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15 June - 31 July 2020

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## 835-836

World demographic barometer

International migration according to UN estimates for 2019

  • The total number of international migrants has risen to 272 million

  • The number of refugees in the world has increased to 29 million people

  • The United States remains the undisputed leader in the number of international migrants - almost 51 million people in mid-2019

  • The greatest number of migrants come from India - 17.5 million people

  • The share of working-age people among international migrants is growing - in 2019, three out of four were between the ages of 20 and 65


  • A decent pension, according to Russians, is 40 thousand rubles a month

  • Wanderlust: what for and why?

  • Ideas about modern medicine

  • Russian schoolchildren: political, sexual and career preferences

In the vastness of Russia

  • Audit Chamber doubts that natural population growth can be achieved

  • The Kremlin is aware of the reduction in Russia's population

  • The proportion of women in the population of Russia is 53.77%

  • Rosstat estimates for the first time the healthy life expectancy of Russians

  • The level of maternal and infant mortality in the Russian Federation has decreased markedly

  • 2020 census will go online

  • 70% of families with children will receive additional payments starting in 2020

  • Russians are concerned about growing social injustice

  • The number of children in orphanages has decreased by 46% over four years

  • New law will simplify division of property between spouses

  • Shorter workday for villagers

  • Artificial intelligence will increase the number of jobs in Russia

  • Up to 80% of Russian managers and entrepreneurs work on vacation

  • Russian passport rises to record rating in world

  • Governors will receive the right to approve a list of professions to which migrants will not be allowed

  • Migrants have begun demanding higher salaries than Russians

  • Russia remains among worlds ten most heavily drinking countries

  • State Duma proposes setting minimum prices for cigarettes

  • The main causes of road deaths in Russia are drunk driving and using cell phones behind the wheel.

  • Incidence of diabetes among children has increased in Russia

  • Doctors will be paid extra for early cancer detection

  • Foreign patients coming to Russia more often for medical care

  • Bill introduced in State Duma on manufacturing drugs without the consent of the patent holder

World news

  • Men in the EU live an average of 5.4 years less than women

  • Latvia has the lowest life expectancy of all OECD countries

  • The average age of a resident of Latvia is 44 years.

  • Iranians getting married less often and divorced more often

  • Can the cost of the Ukraine census be cut?

  • EU Council announces readiness to simplify visa regime with Belarus

  • Swedish Prime Minister criticized for migration policy

  • Britain may tighten migration legislation

  • Over 1 million ethnic Kazakhs have arrived in Kazakhstan since 1991

  • In the 1990s the outflow of Ukrainians from the country was incomparably higher than now

  • Half a million people have emigrated from Macedonia over last 15 years

  • The number of emigrants from Georgia to Russia is 450,000 people

  • Employment conditions eased for qualified migrants in Germany

  • Every seventh foreign doctor in Poland is from Belarus

  • Germany is the most popular labor migration destination.

  • Labor migrants from Tajikistan will be recruited to Russia through organizational recruitment

  • Russia does not want to remove restrictions on remittances from Kyrgyz migrants

  • In 2018, 4,566 Georgian citizens were deported from abroad

  • Science refutes myths about mass morbidity of migrants

  • In Kirgizia, over 2,000 people have died from HIV and AIDS since the country gained independence

  • Tanzania reduces age of self-testing for HIV

  • Lithuania ranks first in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per capita

  • Germany passes measles vaccination law

The newspapers write about

  •, Moskovsky Komsomolets and RBK on the May decrees

  • Izvestia and REGNUM on stimulating fertility

  • Sohu and RIA Novosti on demographic issues

  • Svobodnaya Pressa on pension reform

  • Izvestia on gender imbalance

  • Dagens Nyheter on the migration crisis

  • REGNUM on the labor market and migrants

  • RBC and EurasiaNet on emergency doctors

  • Gazeta.Ru and Delovaya Stolitsa on the health of millennials

  • on alcohol consumption

  • Vechernyaya Moskva on HIV

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on cancer

  • DELFI on preventable deaths

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on nutrition

  • Vechernyaya Moskva, Le Monde Diplomatique and Russkaya Sluzhba BBC on domestic violence

  • REGNUM and on parenthood

  • Russkaya Sluzhba BBC on social orphans

  • Gazeta.Ru on office romance

  • Le Figaro on sex

  • Gazeta.Ru on shelters for the divorced

  • N+1 on inequality

  • TUT.BY on poverty

  • on the refusal to reimburse mortgages

  • Dagens Nyheter and Advance on small ethnic groups

  • N+1 on editing DNA

  • Le Monde on racism

  • Der Spiegel on countries dangerous for tourists

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on media images and demography

Read books and magazines

  • International Migration Outlook 2019

  • Finland. Health Systems in Transition

  • Human biosocial development. Demographic and social transitions

  • Demographic Yearbook of Kazakhstan

  • Morbidity of the adult population of Russia in 2018 with a first-time diagnosis

  • Through the pages of the journals Demograficheskoye Obozreniye (Demographic Review) and Vrach (Doctor)

  • Content of the journal Studies in Family Planning

Profession: researcher

  • Demographic trends in Russia: legacy of the Soviet era or a new turn? International Conference of the International Laboratory for the Study of Population and Health and of the Institute of Demography of the Higher School of Economics

  • Suburban revolution in a regional context: peripheral urban areas in post-Soviet space. International Conference in Ulan-Ude

  • Increasing targeted social support for low-income families with children. Meeting of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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