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Current topic: Will Russia pass from abortions to family planning?

  • Success in reducing the number of abortions
  • The risk of death from abortion decreased by half
  • Compared to other countries, Russia is still among the backward
  • Regional differences are quite significant
  • The problem is not only in quantity, but also in quality
  • Inconsistent policies

Russian demographic barometer

  • UN presented the results of the world population projections until the year 2100 revised in 2010
  • According to the medium variant of the 2010 UN projection, Russia's population may reach 129 to 144 million people by 2030  and from 109 to 145 million by 2050
  • Medium variant of the fertility projection assumes an increase in total fertility rate in Russia up to 2.05 at the end of the century
  • Life expectancy will grow steadily, exceeds 73 years in the 2030-s and almost reaches 82 years at the end of the century
  • Median age of Russians will amount to 37.7-49.0 years by mid-century and 35.3-52.7 by the end of the century

Analytical articles

  • Strategic assessment of policies, programs and services in the fields of unplanned pregnancies, abortions and contraception in the Russian Federation
  • Social vulnerability and sexual risks of female migrants from Central Asia to Moscow
  • What makes sex "dangerous". Contraceptive practices of modern Russian youth

Take care of women!

  • What will change in the healthcare system for women and children?

Russian news

  • 1668 thousand children were born in Russia in 2010
  • In Moscow, in the first quarter of 2011, the number of births exceeded the number of deaths by 100
  • The kindergarten deficiency becomes a real deterrent to the improvement of the demographic situation
  • During the next four years the state will invest 1.5 trillion roubles into population policies
  • Medvedev speaks against the rise of retirement age and the increase of the working week
  • Lifetime for a long service pension for functionaries has been doubled
  • State Duma Committee will not allow taxation of "women's benefits"
  • In the coming decade, labor productivity in Russia is expected to increase twice
  • Working conditions of one-third of Russians appeared to be harmful or dangerous
  • 105 billion roubles will support the unemployed and the employment programs in 2011
  • Ministry of Health has ceased funding temporary works within the framework of the employment program
  • The concept of migration policy will give a priority to interests of Russian citizens
  • Ministry of Health has prepared a draft law on the improvement of internal migration in Russia
  • FMS insists on the abolition of quotas for migrant workers
  • Ministry of Health opposes the abolition of quotas for migrant workers
  • Moscow must ensure decent living conditions for migrant workers
  • Medvedev expressed concern about the irreversible departure of young people from the Russian Federation
  • One-fifth of Russians are ready to quit smoking if the excise taxes on tobacco increase
  • More than 655 thousand drug addicts in Russia are registered at the dispensaries
  • Medvedev instructed to establish a national system of rehabilitation
  • Experts warn against the introduction of compulsory treatment for drug addicts
  • Ministry of Health refused to conduct drug testing during clinical examinations
  • Mortality on the roads of Russia in 2008 decreased by 12%
  • State Duma Committee prepared a bill to reduce the number of abortions in Russia
  • Russia holds official statistics of children with cerebral palsy
  • Ministry of Health will simplify the procedure of child donorship
  • There will be no euthanasia in Russia
  • Urban residents are more at risk of asthma development
  • WHO does not welcome the Russian program of immunization against poliomyelitis with a "live" vaccine
  • Ministry of Health promised doctors a personal responsibility for their actions
  • Russians overestimate their own health
  • In the next 3 years, almost half a trillion roubles will be spent on the development of the national "Health" project
  • Ministry of Health will re-discuss with the public the bill about the principles of public health protection
  • Standard policies of compulsory medical insurance will be issued in Russia from May 1

Eurasian news

  • The resident population of Uzbekistan is 28.54 million
  • During the I quarter of 2011, natural population growth in Armenia decreased by 30%
  • By 2050, the Kyrgyz diaspora abroad will exceed 1 million people
  • Residents of Yerevan live longer than those of other regions in Armenia
  • Armenians started divorcing more often after long marriages
  • Periods of marriage registration in Armenia will be reduced to one week
  • Armenian government approved the next census questionnaire
  • EU is ready to assist Armenia in conducting the first population census
  • Christians of the CIS and the Baltic States will discuss in Moscow the demographic problems
  • Ukraine will carry out the pension reform before the beginning of July 2011
  • Funding for social programs in Belarus will not be cut
  • Child benefits in Belarus increased to 15.6% since May 2011
  • 600000 unemployed in Belarus are not a problem for national economy
  • By 2010, 240000 Kyrgyz obtained Russian citizenship
  • The number of people willing to acquire Georgian citizenship is growing
  • Turkey and Kyrgyzstan introduce visa-free regime
  • More than $1 billion was transferred to Kyrgyzstan from Russia by migrant workers in 2010
  • France provided 200 jobs for the citizens of Georgia
  • In 2010, EU expulsed 800 illegal migrants to Ukraine
  • A week of combat human trafficking started off in Azerbaijan
  • Kyrgyzstan does not have enough resources to combat AIDS
  • Asthma affects nearly 50 thousand people in Kyrgyzstan
  • The number of deaths from asthma in Armenia decreased three times in 9 years
  • A pilot project for the prevention of abortion starts in Minsk
  • Ukrainian healthcare system needs to be reformed

World news

  • The world population will exceed 10 billion by the end of the century
  • China's population rises to 1.339 billion people
  • Only 2.4 million inhabitants will be in Lithuania by 2100
  • Lithuanian President hopes that there are still more than 3 million Lithuanians
  • Population reduction and fertility decline are observed in Latvia
  • Will people of the same age solve the demographic problem in Latvia?
  • Fertility of Estonians is higher than that of immigrants
  • The Latvia census also enumerates those who left the country
  • Germany launched the first after the reunification population census
  • The main resource for the development of the Baltic States is the people
  • Who earns more lives longer
  • Latvian Ministry of Finance will facilitate the taxation of overseas workers
  • Unemployment in Spain soared to a record 4.9 million people
  • Egypt introduced a visa-free mode for the citizens of Libya
  • Will the outflow of labor force from Latvia to Germany become a trend?
  • Social-Democratic Party of Germany introduced quotas for migrants
  • Pope Benedict XVI called on to help illegal migrants from North Africa
  • Reduction in the price of alcohol in Finland has led to an increase in alcohol consumption
  • China introduces a complete ban on smoking in all public areas
  • Czech Republic becomes a country of smoking women
  • Australia prepares to ban smoking in apartments and on balconies
  • Experimental vaccine has been able for the first time to protect monkeys from AIDS
  • 9 million people die each year from non-infectious diseases before the age of 60
  • Nearly 1.3 million people are killed on the world's roads each year
  • The number of suicides among working-age Americans increases substantially during the economic crisis
  • The number of earthquake victims in Japan approached 15 thousand people
  • The cholera epidemic in Haiti waned
  • The malaria pandemic costs Africa $12 billion annually
  • The scales of obesity in Canada can be compared to an epidemic
  • Experts predict the deterioration of public health due to climate change
  • Many parents in the U.S. refuse medical treatment of their children because of its high cost
  • Most Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of medical assistance in the country
  • Two-thirds of South Africans continue to trust wizards rather than certified doctors

Newspapers write about ...

  • about abortions in Russia
  • "Vedomosti" about financial incentives of fertility
  • "Belarus Niva", "" and "Belorusskie Novosti" about the demographic situation and population policy in Belarus
  • Denh about fertility in Ukraine
  • "" about the demographic problems of Latvia
  • "Kommersant-Plus" about the population projection in Moldova
  • "" about the demographic situation in the former USSR
  • "Le Figaro" about criminal side effect of population policies in China
  • "Die Presse" about divorces in Europe
  • "Ogonek" about family issues
  • "Liter" about family issues in Kazakhstan
  • "Moscow News about the corner points of modern Russian migration policy
  • "" about the Russian program of compatriots migration from Armenias point of view
  • "Expert" and "Moscow News" about the final opening of EU labor market to citizens of the new member countries
  • "Litovskiy Kurier" about the integration of immigrants in Lithuania
  • "Newsweek Polska" about a new wave of emigration from Russia
  • "Russkaya Germania" and "Kommersant" about the problems of African refugees in the Schengen zone
  • "Odnako" about new trends of immigration policy in Europe
  • "RIA Novosti about the education of children of migrants and the ways to reduce migration conflict potential
  • "Novaya Gazeta" and "" about a kind of scandal with the "white race"
  • "Novaya Gazeta" about inequality in wages in Russia
  • "Moscow News" and "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" about pension issues in Russia
  • "Moskovsky Komsomolets" about the problems of social insurance in Russia
  • "Kommersant" about oil, GDP and social benefits
  • "Kommersant" about healthy life expectancy in Russia
  • "Meditsinskaya Gazeta" about women's cancer
  • "Daily Mail "about the myths of healthy lifestyles
  • "Kommersant" about the first results of the population census in China
  •" about the planned demographic survey in Azerbaijan
  • "" about the new regional inequality in Germany
  • "Kommersant" about the Russian "center of gravity"
  • "Vedomosti" about the number of children and a mans career
  • "Der Spiegel" about global warming and grain yield
  • "Novye Izvestiya" about the irrational use of food stuffs
  • "Moskovsky Komsomolets" about ecological problems and the future of mankind

Recent polls

  • What Russians think about fertility

Recent publications

  • Waning world power
  • Monitoring of the achievement of universal access to reproductive health at the national level
  • United Nations Population Fund 15 years of collaboration with the Russian Federation
  • The millennium development goals in Europe and Central Asia: achievements, challenges and further steps
  • Visual Anthropology: Modes of visibility under socialism
  • Through the pages of magazines "Hygiene and Sanitation" and "Russia and the Modern World"
  • Contents of the journal Studies In Family Planning

Profession: Researcher

  • In memory of Igor S. Kon
  • Farewell
  • Responses in the media about the death of Igor Kon
  • Two recent conversations with Igor Kon on
  • List of publications of Igor Kon
  • In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Andrey Volkov
  • The article that never saw the light
  • The son of victims of political repression
  • Aggrieved person or victim of repression?
  • Notes of the 1979 Census participant
  • 25 years since the death of Valentina Belova (1933-1986)

Satirical column

  • Doctor does perform abortions and sends people to resorts...

Golden fund of national demography

  • V.A. Belova. The number of children in a family

Students' Page

  • Masters Students at the VIII Annual Great Geographical Festival in St. Petersburg
  • About the Masters Program in Demography
  • Masters Program from the students' point of view

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in March-April 2011

  • DW Web Site Traffic in April reduced by 7%
  • DW was read in April in 90 countries
  • The geography of Russian visitors has changed insignificantly
  • The most attentive DW readers overseas are from Japan
  • DW was read in 16 cities in Ukraine
  • The most attentive DW readers in Russia are once again from Chernogolovka
  • Languages of our visitors
  • The rating of our web site in the Science and Sociology categores of OpenStat has risen
  • We were quoted...
  • The most popular pages of DW in April 2011

New ads

  1. Call for papers. International Seminar: New Approaches to Urban Health and Mortality during the Health Transition. Sevilla, Spain, 14-17 December 2011
  2. Call for papers. Chaire Quetelet 2011. Urbanisation, internal migrations and demographic behaviour. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 16-18 November 2011
  3. INED (French institute for demographic research) hosts and provides funding to PhD students
  4. The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany, seeks qualified people for a number of positions at the Population Europe Secretariat in Berlin, Germany
  5. Open Demographic Seminar for Young Scientists. Historical Method in Population Studies. Moscow, 19 May 2011
  6. London School of Economics invites a fellow in Population Studies for the Department of Social Policy
  7. Call for papers. 15th Interdisciplinary Conference: Migration and the State: Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Transnationalism. Warsaw, Poland, 1-2 December 2011


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