 60 years rainfall in Beijing claimed 77 lives

    • East Africa has been a leader in the identification of HIV resistance to drugs

    • Unemployed in Latvia will be treated for alcoholism and drug addiction

    • Healthy nutrition can protect 30 000 Britons from cardiovascular diseases a year

    • The number of STD is growing in Latvia

    • Anti-malarial vaccine causes the appearance of more severe forms of the disease

    • Sedentary lifestyle is not to blame for obesity epidemic

    • The cause of "diabetes epidemic" among modern American Indians has been found

    • UK will allocate 1.4 billion pounds on contraception in developing countries

    • UN urges Philippines to adopt a bill on free contraceptives

    • Scotland will allow same-sex marriages

Newspapers write about ...

    • "" and "Moscow News" about cities according to Glazychev

    • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about the Committee on achieving the pre-election social promises

    • "" and "" about the pension issue in Russia

    • "Dengi" and "Kommersant" about the possible cancellation of the accumulated part of the pension

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about retirement

    • "" about the problems of aging

    • "Online812" about migration, pensions and problems of Russian economy

    • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and "Kommersant" about tightening legislation on migration and registration

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about Chicago "immigrant-friendly" city law

    • "Kommersant" about migration and economy

    • "Ogonek" about labor migration to Russia

    • "Vecherniy Bishkek" about the preselection of migrant workers in Kyrgyzstan

    • "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" about the competition of Russians with Central Asian migrants for jobs

    • "Novaya Gazeta" about North Korean workers in Russia

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about the prospects of migration from China to Russia

    • "Novaya Gazeta" about the hazards of migration for Russia

    • "Al Jazeera" about British Muslims

    • " about the situation of Muslims in the United States and Uzbekistan

    • "Kommersant" about emigration from Italy

    • "Kommersant" about Syrian refugees

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about the possible expulsion of Afghan refugees from Pakistan

    • "" about demographic, social and migration issues in Europe

    • "Moscow News" about the deprivation of Russian citizenship

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about the possible abolition of the status of non-citizens in Latvia

    • "Novaya Gazeta" about internal migration in Russia

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about readiness of Muscovites to migrate

    • "Kommersant" about Tkachev, Cossacks and Caucasians

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about the Russian language in the post-soviet territory

    • "Klub Expertov" about the demographic situation in Abkhazia

    • "Kaleme" about early marriages in Iran

    • "Javan" about payment for divorce in Iran

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about new family allowances

    • "" about the benefits and risks of later births

    • "Express-K" and "" about baby boom in Kazakhstan

    • "" about child care allowances in Kazakhstan

    • "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" about the causes of reduction in cancer incidence

    • "Der Spiegel" about the origin of HIV

    • "La Stampa" about the HIV test

    • "Independent" about the first HIV cure

    • "Ogonek" about gene therapy

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about mortality in prison

    • "" about the safety rating of Russian regions

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about the Russian labor market

    • "Novye Izvestiya" about education and labor market

    • "Vedomosti" about the causes of the domination of the West

    • "" about a single demographic registry in Ukraine

    • "Novaya Gazeta" about the 75th anniversary of the shot Census and the Great Terror

    • "The Washington Post" about the problems of global warming

Recent publications

    • Demographic development of Moscow at the turn of XIX and XX centuries

    • Geographical position and territorial structures. In memory of I.M. Maergoiz.

    • Statistical support of Russias migration policy

    • The situation of children in the Russian Federation: on the way to a society of equal opportunities

    • Public policy and the problem of chronic non-communicable diseases

    • Through the pages of magazines "Social aspects of public health" and "Obstetrics and Gynecology"

    • Contents of "Demographic Research"

Profession: Researcher

    • S. Kapitsa dies at 84

    • The European Demographic Congress 2012

    • 140 years since the birth of Sergei Novoselsky

    • Index of scientific publications by S. Novoselsky

    • Readings in memory of Elena Tyuryukanova

    • E. Tyuryukanova. Social policy in the field of labor migration and combating human trafficking

New in the Reading Room

    • George Chandler Whipple and Sergei Novoselsky. Fundamentals of demographic and health statistics

Satirical column

    • Why do the street sweepers in Moscow come from Tajikistan and not from Maryanovka?

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in May-June 2012

    • DW Web Site Traffic in June reduced

    • DW was read in June in 124 countries

    • The geography of Russian visitors has narrowed

    • The most reading DW visitors abroad in June are from Brazil

    • Geography of DW visitors from Russia

    • The most reading DW visitor from Russia is in Vyazma

    • Language of our visitors

    • The DW rating in the Science category of OpenStat has fallen

    • We were quoted ...

    • The most popular DW pages in June 2012

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