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3 - 16 February 2020

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## 807-808

Russian demographic barometer

· Morbidity in Russia, 2017-2018

  • Incidence of diseases of the circulatory, endocrine and respiratory systems continues to grow.

  • In 2018, the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections and flu decreased, but the incidence of acute intestinal infections increased.

  • The incidence of active tuberculosis continues to decline, the incidence of HIV infection is relatively stable

  • The incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction continues to decline.

  • More than 18,000 people died in road accidents in 2018, about 214,000 were injured

  • The number of workplace injuries is decreasing


  • Gender equality in Russia: an ideal or a false goal?

  • Flu and ARVI: how to defeat a pandemic?

  • How we sleep

  • Euthanasia: Pros and Cons

In the vastness of Russia

  • Life expectancy in Russia has reached 73 years

  • Russia's population is aging faster than world average

  • About 40% of deaths in Russia could be prevented

  • Male mortality in 5 years should decrease to 530 per 100,000 people

  • Rosstat discovers reasons for having a second child

  • Russia’s highest divorce rates are on Sakhalin and in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

  • Ministry of Labor to prepare a number of projects in the field of demographic development

  • Topilin does not rule out new measures to support fertility

  • Putin guarantees financial support for the Far Eastern Federal District to improve the demographic situation.

  • Will giving people “Far East status” help the Far East?

  • Rosstat will calculate income and expenses of Russians in a new way

  • Will the number of poor in Russia be halved within six years?

  • Russia to give poor families child allowances

  • Ministry of Labor promises to look into child payments for unmarried women

  • Putin signs law on alimony for pre-pensioners

  • Ministry of Labor proposes to calculate pensions based on life expectancy forecast.

  • Russian Pension Fund names recipients of two pensions

  • Maternity capital program may be extended

  • The number of large families in Moscow has doubled

  • Registries of persons in need of long-term care will appear in all regions of Russia

  • Is there equality between men and women in Russia?

  • Large-scale civil service reform will begin next year.

  • Ministry of Labor plans to increase the working day of rural workers

  • Informal employment has increased in Russia

  • Will Russia attract 5-10 million new citizens?

  • More than 130,000 Crimeans have received Ukrainian foreign travel passports

  • Russian Federation announces new "migration amnesty" for citizens of Kirgizia

  • Ministry of Health supports idea of removing alcohol from open shelves in stores

  • Ministry of Health preparing ban on sale of strong alcohol to persons under 21

  • Nearly one in three Russians smokes

  • Russia leads in terms of reducing mortality from tuberculosis

  • In 2018, 628 children died on the roads in Russia

  • Rosstat names the most common diseases among children under 14

World news

  • The number of permanent residents in Armenia is 2,972,000 people

  • By 2050, Greece’s population could shrink by 2.5 million

  • Poland sees largest fertility increase in the EU

  • The number of divorces in Ukraine has increased by more than 1.5 times

  • In Azerbaijan live about 10,000 people over the age of 90

  • Does democracy have a positive effect on life expectancy?

  • A mother's education affects her child's lifespan

  • Finland again tops list of world’s happiest countries

  • Income - a decisive factor for getting married?

  • China accelerates migration procedures

  • Migration figures in Lithuania for 2018 have improved

  • Estonians working in Finland less often

  • More and more Ukrainian and Belarusian workers in Estonia’s transport market

  • Georgian citizens finding it harder to find work in Europe

  • New migrant caravan headed to the USA

  • US predicts a rise this year in the number of new illegal migrants to 1 million

  • The number of new migrants in Italy falls to historic lows

  • The number of Ukrainian citizens seeking asylum in the EU continues to decline

  • EU police struggling with fictitious marriages of migrants

  • In Germany, alcohol has led to the birth of almost 13,000 children with developmental disabilities over year

  • France begins fight for sobriety

  • WHO reports worldwide decrease in deaths from tuberculosis

  • Latvian suicide rate remains among EU’s highest

  • Air pollution leads to the annual death of 67,000 people in France

  • Every three out of ten people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water.

The newspapers write about…

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Kommersant, Le Temps and Novye Izvestia on Migration Policy

  • REGNUM, Novye Izvestiya (twice) and SAKHALIFE.RU on the migration crisis in Yakutia

  • Radio Svoboda on emigration from Russia

  • Newsweek Polska on the migration crisis in Europe

  • The Conversation on migration and the labor market

  • Forbes on the politics of the right in Europe

  • Bloomberg, Moskovsky Komsomolets and on population size and demographic policy

  • Kommersant on the health of migrants

  • Novye Izvestiya on the situation on the roads

  • Delfi.Iv on suicide

  • The Guardian and Gazeta.Ru on alcohol consumption

  • on smoking

  • Kommersant on tuberculosis

  • Radio Svoboda on HIV in penal institutions

  • Novye Izvestiya on old age

  • IQ on marriage

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda on regional demography

  • Yle on poverty

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the fight against abortion

  • Wonderzine,, and Forbes on feminism and gender equality

  • Toronto Star and Daily Mail on children's right to change sex

  • Argumenty i Fakty on online superservices

Read books and magazines

  • Ukrainian society: the migration dimension

  • The Demographic Yearbook of Poland 2018

  • Migration and international law

  • Handbook on measuring international migration through population censuses

  • Poverty in childhood and old age: not only a shortage of income

  • Through the pages of the journals “Sotsialnye aspekty zdorovya naseleniya” ("Social Aspects of Public Health") and “Ekologiya Cheloveka” ("Human Ecology")

  • Content of the journal “Studies in Family Planning”

Profession: researcher

  • Limits of human longevity: what can demographic data say? Scientific seminar “Modern Demography” of the International Laboratory for Population and Health Research, HSE

  • Russian surnames. Research Seminar of the Institute of Demography of the Higher School of Economics "Demographic Challenges of the 21st Century"

  • Will the Far East become Russia's priority in the 21st century? Conference "Settling the Russian Far East: past experience, present problems, future decisions”.

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