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## 509-511

Current topic: Reproductive Tourism: Children, Technology and Migration

    • Reproductive tourism, reproductive exile or infertility treatment abroad?
    • Reproductive migration and legislation
    • Reproductive tourism in the world and selected regions
    • Both Americas
    • Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania
    • Russia and other CIS countries
    • The ICMART study
    • Some features of European reproductive treatment abroad
    • Conclusion
    • Glossary

World demographic barometer

Youth of the world: major demographic trends

    • Age limits of adolescence and youth are flexible
    • The period of rapid growth in the number of young people is coming to an end
    • The prevalence of early marriages has declined greatly, although in some developing countries it remains high
    • Teenage fertility remains high in several countries despite its decline
    • Reproductive behavior of young people is not optimal
    • Mortality of adolescents and young adults varies greatly by region

Analytical articles

  • "I do not trust doctors, but" Overcoming mistrust towards reproductive medicine
  • Buying competence and attention: the practice of payment during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Changes in the social portrait of reproductive clinics patients after the dissemination of quotas for ART
  • Reproductive losses as a medical and social problem of Russias demographic development

Take care of women!

  • 15 million children worldwide are born prematurely
  • Adolescent health in Europe and North America is lacking attention

Russian news

  • Among the first Putins decrees is the decree "On measures to implement the population policy in the Russian Federation"
  • Russias population will grow by 1.8% by 2020?
  • Life expectancy in Russia must reach 75 years by 2018
  • Government should ensure a reduction in mortality rates in Russia by 2018
  • The main criterion for evaluating the government efficiency is an increase in life expectancy
  • Karelias population declined by 72000 people in eight years
  • Altai villages are depopulating
  • There are 10% more women than men in the Vladimir region
  • The number of single-parent families in Russia increased to 30% in recent years
  • In 2011 most Russian orphans were adopted by citizens of the Russian Federation
  • Medvedev assured deputies that the retirement age in Russia would not be raised
  • Ministry of Health disagrees with Ministry of Finance on the issue of raising the retirement age
  • Government will elaborate the draft of the pension system by October
  • Waiving the funded part of pension will deprive people of the future payments
  • Ministry of Health is ready to consider the abolition of premature pensions
  • Real household income growth in 2012 is projected at 5%
  • Only 9% of Russians consider mortgage affordable
  • Putin proposed the regions to introduce an additional third child allowance
  • Children education payment procedure with maternity capital assistance has been simplified
  • The average salary of a high school teacher will amount to 26000 rubles
  • Russian doctors and teachers will be sent abroad for qualification upgrade
  • State Duma examines a bill simplifying the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship for children
  • The Concept of State Migration Policy until 2025 in Russia approved
  • Government prepares a plan for implementing the concept of migration policy
  • Medvedev calls for solving the migration problem with regard to the world experience
  • Russia will toughen penalties for violations of immigration laws
  • Automated foreigners entry/exit control system can be set up within 1-2 years
  • Russia became one of the four top countries for migrant workers
  • Immigration amnesty project is under preparation in Russia
  • Russian Federal Migration Service declares no amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Chinese citizens in Primorye are experiencing problems due to restrictions of labor migration
  • Medvedev urged to act more aggressively and firmly" in socio-cultural adaptation of migrants
  • Putin instructed to develop a strategy of nationalities policy before December 2012
  • The main threat to the health of Russian citizens is the excessive use of tobacco and alcohol
  • Russia not ready to lift the drunk driving ban
  • The chief psychiatrist opposes the criminalization of drug use
  • More than 50% of new oncological patients have advanced cancer
  • Ministry of Health included 24 diseases in the list of rare diseases
  • State Duma ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • An excess of beds in Russian hospitals in 2011 was 15%

Eurasian news

  • The first operation on artificial insemination carried out in Tajikistan
  • During the first 4 months of 2012 the Belarus population declined by 4.6 thousand people
  • 927.8 thousand survivors of the Great Patriotic War live in Belarus
  • Azerbaijans population grew by 29.1 thousand people since the beginning of the year
  • The demographic situation is improving in Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Ukraine's population will reach 36 million by 2050?
  • Moldovas working-age population will decrease by one-third by 2050
  • Ukrainians live 10 years less than Europeans
  • Fertility declined in Armenia
  • Mortality in Moldova decreased by 10% in 2011
  • Turkmenistan is actively preparing for the census
  • Ukrainians will have to respond to 27 census questions
  • The poverty level in Kyrgyzstan is 34 %
  • Georgian Parliament approved the rise of pensions for citizens above 67
  • More than 13 million Ukrainians will receive increased pensions from May 1
  • Pensions in Belarus will be recalculated from May 1
  • Minimum consumer budget increased in Belarus
  • Lukashenko called for a rise of salaries for civil servants
  • Ukrainian cities with highest salaries are Kiev and Donetsk
  • There are twice more jobs than unemployed in Belarus
  • More than 200 thousand Moldovans became Romanian citizens over 20 years
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia dissatisfied with EU visa policy
  • Migration of Ukrainians to Europe will grow?
  • Migration outflow from Kyrgyzstan had a slight decrease in 2011
  • Kyrgyz government approved a quota for migrant workers
  • Tajikistan sending migrant workers to Qatar
  • Belarusian doctors go abroad en masse
  • Kyrgyz migrants transfer $ 3 billion home annually
  • IOM will help organize Centers for retraining of migrant workers in Tajikistan
  • 200 "Cargoes 200" delivered to Kyrgyzstan in 2011
  • Kazakh men become victims of traffickers more often than women
  • 460 HIV-infected registered in Belarus in January-April
  • Uzbekistan joined the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  • Armenia ranks 4th in the global ranking of "vicious people"
  • Infant mortality in Armenia decreased by 2 times
  • 17000 people in Kazakhstan die from cancer annually
  • More than 1.5 thousand drug-assisted abortions conducted in Belarus
  • Uzbekistan denies data on female sterilization
  • The World Bank has allocated $ 12 million to Tajikistan for improving access to drinking water
  • Lukashenko not ready to impose a moratorium on death penalty

World news

  • Population growth will lead to mass extinction in the future?
  • Percentage of young people in Estonia declines steadily
  • Japan may be excluded from the list of rich countries by 2050
  • UN World Food Programme aims to help 500000 Syrians
  • Estonia tops EU anti-rating in terms of difference in wages between men and women
  • The official unemployment in Estonia declined to 7.4%
  • U.S. unemployment declined, but the pace of job creation slowed
  • President of Latvia opposes the empowerment of local non-citizens
  • Mastering the state language will facilitate obtaining Latvian citizenship
  • Net migration from Mexico to the U.S. dropped to zero
  • The number of immigrants in Brazil doubled in 10 years
  • Switzerland will restrict entry for migrant workers from recent EU member countries
  • France will deport 40000 illegal immigrants before the end of the year
  • Camps for illegal immigrants created in Greece
  • Sudan expels migrants and international organizations
  • The Arab Spring caused hundreds of thousands of refugees
  • The Balkan countries collected 300 million Euros for refugees from former Yugoslavia
  • UN criticize Hungarian authorities for brutal treatment of refugees
  • Muslim woman in the U.S. will receive $5 million in workplace discrimination case
  • World's highest death rates from smoking are in Europe
  • Every minute on Earth one child dies from malaria
  • WHO expects to eradicate measles completely by 2020
  • Every sixth cancer case in the world is related to a curable infection
  • 15 million children worldwide are born prematurely
  • Contraceptive pills could be offered to 13-year-old girls in the UK
  • Nearly 60 people died from swine flu in India this year
  • Ghana started vaccinating children from the most dangerous diseases
  • Every fourth working-age American has no health insurance
  • Barack Obama became the first U.S. president supporting the legalization of same-sex marriages

Newspapers write about ...

  • "Novaya Gazeta" about the decrees related to demographic, ethnic and health policies
  • "" and RIA "Novosti" about the pension reform
  • "Izvestiya" about the proposal to raise the retirement age in the UK
  • "" about a way to solve the pension problem in Kazakhstan
  • "Megapolis-Kazakhstan" about gender equality in the pension issue
  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about the problem of aging in China
  • "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" and "Ekonomicheskie Izvestiya" about the problems of overpopulation
  • "Moskovskiy Komsomolets" about mortgage and demography
  • "" about the demographic situation in Azerbaijan
  • "" about the change in the ethnic composition of Kazakhstans population
  • "" about demographic problems of China
  • "RBC" about gender disparities
  • "Novaya Gazeta" about military casualties
  • "" and "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about the concept of migration policy in Russia
  • "Rosbalt" about the Russian language for migrant workers
  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about immigration amnesty
  • "" about the outflow of skilled workers from Belarus
  • "" about labor migration of Tajikistans population
  • "" about the abandoned children of migrants from Central Asia
  • "Vesti Segodnya" about Swiss immigration quotas for some EU countries
  • "REGNUM" about emigration from Latvia
  • "" about discrimination against Muslims in Europe
  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about life expectancy of Russians
  • "Ogonek" about the Finnish way of life prolongation
  • "Vedomosti" about the dangers of smoking
  • "Zerkalo Nedeli" about churches and abortions
  • "" about abortions in Latvia
  • "" about contraception in Uzbekistan
  • "" about marriages by photo in Tajikistan
  • "Radio Ozodi" about the situation of women in Tajikistan
  • "Profile" about the possible revival of villages
  • "Novaya Gazeta" about Russias rural and urban population
  • "Ogonek" about growing cities
  • "" about rating of Ukrainian cities
  • "RG-Moscow" about the future studies of Moscows population
  • "" about human evolution
  • "Russkiy Reporter" about future singularity

Recent publications

  • The Swedish Experiment in Family Politics: The Myrdals and the Interwar Population Crisis
  • How the bill "On the principles of health care of citizens in the Russian Federation" responds to the challenges of the health care system
  • Population ageing in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Population Economics. Research projects of Masters students
  • Does Russia need a policy on internal migration
  • Through the pages of magazines "Social aspects of public health" and "Therapeutic archive"
  • Demography in "Chemistry and Life"
  • Contents of "Population & Sociétés"

New in the Reading Room

  • New Presidential Decrees on Russias demographic development

Refresh your memory!

  • 1969. Return of motherhood. "Literaturnaya Gazeta" about new reproductive technologies

Profession: Researcher

  • Congratulations to our colleagues, DW authors, on winning state awards
  • Birthday greetings to Natalia Rimashevskaya

Students page

  • About the Masters Program in Demography

Our man in Japan. Temporary column

  • Cyclists in the City: necessity, tribute to health and environmental care in fashion, or a means of self-assurance?

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in March-April 2012

  • DW Web Site Traffic in April reduced
  • DW was read in April in 123 countries
  • The geography of Russian visitors remains stable
  • The most reading DW visitors abroad are in Syria
  • Geography of DW visitors from Russia
  • The most reading DW visitor from Russia is in Vyshny Volochyok
  • Language of our visitors
  • Which DW issues attract our visitors?
  • The rating of our web site in the Science category of OpenStat has stabilized
  • We were quoted...
  • The most popular DW pages in April 2012

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