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## 785-786

Russian demographic barometer

The first demographic results of 2017 in the EU

  • o The population of the EU-28 at the beginning of 2018 reached almost 513 million people

  • o In 2017 migration increase, as in 2015, was the only factor in the growth of the population of the EU-28

  • o The number of births in the EU-28 stabilized in 2013-2017 at the level of 5.1 million people, or 10 per 1000

  • o In 2017 in the EU-28 almost 5.3 million people died - 2.6% more than the year before

  • o Half the population of the EU-28 has reached the age of 43 years or older

Take care of women!

  • 13 UN agencies will work together to fight tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis in the WHO European Region

  • Surrogacy, adoption and organ donation - ethical issues

  • Investigative Committee defends rights of the fetus

In the vastness of Russia

  • Medvedev acknowledges that the Russian Federation needs better conditions for having children

  • Government intends to reduce Russian mortality by 2024

  • Russian regions with highest and lowest mortality named

  • Golikova comments on Kudrin’s remarks about the high level of poverty in Russia

  • A salary ranking of Russian cities

  • Average income of a working pensioner in Russia estimated at 46 thousand rubles

  • State Duma Committee supports tax breaks for pre-pensioners

  • Medvedev justifies raising the retirement age in a scientific article

  • Government will not change formula for calculating pensions before 2025

  • Russians will be switched to new funded pension without being asked

  • Putin says pension reform will not bring income to state

  • According to Auzan, "The reform will not patch the hole in the Pension Fund"

  • Old age in Russia begins at 63, say Russians

  • About 5,000 Muscovites over 50 got married in 2017

  • Russians living in an unregistered marriage will be eligible for benefits to pay for utilities

  • Ministry of Justice clarifies situation concerning creation of a single electronic database of the registry office

  • 28% of Far East residents would like to leave the region forever

  • Will moving the capital help the Far East?

  • Russians can visit 119 countries without visas

  • 56% of Russians are against restricting the entry of visitors from other regions

  • Consumption of hard alcohol is the main reason for the low life expectancy of men in Russia

  • Ministry of Health supports raising the age for buying alcohol to 21 years

  • Government will again allow the sale of alcohol at gas stations

  • Infant mortality has inexplicably increased in regions with perinatal centers.

  • The Ministry of Health has presented an explanation for the increase in infant mortality in a number of regions.

  • Inspections to take place in subjects of the Russian Federation with a high infant mortality rate

  • Russians name the diseases they’re embarrassed to tell doctors about

  • Russia ranks second in number of deaths while taking selfies

  • Genome of Russians to be considered as personal data

  • Government wants to switch Russians to electronic passports

  • Almost half of young Russians have never heard of Stalin’s repressions.

World news

  • China is considering abolition of fertility restrictions

  • In Belarus, more than 2 million senior citizens

  • Citizens of Belarus will be able to take part in census online

  • Heterosexual couples in Britain will be able to register a civil partnership

  • Romanian referendum on same-sex marriage fails due to low turnout

  • California has required that women be included on corporate boards

  • Lithuania risks losing 15% of its citizens at one stroke

  • Ukraine needs discussion on dual citizenship

  • Ukraine against legalization of dual citizenship with Russia

  • Introduction of ID-card and biometric passport in Belarus postponed until 2020

  • In 2019, the United States will issue up to 200 thousand visas to Russians

  • Albania and the EU have concluded an agreement on joint border management

  • Emigration of Armenian citizens slows down after political changes

  • Poland losing popularity among Ukrainian migrants

  • Denmark will attract more foreign workers due to lower wages

  • Austria may withdraw from UN Global Compact

  • Australian authorities intend to force immigrants to settle in sparsely populated areas

  • Italian authorities will forbid migrant-owned shops from staying open after 9 p.m.

  • Lukashenko demands lifting of ban on night-time sale of alcohol

  • Great Britain gets world’s first minister for suicide prevention

  • Obesity will become one of the leading causes of cancer by 2035

  • Malaysian Prime Minister decides to stop spying on citizens' personal lives

  • Are there more fools and geniuses among men than among women?

The newspapers write about…

  • “Economy Times” on demographic challenges

  • “Le Figaro”, “Forbes” and “Fontanka” on pension reform

  • "Bloomberg" on the US pension system

  • "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on aging

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on emigration from Russia

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” and “Sohu” on refugees

  • "Le Figaro" on Islamism in France

  • “Deutsche Welle” on labor migrants

  • “Ukrainskaya Pravda” on the repatriation of Latvians

  • “El Mundo” on self-harm

  • "The Guardian" and "Russkaya Germaniya" on alcohol consumption

  • "The Insider" on infant mortality

  • “Apostrof” on ambulance service in Ukraine

  • “Hespress” on telemedicine in Morocco

  • “Forbes” on the role of pharmaceutical companies in US politics

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on import substitution

  • "Die Welt" on the plague

  • “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on regulating the birth calendar

  • “Folha” on surrogacy

  • "IQ.HSE" on paternity

  • “Regiony Onlain” on survival and a base income

  • "IQ.HSE" on age discrimination

  • “Pravmir”, “Le Figaro”, “The New York Times” and “The Guardian” on violence

  • “Reflex” on political correctness

Profession: researcher

  • 160 years since the birth of Peter Ivanovich Kurkin

  •    P.I. Kurkin. Total mortality in the Moscow Province

Read books and magazines

  • Global tuberculosis report 2017

  • Behavioral aspects of alcohol consumption in adolescents: trends and social inequalities in the WHO European Region, 2002–2014

  • Austria. Health Systems in Transition

  • Malignant neoplasms in Russia in 2017

  • Healthcare facilities and morbidity of the population of Ukraine in 2017

  • Through the pages of the magazines “Narodonaseleniye” ("Population") and “Rossiyskiy vestnik perinatologii i pediatrii” ("Russian Bulletin of Perinatology and Pediatrics")

  • Contents of the “European journal of population”

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