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Dictionary of population terms

total fertility rate

Русский: коэффициент суммарной рождаемости
Français: indicateur conjoncturel de fécondité, nombre moyen d'enfants par femme

- demographic coefficient, indicator of average number of children born alive to one woman during her reproductive period conditioned that each age fertility is at the level of fertility in a given calendar year.
Initial data for calculation of TFR - age-specific fertility rates.
The method of TFR calculation is summing up of age-specific fertility rates over the fertility ages (usually from 15 to 49):
  TFR = ,
where ASFR(x) - fertility rate per 1000 women aged x (for 1-year age intervals). If 5-year age groups are used, the sum obtained should be multiplied by 5.
Computations of TFR for population of Russia and its regions is conducted by Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat, the former Goskomstat), TFR is published in The demographic yearbook of Russia. Sources of data on TFR for separate countries of the world: Recent Demographic Devolopments. Council of Europe, databases UN World Population Prospects: The 2004 Revision Population Database, INED. Base de données. La conjoncture des pays développés en chiffres.

See also: age-specific fertility rates.

The information-analytical system is developed under the support of the Russian foundation for humanitarian research,
project 04-02-12003-в "Development of information system of social-demographic data with the Internet access".

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