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## 471-472

Current topic: Health and mortality in Belarus

  • Life expectancy is increasing, yet still far from the EU level
  • Losses due to high mortality
  • The burden of some causes of death
  • Infant and maternal mortality: trends are positive
  • Health and measures for its improvement

European demographic barometer

  • At the beginning of 2011, the population of the European Union amounted to 502.5 million
  • In 2010, the population increased in 20 countries of the EU-27
  • Natural increase of population and net migration in the EU-27 were at approximately the same level as in 2009 (1.0 and 1.7 respectively)
  • In 2010, the rate of net migration in the EU countries ranged from 15 in Luxembourg to 24 in Lithuania
  • Among immigrants who entered the EU countries in 2002-2008, the number of citizens from the other countries of the EU was growing especially fast

Analytical articles

  • Methodological approaches to assessing the harm caused by drinking and alcoholism
  • Heavy drinking and alcoholism as a health risk factor in Belarus
  • Migration in Belarus
  • The labor market in the regions of Belarus: an analysis of employment trends
  • Daily life and migration (based on an example of the Belgorod-Kharkov boundary area)

Recent polls

  • "The falling out of lovers is the renewing of love, but if he beats you it doesnt mean he loves you!"
  • Why do Russian families separate?
  • Emigration attitudes of Russians
  • Attitude to the smoking ban in public places
  • Where in Russia do most smokers live?

Russian news

  • Compared with the end of 2010, the number of poor increased by 4.8 million people
  • The authors of the 2020 strategy suggest reducing the public sector
  • Should Russians put up with raising the retirement age?
  • Starting from 2014, pensions will be linked again to wages and labor experience
  • New premium rates are beneficial for companies with salaries of employees below 60 thousand rubles per month
  • Russian women are paid less than men for the same work
  • Next year maternity capital will be increased to 387000 rubles
  • Queues to kindergartens in Moscow reduced by almost 4 times in June
  • 4.7 billion rubles will be additionally allocated on housing subsidies for young families
  • Ministry of Agriculture will allocate more than 4.5 billion rubles to improve the villagers living conditions
  • Foreign adoptive parents will have to pay alimony to Russian children they abandoned
  • High schools this year failed to recruit students for a number of specialties
  • Putin insists on creating an employment forecast system
  • Medvedev doesnt see the need to adopt a new Labor Code
  • Government will continue to fight unemployment in mono- and system-forming cities
  • In Moscow, the number of employed exceeds 6 million people
  • An expert explained why more and more Russians want to go abroad
  • Medvedev signed a bill ratifying the agreement on combating illegal labor migration
  • The draft concept of the state migration policy of Russia assumes three phases of implementation
  • Will migrants be selected by points?
  • Migrant workers will be tested for knowledge of Russian
  • Children of migrants will have to pass the Russian language test in order to be admitted in Moscow schools
  • Massacre in Norway may affect the fate of migrants from the North Caucasus
  • Putin warned about inadmissibility of "rocking" the inter-ethnic situation in Russia
  • Native minorities of the North are beginning to forget their native languages
  • Beer has been equated with alcohol
  • The new law on alcohol will reduce mortality in Russia
  • Mortality from causes related to alcohol consumption in Moscow declined by 6.3%
  • The number of officially registered drug addicts in Moscow increased by 3.9%
  • Over the first half of 2011, the incidence of newly diagnosed active TB decreased by 2.7%
  • Ministry of Defense "rejected" every third draftee
  • The Supreme Court supported the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) in the argument with opponents of vaccination
  • It will become harder to promote abortions in Russia
  • Church considers proposals for legal regulation of abortion prevention insufficient
  • According to the majority of Russians, measures to reduce the number of abortions should not be radical
  • Law on Public Health Protection must be adopted this year
  • Ministry of Natural Resources promises to reduce fivefold the number of environmentally disadvantaged cities by 2020

Eurasian news

  • Georgia's population in 2010 grew by more than 32 thousand people
  • Kazakhstan is leading in the region by the difference in life expectancy of men and women
  • Natural population increase is declining in the capital of Belarus
  • During over 20 years of independence the population of Ukraine has never been correctly counted
  • The maximal decline in number of secondary school graduates in Ukraine fell on 2011
  • Quarter of Ukraine's population lives in abject poverty
  • Belarus raises labor and social pensions from August 1
  • Ukrainian pensioners are promised the second level of the reform
  • In Belarus, for each unemployed there are two vacancies
  • In the labor market of Belarus, theres an acute shortage of healthcare workers and a surplus of accountants
  • Unemployment is still problem number one in Armenia
  • Migration and border service will be created in Moldova
  • Moldova toughens entry for foreigners
  • Moldova plans to simplify the procedure of entry for foreign investors
  • Armenia becomes deserted
  • Theres no exact data on emigration from Armenia
  • Does Russian program "Compatriots" provoke unwanted emigration flow from Armenia?
  • The number of Azerbaijani citizens willing to leave the country does not decrease
  • Most migrant workers from Kirghizstan does not return to their homeland
  • 95% of Tajik migrant workers go to Russia
  • The number of Kirghiz having obtained a patent for work in Russia increased twice in 6 months
  • Migrants from Kazakhstan will be able to find work in Russia and Belarus easier
  • Ukrainian peasants are no longer attracted to the cities
  • Child labor is used for cotton harvesting in Tajikistan
  • Ukraine remains among the leaders on the speed of spreading HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis
  • In Kazakhstan, in the first half of 2011, maternal mortality decreased by 1.6 times

World news

  • The Earth's seven billionth person will be born in October
  • Europes population is growing mainly due to migrants
  • Lithuania will no longer have three million people as early as 2035
  • For the 26th consecutive year Japanese women occupy the first place in the world by life expectancy
  • Results of the Census is the failure of Latvian Statistics
  • 30-40 thousand Latvians were enumerated twice
  • The share of foreigners in Lithuania is the smallest in the EU
  • In 2030 in Latvia there will be 2.4 persons in working age for each retiree
  • Spanish Parliament has finally approved a bill on raising the retirement age from 65 to 67 years
  • By 2030 food prices will be doubled
  • Thousands of people may die of starvation in East Africa in August-September
  • $ 7.9 billion is needed for the implementation of UN humanitarian programs this year
  • Cuba will soften its immigration policy
  • Emigration flow from Lithuania in 2010 was four times greater than in 2009
  • Latvia will become more attractive to residents of the former Soviet Union
  • President of Latvia approved a new program of national identity and integration
  • 7000 people get infected with HIV and 5000 die from AIDS in the world daily
  • More than a quarter of British drivers admit they drink and drive
  • Tobacco addiction shortens life of every third Cuban
  • 14 thousand people in Austria die from smoking-related diseases every year
  • President of Argentina signs smoking ban bill into law
  • El Salvador bans public-area smoking
  • Australian teens are smoking less, but doing more drugs
  • Germany's E. coli outbreak is over
  • More than a billion people worldwide have some form of disability
  • American maternity hospitals were accused of lack of attention to breastfeeding
  • Nigerians will be sent to jail for refusing to inculcate children against polio
  • The world faces a severe shortage of fresh water in many regions of the world

Newspapers write about ...

  • "Day" and "Ukrinform" about the demographic situation in Ukraine
  • "Moscow News" and "Vedomosti" about pension issues in the world
  • about pension issues of separated countries
  • about the pension reform in Ukraine
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about the social burden of the Russian economy
  • "" about social and demographic background of the U.S. economy issues
  • "Zavtra tvoey strany" about nuptiality and divorce in Belarus
  • "Litovskiy kurier" about sham marriages in Lithuania
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about infant mortality in the regions of Russia
  • "Belorusskiye novosti" about midwifery in Belarus
  • about selective abortions in Armenia
  • The New York Times about anti-abortion advertisements in Russia
  • "Kommersant" about health care expenditures in Russia
  • The New York Times about anti-HIV pills
  • "" about an anti-alcohol campaign
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about the maternity capital in Mordovia
  • "Moscow News" about national policy issues in Russia
  • "NG-religions" about religion and the question of national identity
  • "Moscow News" about the problem of illegal migration from the point of view of Marie Le Pen
  • "Izvestiya" about demographic and migration problems in Russia
  • "Vedomosti", "Rossiyskaya gazeta" and "" about migration policy in Russia
  • "Vedomosti" about migration and economy
  • "Vzglyad" about the agreement of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on the fight against illegal migration
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about remittances of Ukrainian migrants
  • about migration issues in Azerbaijan
  • "Novaya gazeta" about the end of repatriation policy in Finland
  • "Novye izvestiya" about Indian immigration to the United States
  • "Vlast about about migrants integration policy
  • "Izvestia" and about a Kamchatka "ghetto"
  • "Gazeta" about temporary housing for migrant workers in Moscow
  • Forbes about the problems of regulation of migration within Russia
  • "Gazeta" and "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about the peculiarities of the system of registration in Russia
  • "Novaya gazeta" about potential emigration from Russia
  • about emigration intentions of the Ukrainians
  • "Money", "Moscow News" and "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about the expansion of Moscow
  • "Ogonek" about the lack of big cities as sources of growth in Russia
  • "Ogonek" about the three scenarios of Russian small town development
  • Global Post about depopulation in the Russian hinterland
  • "Rossiyskaya business-gazeta" about the Russian middle class
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about salaries in different regions of Russia
  • "Vedomosti" about the deficit of qualified personnel in the world
  • "Novye izvestiya" about a non-male employment in Saudi Arabia
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about the interest of Russians for the census results

Recent publications

  • Global adult tobacco survey (GATS). Russian Federation, 2009
  • State of the World's Children 2011 Report
  • Tuberculosis surveillance in Europe 2009
  • Financing health care in the European Union
  • Russia in Figures 2011
  • Through the pages of magazines Narodonaseleniye ("Population") and Vestnik MGU. Seriya 6. Ekonomika. ("MSU Vestnik. Series 6. Economics.")
  • Contents of the journal Demographic Research

Profession: Researcher

  • Vladimir Gimpelsons 55th birthday
  • Nikita Mkrtchyans 40th birthday
  • Lilia Karachurinas small jubilee
  • Alexei Shevyakov, Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Studies of Population, died at 66

Internet Journey

  • UNFPA in Belarus
  • Program of alternative consultations (professional treatment of alcoholism on the Internet)
  • Virtual Gulag Museum

New in the Reading Room

  • E.M. Andreyev. The componential method in the analysis of life expectancy
  • Official documents
    Federal Law of July 17, 2011 N 211-FZ "On housing subsidies to citizens moving from the closing settlements in the Far North and similar areas"
    Federal Law of July 11, 2011 N 186-FZ "On ratification of the Agreement on Legal Status of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families"

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in May-June 2011

  • DW Web Site Traffic in June reduced by 35%
  • DW was read in June in 87 countries
  • The geography of Russian visitors has narrowed
  • The most attentive DW readers overseas are from Ecuador
  • DW was read in 14 cities in Ukraine
  • The most attentive DW reader in Russia is in Chernogolovka
  • Languages of our visitors
  • The rating of our web site in the Science category of OpenStat has fallen
  • We were quoted...
  • The most popular pages of DW in June 2011

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