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Current topic: Post-Soviet Russia: from demographic superpower to the core of the crisis

  • A bit of history
  • Fertility decline after the collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Mothers getting older, children becoming fewer
  • High mortality
  • Immigration as a resource for Russia
  • Outlook: Aging and the growth of regional differences

Russian demographic barometer

Demographic outcome of the first half of 2011 (Part I)

  • In the first half of 2011, a decrease in Russia's population accelerated a bit, but still remains low at less than 0.1% per year
  • Population growth rate of Russian regions in 2010 ranged from -1.6% to + 2.7%
  • The number of villages and townships continues to decrease
  • The natural loss of population decline in the first half of 2011 continued to decrease, so did net migration
  • The number of births began to decline, the birth rate in the first half of 2011 reduced to 11,9
  • In January-June 2011, there were more marriages and more divorces

Analytical articles

  • Demographic changes in Germany and the new territorial structure of aging
  • "Friendship of peoples" in the USSR: a national project or an example of spontaneous ethnic self-organization?
  • Comparative analysis of the processes of social mobility in the Soviet Union and contemporary Russia
  • Social resources of the population in Russia and Europe: A comparative analysis

Recent polls

  • Modernization of the family: attitudes of the people XXI

Russian news

  • The number of births and deaths in 2011declined
  • Moscow authorities are observing an increase in resident population of the capital
  • Tatarstan became the only region in the Volga Federal District with a growing fertility
  • Mortality in Moscow in July decreased by 1.6 times in comparison with the last year's period of smog
  • Citizens of St. Petersburg get married and divorced more often in 2011
  • Ministry of Education states an increase in the number of first-graders and a decrease in the number of students
  • Residents of the "Big Moscow" will be Muscovites in 2012
  • Experts propose to raise the retirement age in Russia to 63 years
  • The poorest class in Russia is represented by families with children
  • 3 million families received maternity capital certificates
  • Velikiy Novgorod authorities will pay first-born child benefits not only to residents, but also to migrants
  • Some families will be offered money instead of places in kindergartens
  • About 390 thousand children will go to kindergartens in Moscow in 2011
  • Moscow authorities will create 1.5 thousand places in kindergartens for non-resident children
  • Putin promises a governmental support to organizations of disabled persons
  • Liberal Democratic Party suggests a prohibition on denationalization of Russian children under 18
  • More than 130 billion roubles will be invested in the development of the border infrastructure in Russia
  • Russian labor market is overflown with immigrants with low professional skills
  • Illegal migrants are fleeing from Russia because of unemployment
  • In Russia you can buy a slave for $ 300
  • Russian Orthodox Church proposes to offer jobs to migrants and a start in life to skinheads
  • Sobyanin believes educating young people is one of the main measures to combat extremism
  • It will be impossible to avoid national policy and migration issues during the Duma elections
  • Three-quarters of Russians support the draft law "On protection of public health from the consequences of tobacco consumption"
  • The number of alcohol-related traffic accidents in Russia decreased
  • More than 50% of mothers who intend to abandon the baby, change their decision thanks to preventive work
  • In Russia there are 1.1 thousand sign-language interpreters which is almost 7 times less than needed
  • Russian hospitals ran out of money for expensive treatment
  • Ministry of Health will allocate additional quota for high-tech treatment
  • The number of plane crashes doubled this year

Eurasian news

  • During 20 years of independence, Ukraine's population declined by 6.27 million
  • The population of Belarus continues to decline
  • Belarus is struggling with depopulation
  • Odessa may lose the status of a million-plus city
  • Ukraine will hold a population census in 2012
  • There are still more dead than born in Transnistria
  • Nearly 93 thousand children in Kyrgyzstan will go to first class in 2011
  • Ukraine will have fewer schools due to lack of pupils
  • The law on pension reform in Ukraine will be specified
  • Azarov will do his best to get the pension reform approved
  • The share of social expenses in the CIS countries ranges from 2.9 to 13.3%
  • Every fifth citizen of Moldova lives below the poverty line
  • In January-June revenues per capita in Belarus amounted to a little more than 1.1 million roubles
  • Birth of a second child may lead Ukrainian families to poverty
  • The average salary in Ukraine grew by 16%
  • The basic pension in Kyrgyzstan increases from October 1
  • The number of unemployed in Belarus in July decreased by 0.4%
  • The number of unemployed in Moldova in the 2nd quarter of 2011 amounted to 82.6 thousand people
  • Kazakhstan will invest more than 50 billion tenge in the employment program development
  • The number of Ukrainians proud of their nationality increased by a quarter over the last 5 years
  • Yanukovich suggested equalizing foreign Ukrainians and citizens of the country
  • Kyrgyzstan is about to introduce a visa-free regime for citizens from countries with high income
  • Theres a risk of mass migration of working-age population from Belarus
  • A campaign against emigration "I'm staying!" begins in Kyrgyzstan
  • More than 15% of drug users in Minsk are HIV-positive
  • Germany helps Tajikistan to combat tuberculosis
  • Uzbekistan banned the sale of alcohol and tobacco to persons under 20
  • Every third IVF attempt in Belarus is planned to be free of charge

World news

  • The birth date of the 7 billionth inhabitant of Earth has been set for October 31
  • The natural loss of population in Latvia in July amounted to 470 persons
  • In 25 generations, the female population of Hong Kong will shrink from 3.75 million to one woman
  • Joe Biden receives criticism for his remarks about China's One-Child Policy
  • Italy may partially abandon the pension reform
  • In Australia, the statistically average length of marriage is a little over eight years
  • 400 thousand children risk death from starvation in Somalia
  • The worlds best and worst cities have been announced
  • The number of working pensioners in Germany increased
  • Obama promised to employ millions of Americans
  • The unemployment rate in Lithuania is 15.6%
  • 12 million people in the world have no citizenship
  • Every 20th young Estonian resident has no Estonian citizenship
  • 133 persons rejected Latvian citizenship this year
  • Net migration to the UK increased by 21% within a year
  • Illegal migrants in Poland will be legalized
  • British authorities will expel all foreigners who took part in the riots
  • Sarrazin is blamed for failure of integration policy in Germany
  • The number of victims of the hurricane "Irene" exceeded 50
  • Thailand is the leader among Asian countries by the number of fatal traffic accidents
  • UN warns of bird flu return
  • British hospitals will reduce the number of cesarean sections to save money
  • Most American doctors received predictions of the claims from patients
  • More than 5 million people suffer a shortage of drinking water in Southwest China
  • Danes are the happiest Europeans
  • Colleagues of a doctor accused of euthanasia refused to investigate

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  • "Belorusskaya niva" and "Belorusy i rynok" about demographic problems of Belarus
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  • "Belorusskie novosti about the program for demographic security of Belarus
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  • "Novaya Gazeta" and "Novye izvestiya" about abortions in Russia and the U.S.
  • "Echo" about reproductive medicine
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  • "The Washington Post" about the ethnic composition of the largest urban agglomerations in the U.S.
  • "" about migration and ethnic problems
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  • "Literaturnaya Gazeta" about riots in London
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  • "Moscow News" about the upcoming restrictions of immigration in the UK
  • "Kommersant" about immigration amnesty in Poland
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  • "Delovoy Peterburg" about the size of St. Petersburgs population

Recent publications

  • Dictionnaire de démographie et des sciences de la population (Dictionary of demography and population studies)
  • World migration report 2010 the future of migration: building capacities for change
  • Globalization of demography
  • Social support: lessons from crises and vectors of modernization
  • Results of the self-evaluation of public health services in the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Analysis of individual cases of enforcement of the administrative law in the field of migration
  • Through the pages of magazines "Statistical Issues" and "Man and Work" (Chelovek I trud)
  • Contents of the journal Gender and Development

New in the Reading Room

  • National Program of Demographic Security of Belarus for 2011-2015

Profession: Researcher

  • Anatoly Antonov is 75

Satirical column

  • Demographic revolution in the Simbirsk region

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in July-August 2011

  • DW Web Site Traffic in August stopped reducing
  • DW was read in August in 87 countries
  • The geography of Russian visitors has narrowed again
  • The most reading DW visitors overseas are from Iran
  • DW was read in 16 cities in Ukraine
  • The most reading DW visitors from Russia are in Elektrostal
  • Language of our visitors
  • The rating of our web site in the Science category of OpenStat has risen
  • We were quoted...
  • The most popular pages of DW in August 2011


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