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17 - 30 марта 2003

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Colleagues!

Independent Research-Analytical Institute of Historical and Contemporary Issues is pleased to invite submissions for International Conference on Illegal Migrations in Central Asia which will be held on early of June, 2003 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The theme of the Conference is "International Experience of Combating with Illegal Migrations and Using It in Central Asia (International Research-Practical Conference)".

We expect to publish the proceedings of the Conference.

This is an invitation to submit proposals for papers, which may be 20-30 minutes long. Please include the title, a one-page summary of the paper, your brief CV version, and send by email to me at gmendikulova@hotmail.com. The deadline for submissions is March 27, 2003 and those selected will be notified by email as soon as possible thereafter.

Papers may explore the large questions that frame the Conference:

I. First Plenary Session. International experience of regulation of a problem of illegal migration.
1. US Experience in combating with illegal migration.
2. Experience of European countries in combating with illegal migration.
3. Experience of Asian countries in combating with illegal migration.
4. Problem of illegal migration in countries of CIS.

Round table № 1. Role of international organizations in resolution of problems of combating with illegal migration.
UN, UNESCO, International Organization on Migration, Interpol, and others.

Round table № 2. Theoretical researches on problems of illegal migration
1. Researches on problems of illegal migration in USA.
2. Researches on problems of illegal migration in European countries.
3. Researches on problems of illegal migration in Central Asia.
4. Researches on problems of illegal migration in Kazakhstan.

Round table № 3. Trends of illegal migrants in Central Asia.
1. Drugs traffics in Central Asia.
2. Illegal refugees (Tajiks and Lyuli from Tajikistan, Chechens from Caucasus, Afghans from Afghanistan, and further).
3. Illegal labor migrants
4. Mechanism of transit through Kazakhstan, Central Asia to Europe and CIS's countries.
5. Transit from CIS's countries through Kazakhstan, Central Asia into Europe and America.

Round table № 4. Illegal migrations as a threat to security.
1. Threat to national and regional security of Central Asian countries.
2. Threat to economical stability (smuggling, illegal activity, hiding of taxes in treasury of the state, entrainment serving in corruption, etc.)
3. Threat to confessional consent
4. Threat to demographic situation
5. Threat to health of the population
6. Violation (disturbance) of social structure and problem of seizure

Now we are in the processing of negotiations with a few foundations for financial sponsoring to the Conference.

That is why expenses of the participants will be fully or partially funded.

Full funding is available for participants from the former Soviet Union and a little number of western scholars, according to the Decision of the Selection Committee of the Conference. In that case we regret that we do not have the financial resources to cover any travel costs for scholars from outside CIS countries.

If you or any institution is willing to cover your international air travel costs, please indicate it in the submitting. For creation of the Budget of the Conference, please inform us as soon as possible about your opportunities.

The organizers of the Conference will cover the costs of hotel, meals, local transportation and cultural events in Almaty during the Conference.

The organizers of the Conference cannot cover costs of phone calls made from hotel rooms or for any other additional costs incurred by Conference participants. Conference participants will pay all their expenses themselves.

We offer hospitality during the Conference.

Please forward this message to anyone else who may be interested.

Hope to see you in Almaty.

Sincerely yours,
Gulnara Mendikulova,
President of Independent Research-Analytical Institute of Historical and Contemporary Issues, Professor and Doctor of History.

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