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June 28 - July 11 2022

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## 825-826

Russian demographic barometer

Demographic results of the first half of 2019 in Russia (part II)

  • The decline in the number of deaths and the crude death rate have resumed

  • In 2018, life expectancy at birth increased, according to Rosstat, to 72.9 years, and in 2019, according to preliminary estimates by the Russian Ministry of Health, to 73.7 years

  • In January-June 2019 mortality from neoplasms and digestive diseases continued to increase

  • Mortality from external causes is decreasing - in January-June 2019 it dropped to 89 deaths per 100 thousand people

  • Infant mortality in the first half of 2019 decreased to 4.7

Take care of women!

  • Russians on domestic violence (according to data of the Levada Center)

  • Russians on domestic violence (according to data of the Public Opinion Foundation)

  • Maternal mortality in the USA: large racial differences

In the vastness of Russia

  • Rosstat gives forecast for population of Russia in 2020

  • Are there 15 million people living in Moscow?

  • Life expectancy of women is 78.5 years, of men - 68.5 years

  • Ministry of Labor intends to increase life expectancy to 80 years

  • In Russia, the number of pensioners has exceeded the number of thirty-year-olds by one and a half times

  • Mortality in the first half of the year was 12.6 per 100 thousand people

  • Ministry of Labor Head explains why fertility is not growing

  • The four subjects of the North Caucasus have lowest divorce rates in Russia

  • Moscow is the city with the largest number of unmarried people

  • Putin calls a family with three children normal and right

  • Government to increase spending on fertility support

  • First child benefits to increase

  • 86% of Russians dissatisfied with their salary

  • Average pension in Russia is 14,150 rubles

  • Minimum pension in Moscow raised to 19,500 rubles

  • Ministry of Labor supports increasing to as much as three years the amount of maternity leave included in work experience

  • Medvedev says access to nurseries must be ensured by 2021

  • Kemerovo region is the leader in Russia in the number of orphans

  • Experts note improvement in Russian labor market

  • Ministry of Labor will measure strain in the labor market in a new way

  • More than 20 million Russians may lose their jobs due to "automation"

  • Deputy Minister of Health announces appearance of a new specialization

  • Foreigners graduating from Russian universities will be eligible for fast-track citizenship

  • Mortality from alcohol poisoning has increased in Russia

  • The number of alcoholics has decreased by 780,000 over last 10 years

  • Ministry of Health insists on equating vapes and hookahs with cigarettes

  • Russia enters top three countries in the number of suicides

  • The number of abortions in Russia down by 30% over last four years

  • The incidence of syphilis in Russia has decreased tenfold

  • Over 800 babies weighing less than 500 grams were born in Russia over past year

  • About 45% of Russia's population plans to get flu vaccination

  • Ministry of Health plans to reduce the incidence of obesity

  • The government will allocate additional funds for health care in the regions

  • Bad ecology and climate are the cause of 20% of deaths per year

  • Ministry of Natural Resources names the cities of the Russian Federation with the most polluted air

World news

  • Earth's population will increase to 10.38 billion by 2067

  • Elon Musk and Jack Ma scared of global demographic collapse

  • Population of Tajikistan continues to grow

  • The population of Lithuania is growing due to Ukrainians

  • Vucic tells of Serbias population loss

  • In Belarus, natural population decline has grown

  • The population of South Korea will begin to decline after 2028, of North Korea - after 2038

  • In Tajikistan, 105 thousand children born over six months

  • In Uzbekistan, the age of marriage for women raised to 18 years

  • By 2067, 46% of South Koreas population will be over 65

  • 11% of Latvian residents are non-citizens

  • There are already more citizens of Ukraine in the Czech Republic than citizens of Slovakia

  • Estonian Interior Minister wants to abolish visa-free regime with Ukraine

  • Labor migration from Tajikistan to Russia has grown significantly

  • Italian Prime Minister calls for penalizing EU countries not participating in the reception of migrants

  • Right-wingers in Italy propose replacing current migrants with Europeans

  • Cancer has become the leading cause of death in developed countries

  • Tuberculosis incidence decreases in Kazakhstan

  • Summer heat in France led to the death of 1,500 people

  • Measles situation in Europe continues to deteriorate

  • Mumps outbreak in US migrant detention centers

  • WHO condemns the spread of false vaccination information in social networks

  • Could antibiotics soon become useless?

  • Happiness comes after age 40, but not to all

The newspapers write about

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on a dialogue with the government

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on a possible increase in the retirement age to 70 years

  • RBK and Life on a new funded pension payment mechanism

  • Novye Izvestia on a "guaranteed pension product"

  • EurasiaNet on the repatriation of compatriots

  • on the battle for the Far East

  • TASS on a new mortgage program for the Far East

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on old age

  • on the crisis of the health system

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on health problems through the eyes of Veronika Skvortsova

  • Kommersant on HIV

  • RIA Novosti on the fight against suicides

  • on alcohol consumption

  • Izvestia on the benefits of sobriety

  • Haaretz on fertility policy

  • BBC Russkaya Sluzhba on virtual marriage

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on intergenerational connection

  • Forbes on violence

  • Vechernyaya Moskva on gender

  • Nature on the genetic nature of sexuality

  • Die Welt on homosexuality as a ground for asylum in Germany

  • BBC Russkaya Sluzhba on Indian Non-Citizens

  • Vesti.Ekonomika on the demographic decline of Korea

  • on the consequences of nuclear war

  • Moskovsky Komsomolets on Duma deputy initiatives

  • Izvestia on Robotics

Read books and magazines

  • Demographic scenarios for the EU

  • Health System Review. Poland

  • World Urbanization Prospects The 2018 Revision

  • Population and social indicators of CIS countries and celected countries of the World. 2015-2018

  • Socially significant diseases of the Russian population in 2018

  • Through the pages of the magazines Naseleniye i Ekonomika (Population and Economics) and Ekonomika i Organizatsiya Promyshlennovo Proizvodstva (Economics and Organization of Industrial Production)

  • Contents of the Journal of Demographic Economics

Profession: researcher

  • Demography at the Munich Institute for the Study of the USSR. Research Seminar of the Institute of Demography, HSE "Demographic Challenges of the 21st Century"

  • 90 years since the birth of Boris Andreevich Grushin

  • Boris Andreevich Grushin - guest of the FOM Club

  • Victor Viktorovich Ivanter has died

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