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## 507-508

Current topic: Compression of the social geo-space: between reality and utopia

  • Space: a gift or a curse?

  • Communication compression - convergence

  • Location compression - constringency

  • Communication and location compression - what's the connection?

  • "Viscosity" of the emptying Russian territory

  • Conclusion

World demographic barometer

Urban and rural areas in the modern world according to UN

  • 51% of world's population live in urban areas, 49% in rural areas

  • 40% of worlds economically active population are involved in agriculture

  • 35% of world's urban population live in slums, 24% without proper sanitation

  • Availability of agricultural land for rural population in developing countries is almost 20 times lower than in developed countries, while the consumption of chemical fertilizers is 8.5 times higher

  • 38% of worlds urban population in 2010 lived in agglomerations with at least 1 million inhabitants

Analytical articles

  • Compression and polarization of rural space in Russia

  • Compression of developed extra-urban space in Russia is a reality, not an illusion

  • Countryside in Finland compared to Russia's Near North: the role of natural, ethno-socio-cultural and economic factors

  • The method of youth migration study based on the social network data: Tomsk State University as a "center of production and distribution" of human capital (according to the social network VKontakte)

  • The transformation of rural population density of Central Chernozem Region (1959-2008)

Recent polls

  • Russians do not want an increase in retirement age

  • How many Russians want to emigrate?

  • Why do they leave Russia? Potential emigrants point of view

  • Russians about Russian intelligentsia

  • 70% of Russians have never been abroad

  • Sex, family and happiness

Russian news

  • More than 80% of the Moscow region population are urban residents

  • More than 60% of Russians are planning to live at least 70 years

  • Ugra residents live longer than average Russians

  • The concept of pension system development until 2050 has been elaborated

  • Ministry of Health doesnt see any reason to raise the retirement age

  • Ministry of Health proposes to develop corporate pension programs

  • Russian Pension Fund calculated pensions and benefits for 57 million people

  • Pensions will rise by 30% before 2014

  • The number of poor in Russia increased to 18.1 million in 2011

  • Starting from 2013 low-income citizens will be supported on the basis of social contracts

  • The number of happy Russians has increased by 3 times since the beginning of the millennium

  • More than 30 million Russians use social networks

  • The government plans to prohibit the dismissal of fathers of large families

  • Representative office of FMS may appear in Chisinau

  • Russia increases the quota of work permits for migrants

  • The problems of migrants families preservation have been discussed in Moscow

  • More than 18000 HIV-infected died in Russia in 2011

  • 14 children committed suicide in St. Petersburg within a year

  • State Duma proposed to increase the cost of health insurance for smokers and drinkers

  • About 1.5 thousand cases of measles were registered in Russia in 2012

  • There were 20 measles outbreaks in Russian hospitals in January-February

  • Onishchenko threatens to close the border with Ukraine in case of cholera epidemic

  • More than 10000 people died at work in Russia in 2011

  • Ministry of Health has approved the issuance of sickness certificates for 15 days

  • A child was left in the baby box for the first time in Krasnodar

Eurasian news

  • Belarus is ranked 87th in the world in terms of population

  • The natural increase of Azerbaijans population has grown by 40% over the last 10 years

  • Three-quarters of Belarus population are urban citizens

  • An average urban citizen in Belarus is by 5.7 years younger than a villager

  • There are 1152 women for 1000 men in Belarus

  • There are more women than men in Azerbaijan

  • The difference in life expectancy between men and women in Belarus is 12 years

  • Belarusian men of working age are 4.6 times more likely to die than women

  • By the end of 2020 the proportion of older people in Kazakhstan may reach 7.4%

  • Non-marital fertility in Belarus is going down

  • The marriageable age for Ukrainian girls has been raised to 18 years

  • Armenian citizens are mostly concerned about unemployment and social problems

  • Armenia became one of the three worlds "most suffering" countries

  • Kyrgyzstan is ranked 105th in the world in terms of happiness

  • There are 7 million unemployed in Ukraine?

  • The registered unemployment in Belarus was 0.7% on April 1

  • Unemployment benefits in Azerbaijan grew by 2.2% in March

  • 30000 Russians have crossed the Georgian border after the introduction of visa-free regime

  • More than half a million people have left Kazakhstan for permanent residence over the last 10 years

  • 130000 people in Belarus are banned from travelling abroad

  • More than half a million migrants from Tajikistan go to Russia each year

  • About 17000 migrants from Turkmenistan work in Russia

  • Migrant workers from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine transferred home from Russia $ 10 billion in 2011

  • Money transfers to Georgia rose by 5.2% in March

  • Armenia showed concern for the preservation of the cultures of ethnic minorities

  • 321 HIV-infected were registered in Belarus in 2012

  • From 5 to 10 children die in Azerbaijan every day

  • Maternal mortality in Azerbaijan reduced by half over the last five years

  • Tens of thousands of women in Uzbekistan forcefully sterilized?

  • More than 1000 people suffer from hemophilia in Azerbaijan

  • The concept of palliative care will appear in the Belarusian law on health care

World news

  • Over the past 60 years life expectancy in the world has increased by almost 21.6 years

  • China plans to stabilize the population at around 1.39 billion people

  • Wealthy Chinese women use Hong Kong to give birth to a second child

  • Beijing is preparing for the invasion of "dragon children"

  • In Lithuania theres a higher demand for Russian spouses

  • Sweden is the leader among EU countries in terms of urbanization rates

  • Latvia plans a referendum on raising the retirement age

  • U.S. will allocate $ 482 million for the UN refugees agencys operations

  • U.S. allocated $ 25 million to help Syria

  • Mali faces a humanitarian catastrophe

  • A list of the largest cities for the rich has been compiled

  • Millions of Americans may lose their housing because of debts on mortgages

  • British women increasingly pin their hopes for the future on their own careers

  • Lithuania cannot ascertain a place of residence for more than 3000 children

  • The unemployment rate in Lithuania is 11.6%

  • Lithuanian residents consider unemployment their main problem

  • Latvia is collecting signatures for an amendment to the Citizenship Act

  • Israel is going to get rid of infiltrants

  • 53% of Latvians are ready to support ethnic discrimination

  • The number of mentally retarded in the world will double by 2030

  • WHO will help to achieve positive results in solving the problem of healthy lifestyles and active aging

  • Brazil allowed abortions for fetuses lacking brains

  • In Romania abortion will only be done after the psychologists conclusion

  • Nearly half of Brazilians are overweight

  • French doctors recommend to be careful with the tan

Newspapers write about ...

  • "" about cities and economy

  • "Novaya Gazeta" about the urban revolution

  • "Moscow News" about a possible merger of Moscow and Moscow region

  • "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" about the development of the new Moscow

  • "Profile" about housing construction in Moscow and Moscow region

  • "" about Moscow metropolitan area

  • "Ogonek" about the proposal to transfer Moscow to Siberia

  • "Itogi" and "Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy" about a new megacity

  • "The Financial Times" about migration and urbanization

  • "" about urbanization in Kazakhstan

  • "Expert-Kazakhstan" about development of Astana

  • "Vzglyad" about deurbanization of manor style

  • "Kommersant", "Vzglyad", "Moscow News", "", "Novye Izvestiya" and "Vedomosti" about the pension system reform

  • "Corriere della Sera" about the consequences of increased life expectancy for social systems

  • "Moscow News" about the abolition of employment record books

  • "Moscow News" about the contingent labor

  • "US News and World Report" about women's employment and unemployment

  • "Novaya Gazeta" about the migration policy of Russia

  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about the organized selection of migrants

  • "Vzglyad" about the quota for foreign workers from new EU countries in Switzerland

  • "Le Point" and "Russian Germany" about EU borders and the Schengen zone

  • "" about the Turkmen law "On Migration"

  • "" about immigration to Ukraine

  • "The New Times" about problems of the Russian Caucasus

  • "" about economic growth and mortality

  • "Kommentarii" about road deaths in Ukraine

  • "Meditsinskaya Gazeta" about HIV in Russia

  • "Moscow News" about testing for drugs in schools

  • "Novye Izvestiya" about Russia's anti-smoking law

  • "The New Times" about genetics and medicine

  • "Meditsinskaya Gazeta" about Russian Orthodox Church, abortions and cell technologies

  • "Telegraph" about fertility and IVF in Latvia

  • "" about sterilization of women in Uzbekistan

  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about fertility in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and Moscow

  • "Zerkalo" about marriages and divorces in Azerbaijan

  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about 2010 census in the Caucasus

  • "Gosudarstvennoe informatsionnoe agentstvo Turkmenistana" about the upcoming census in Turkmenistan

  • "" about names the Latvian style

Recent publications

  • Compression of the socio-economic space: new in the theory of regional development and the practice of its state regulation

  • Educational geodemography of Russia

  • Russian colonization from the ancient times to the beginning of XX century

  • Population economics

  • Labor migration to Russia: how to move further

  • Through the pages of magazines "Population" and "Journal of Social Policy Studies"

  • Contents of "Population and Environment"  

Profession: Researcher

  • Happy birthday to Valentina Bodrova

  • 120 years since the birth of Avdei Gozulov

  • A brief sketch of research and social activities

  • A.Gozulov, N.Nevskaya. New trends in reproduction and structure of the Soviet Union population

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in February-March 2012

  • DW Web Site Traffic in March continued to grow

  • DW was read in March in 125 countries

  • The geography of Russian visitors has expanded

  • The most reading DW visitors abroad are in Montenegro

  • Geography of DW visitors from Russia

  • The most reading DW visitor from Russia is in Zarinsk

  • Language of our visitors

  • Which DW issues attract our visitors?

  • The rating of our web site in the Science category of OpenStat has risen

  • We were quoted...

  • The most popular DW pages in March 2012

New ads

  1. Population-Environment Research Network Cyberseminar: Bringing the Population-Sustainable Development Debate to a Higher Level. May 7-14, 2012.

  2. announces an essay competition "The boundaries of freedom: ethics and pragmatics". Submission deadline: May 5, 2012.


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