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Information-analytical system 

Dictionary of population terms

rate of natural increase

Русский: коэффициент естественного прироста
Français: taux d'accroissement naturel

- demographic indicator, the relative index of natural increase of population size of some territory during some time period.
Sources for calculation of RNI are vital statistics data on number of deaths and births, used for measuring population natural increase, and estimates of population size of this region. Value of RNI is equal to the difference between crude birth rate and crude death rate.
Usually RNI is given for the period equal to 1 year and computed as the result of dividing the one-year population natural increase by the mid-year population size at the given territory. Usually RNI is scaled to per cent per annum to provide convinience.
Computation of RNI for population of Russia and its regions is being made by Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat, the former Goskomstat) and these data are published for example in The demographic yearbook of Russia.
Sources of data for other countries of the world: Eurostat; INED. Base de données. La conjoncture des pays développés en chiffres.

In most countries of the world RNI ranges in 2005 between -0,7 per cent (Ukraine) and +3,4 per cent (Niger, Palestinian territory) per year, and for the whole world it was 1,2 per cent per annum.

See also: crude birth rate, crude death rate, natural increase.

The information-analytical system is developed under the support of the Russian foundation for humanitarian research,
project 04-02-12003-в "Development of information system of social-demographic data with the Internet access".

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