1-ый семинар
Ђƒинамика, оптимальный рост и движение населени€:
теори€ и практикаї
(1st Workshop on Dynamics, Optimal Growth and Population Change: Theory and Applications)

Date: September 18th and 19th 2008
Place: Milan, Italy
Organiser: Department of Economics, Business and Statistics of the University of Milan.

The Workshop aims at bringing together researchers working between economics and mathematics (with a special focus on economic growth and development) and at creating a research network for future joint projects and collaborations. Possible topics of the Workshop include:
Х Dynamic programming with applications to optimal growth;
Х Population dynamics and growth;
Х Mathematical modelling for economic demography, development and vintage capital;
Х Theories of human capital and growth;
Х Innovation and growth;
Х Technological progress, technology diffusion and growth;
Х Institutions, intellectual property rights and growth;
Х Patents and growth.

Submission deadline: May, 31st 2008
Email: dgrowth.workshop@unimi.it
Website: http://www.economia.unimi.it/index.php?id=7&evid=18&mode=view&L=1