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Current topic: Russian discourses on migration: the "zero" years

  • Evolution of discourse
  • Manipulation of public opinion
  • "Imposed discourse": an imitation of discussion

Russian demographic barometer

  • Demographic outcome of the first half of 2011 (Part III)
  • The migratory population growth in Russia in January-June 2011 decreased by 43%, compared to the same period in 2010
  • The number of migrants having changed their place of residence within Russia in January-June 2011 continued to grow slowly
  • In the first half of 2011, the population of all subjects of the Russian Federation continued to grow at the expense of migration exchange with the CIS countries, but in most of them reduced due to the migration exchange with other regions of Russia
  • 1.641 million foreigners were working legally in Russia in 2010

Analytical articles

  • Cross-border migrants in modern Russia: dynamics of forming stereotypes
  • Control of illegal migration: methods and evaluation
  • "Tajiks" in the suburbs of Irkutsk agglomeration
  • External social connections of urban communities: the problem of territorial selectivity (on the example of trips of residents of Muravlenko, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug)
  • Policy of integration of migrants in Russia: the example of evaluation using MIPEX (Migrant Integration Policy Index)
  • The economic cycle and international migration

Interactive poll

  • Whats your attitude to abortions? Poll results

Recent polls

  • Why do people leave Russia?
  • Russians about their sexual life
  • The attitude to the amendments to the bill on alcohol circulation
  • Smokers are against the increase of prices on cigarettes

Russian news

  • Since the beginning of 2011, the population of the Russian Federation has decreased by 79.4 thousand people
  • Has demographic crisis in Russia receded?
  • Russia stabilizes the demographic situation this year
  • Russian authorities boast of an unprecedented demographic success, whereas experts  warn: not even migrants will save the country from the "pit"
  • Child mortality in Russia reduced significantly in 20 years
  • Maternal mortality in Russia remains unacceptably high
  • Fertility was significantly higher than mortality in Moscow this year
  • A record for fertility established in Moscow in August
  • 6000 more large families recorded in Moscow
  • Moscow authorities promise to bring the duration of life of Muscovites nearer to the European level by 2016
  • The number of prisoners in Russia declined to 650 thousand people
  • Government will invest big sums into infrastructure development
  • Government does not expect a significant decline in poverty in Russia
  • Incomes of Russians in August rose by 1.4% compared to August 2010
  • Public sector wages will increase by 6.5% in October
  • Labour pension in Russia will rise by almost 3 thousand rubles from 2012 to 2014
  • Maternity capital in 2012 will exceed 387000 rubles
  • Most Russians still consider their life miserable
  • Moscow is at the bottom of the list by suitability for life
  • More than 12 thousand children make the queue for Moscow kindergartens
  • Overall unemployment in Russia in August decreased by 340 thousand people
  • Russia needs to create at least 25 million jobs
  • Employment of graduates will affect the funding of universities
  • External passports will be drawn up 10-15 times faster in 2012
  • FMS inspectors will be tested for knowledge of migration law
  • Bordyuzha urged the CSTO countries to create a common migration space
  • Funding of the compatriots support program will amount to 1.5 billion rubles for 3 years
  • More than 250 thousand refugees have got the right to live in Russia
  • Nearly 145 thousand Russians left the country for good over the past three years
  • FMS recommends Ukrainian guest workers to use patents
  • Migrant workers in Russia are in need of a balanced social support
  • 15000 school children in Moscow dont master the Russian language
  • Astakhov suggests creating special schools for children of migrants
  • Nearly 16 thousand foreigners were deported from Russia in 2011
  • Approximately 10% of patients in the Russian Federation have diseases related to bad habits
  • Women smoking during pregnancy imperil lives of their future children
  • Anti-smoking law will reduce the number of smokers by half
  • Russians approved of the Health Ministrys fight against smoking
  • Nearly 22 million Russians suffer from cardiovascular diseases annually
  • In Russia theres a growing number of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Nosocomial viruses infect 2.5 million Russians per year
  • The first national study of reproductive health starts in the Perm region
  • Rural doctors are promised financial support
  • The bill "On principles of public health protection" must take effect from 2012

Eurasian news

  • Ukrainian government forecasts a population decline by 180 thousand people in 2012
  • The population of Belarus is declining
  • Theres a fertility decline in North Ossetia
  • Belarus will maintain the current retirement age
  • Real wages in Belarus in 2011 will remain at the level of 2010
  • In Belarus, 22.4 thousand people receive pensions below subsistence level
  • Recalculation of pensions in Belarus will be made ​​ from November 1
  • Childbirth allowances in Belarus will be increased from October 1
  • Belarus is actively engaged in gender equality issues
  • Unemployment in Georgia declined by 1% in six months
  • Theres no prerequisites for the surge in unemployment in Belarus
  • Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine supported the introduction of biometric passports
  • The liberalization of visa regime with the EU can result in a mass "brain drain" for Armenia
  • Armenia needs $ 30000 to study the emigration scales
  • EurAsEC will create a unique database of emigrant workers
  • Belarusians leave for work, while the government attracts migrants
  • Every tenth working-age Ukrainian has become a labor migrant
  • The majority of Ukrainian programmers dream of working abroad
  • Azerbaijan is trying to prevent migration of youth from Azerbaijani regions
  • Tajik Foreign Ministry concerned about the increasing incidence of killings of its citizens in Russia
  • More than 60% of Ukraine's population die from cardiovascular diseases
  • From 1990 to 2010, mortality of children under 5 in Kyrgyzstan had been decreasing annually by 3.2%
  • 22% of children under 5 die from malnutrition in Kyrgyzstan
  • Infant and maternal mortality in Azerbaijan are declining
  • Tuberculosis incidence in Ukraine in 2010 amounted to 68.4 cases per 100000
  • Kyrgyzstan occupies the 3rd place by traffic mortality in the CIS
  • 8 million children will be vaccinated from measles and rubella in Uzbekistan
  • Gay teenagers have been counted in Ukraine

World news

  • UN has launched a campaign "Seven billion actions" dedicated to the birth of the 7 billionth person
  • Mortality of children under five has declined from 12 million to 7.6 million over 10 years
  • UN will not be able to achieve the planned decline in infant mortality by 2015
  • One in four women and one in five men in Japan are over 65
  • Over the past 30 years, life expectancy in Israel has increased by 9 years
  • Aging Asia requires new approaches to management
  • The Seimas calls for a minimum wage increase
  • Uruguay cancelled visas for Russians
  • One in five German immigrants turned out to be an immigrant
  • Foreigners in Germany will be given electronic residence permits
  • Europe is the most drinking region in the world
  • Scientists are close to creating an anti-AIDS vaccine
  • WHO warned of TB's return to Europe
  • Chronic diseases kill annually more than 36 million people
  • The number of diabetics in the world was estimated at 366 million people
  • The number of deaths from malaria in the world is planned to reduce to zero by 2015
  • China sees dramatic drop in infant deaths
  • India started advertising the benefits of daughters
  • The percentage of birth defects in China has increased by 1.5 times over 15 years
  • The epidemic of dengue fever has killed at least 100 Pakistanis
  • British students were asked for a vaccination from measles
  • Every seventh inhabitant of the planet has never seen a doctor
  • Computerization of healthcare in Denmark will be accelerated
  • Fast-food triggers suicide?
  • Young people in Europe and the U.S. have started using less contraception
  • More than 80 journalists were killed worldwide in 2011
  • Saudi women have got the right to vote
  • Aged cells can help against aging?

Newspapers write about ...

  • "Ogonek" about the stable electoral interest in nationalists
  • "Novye izvestiya" about xenophobia in Russia
  • "Moscow News" about financing of the Caucasus
  • "" about "broken Britain"
  • "Ogonek" about the debate over multiculturalism and equality in the Yaroslavl political forum
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about identity
  • "Moscow News" about a possible change in immigration policy in Denmark
  • "BBC" about fines for wearing niqab in France
  • "BBC Russian service" about hijab in Kyrgyz schools
  • "Kommersant" about Alabama anti-migration law
  • "Arguments i fakty" about migration in Russia from the point of view of former press secretary of the FMS
  • "Kommersant" about the transformation of the Schengen zone
  • "Regions.Ru" about the proposal of Liberal Democratic Party to introduce a visa regime in Russia with the countries of Central Asia
  • "" about permission to trade citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan in Russia,
  • "Belarus segodnya" about a possible increase in labor migration from Belarus to Russia
  • "" about consequences of amnesty in Tajikistan
  • "Novye izvestiya" about the Roma pogroms in Bulgaria
  • "Corriere della Sera" about forced labor program for Roma in Hungary
  • "Kommersant-Vlast" about the upcoming takeover of Russia by Moscow
  • "Kommersant-Vlast" about internal migration in Russia
  • "" about demographic and migration situation in Russia
  • "" about demographic reality and dreams
  • "Izvestiya" about the record fertility in Moscow
  • "Vedomosti" and "Moscow News" about anti-abortion bills
  • "Moscow News" about the bill on refusal of children
  • "Moskovskaya pravda" about ethnically mixed marriages in Moscow
  • "Chas" about the population of Latvia
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about retirement age
  • "Moldavskie novosti" about pension problems in Moldova
  • "Moscow news" about unreadyness of business for demographic changes
  • "Rossiyskaya business-gazeta" about the "quality of life index in Russian regions"
  • "Novye izvestiya" about the real income of Russians
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about Moscow benefits and beneficiaries
  • "Trud" about social policy in Russia
  • "Novye izvestia" about good and bad jobs
  • "Kommersant" about the lack of IT-specialists
  • "Kommersant-Ukraine" about education and labor market in Ukraine
  • "Rossiyskaya business-gazeta about the shortage of workers
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about the regional pattern of unemployment in Russia
  • "Asia-plus" about child labor in Tajikistan
  • "Express K" about the consequences of famine in Kazakhstan in the 1930s
  • "BBC" about the cost of cancer treatment
  • "Associated Press" about global diseases
  • "RBC daily" about reducing traffic mortality
  • "Meditsinskaya gazeta" about "asbestos" consequences of tsunami in Japan
  • "Moscow News" about the state of the Russian penal system
  • "Daily Mail" about the third sex
  • "Slate" about the End of men
  • "Moskovskaya pravda" about acceleration
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about human evolution

Recent publications

  • Population of Russia 2009
  • Population of Ukraine. Labor emigration in Ukraine.
  • Demographic transition and its consequences
  • Labor market of the Altai Krai: the demographic challenges
  • Legislation of the member states of CSTO in the field of resistance to illegal (irregular) migration and human trafficking
  • Through the pages of magazines "Migration XXI Century" and "Economics and Industrial Engineering (Ekonomika i organizatsiya promyshlennogo proizvodstva)
  • Contents of the journal Hommes et migrations

Profession: Researcher

  • "Population and Development". International short-term training program.

From the history of demographic thought

  • New section
  • Aristotle. Excerpts from "Politics"

Students Page

  • First Summer School of the Institute of Demography

Satirical column

  • Demographic instruction for Mr. Putin

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