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## 783-784

Russian demographic barometer

Migration in Russia, results of the first half of 2018

  • Net migration in Russia continues to decline - according to data for January-June 2018, it decreased by 26% compared with the same period of 2017

  • Russia’s greatest net migration in January-June 2018 came from population exchange with Tajikistan

  • The volume of internal Russian migration increased in January-June 2018 by 5%

  • In January-June 2018 migration exchange with CIS countries led to a population increase in 55 out of 85 regions; migration exchange with other regions of Russia – in 17

  • As of the end of June 2018, the number of foreign citizens with a valid work permit in Russia had dropped to 107,000, while the number of those with a valid work license had increased to 1,660,000

Trial census 2018

  • How the Trial census works

  • Rosstat chief on Trial census

  • Questionnaire for Trial census 2018


  • On the International Day of Older Persons

  • Pension reform

  • Russians associate the family mainly with love

  • Taboo diseases: what are Russians afraid to tell?

  • Alcoholism and how to fight it

  • Harmless alcohol: myth or reality?

World Suicide Prevention Day

  • Suicide in Russia: 15 facts

In the vastness of Russia

  • The population of Russia from January to July decreased by 91.9 thousand people

  • Krasnodar becomes 16th city in Russia with a million people or more

  • Medvedev calls demography a budget priority

  • Skvortsova tells of measures to increase life expectancy

  • Russia joins list of countries with the highest level of human development

  • Golikova reports reduction in percentage of poor people since the start of the year

  • State Duma adopts law on changing pension legislation

  • Will raising the retirement age benefit the economy?

  • Employers face criminal liability for firing pre-retirees

  • Pre-pensioners will be supported by alimony from spouses or children in case of job loss

  • Rostrud announces plan to retrain pre-retirees

  • State Duma to discuss list of professions eligible for preferential retirement

  • The Ministry of Labor will expand list of occupations allowed for women

  • Golikova tells of fate of maternity capital

  • Parents with many children will be able to take vacation at any convenient time

  • Uninteresting work or low wages prevent Russians from being happy

  • Cabinet allocates 4.9 billion rubles to create comfortable environment in historical settlements

  • State will not keep the population in the Far East by force.

  • Cities with largest number of residents migrating to Moscow have been named

  • State Duma changes rules for issuing temporary residence permit for foreign spouses

  • Will all migrants be counted?

  • Ministry of Education proposes to allow HIV-positive people to adopt children living with them

  • In Russia, legal age for purchasing alcohol may be raised by several years

  • Main problem in Russia is not the quality of alcoholic beverages, but their excessive consumption

  • State Duma will consider new ban for smokers

  • Deputy Head of Federal Penitentiary Service suggests introducing substitution therapy for drug addicts

  • In 30 Russian regions mortality from cancer has increased

  • Passports may include indication of consent to posthumous donation

  • Regions with best healthcare have been named

  • Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk ranked among most criminal cities in the world

World news

  • Ukraine becomes one of top 10 countries with fastest depopulation

  • UN names countries with highest level of human development

  • China intends to shift to stimulating fertility

  • In 2017, 6,300,000 children died that could have been saved

  • Last year, 800,000 children died in India

  • 1.3 billion people in the world live below the poverty line

  • Bill Gates urges investing in education and health in Africa

  • UK to simplify divorce procedure

  • Women on average earn 20% less than men

  • Will robots leave 75 million people out of work in 2 years?

  • In Ukraine, believers have obtained right not to give biometric data

  • Getting Turkish citizenship has become easier

  • Czech Republic will simplify acquisition of citizenship for descendants of citizens of Czechoslovakia

  • UAE introduces special visas for elderly foreigners

  • Poroshenko admits mass outflow of the population of Ukraine

  • Labor migrants from Ukraine risk being left without a Ukrainian pension

  • 80% of foreigners working in Kirgizia are Chinese citizens

  • Great Britain needs highly qualified migrants

  • IOM names the five source countries of two-thirds of all refugees in the world

  • Spain becomes leader in reception of migrants

  • US ready to receive 30,000 refugees next year

  • In 2018, the number of migrants arriving in Europe by land has increased 7-fold

  • In Germany, migrant communities demand resignation of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • Italian authorities decide to tighten migration legislation

  • By limiting illegal migration, Italy has saved a billion euros

  • 150 famous figures in France sign “Manifesto on taking in migrants”

  • George Soros Foundation to challenge anti-immigrant laws of Hungary in ECHR

  • Ukraine still has more than 1.5 million internally displaced persons

  • Alcohol causes more than 5% of deaths in the world

  • In Belarus, alcohol poisoning kills as many people as fires, drowning and road accidents

  • Tuberculosis named world’s most deadly disease

  • Europe narrows recommended blood pressure range

  • Thanks to artificial intelligence 6 thousand Americans have received a donor kidney

  • Feelings of anxiety are experienced daily by 38% of the world's population

  • Scientists dispel myth of benefits of aspirin

  • Pope Francis calls sex "a gift from God"

The newspapers write about…

  • “Svobodnaya pressa”, “Nezavisimaya gazeta” and “” on pension reform

  • “Vedomosti” on population decline

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on alimony for parents

  • “RIA Novosti” on new demographic measures

  • “XXII VEK” on the link between automation and migration

  • “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “EurasiaNet” and “Svobodnaya Pressa” on problems of the Far East

  • "The Village" on receiving work and educational visas to the USA

  • “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” on labor migration

  • “Project Syndicate” on the migration crisis in Europe

  • “Fergana” on migration policy

  • “The Village” on refugees

  • “Bumaga” on the decreased effectiveness of antibiotics

  • “Moskva24” on an initiative to introduce a dry law

  • “PolitEkspert” on the pension system of Kazakhstan

  • “RBK” and “Futurist” on cancer mortality

  • “Obozrevatel” on life expectancy in Japan

  • "Medusa" and "Novye Izvestia" on conversations about death

  • “Svobodnaya Pressa” on drug addiction and alcoholism in Ukraine

  • “El Mundo” on adultery

  • “BBC Russkaya Sluzhba” on selective abortions

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on poor suitors

  • “Izvestiya” on depression

  • "Forbes" on the generation of 30-year-olds

  • “The Guardian” on poverty in the Czech Republic

  • "Vesti Ekonomika" on the shortage of teachers in Germany

  • "Le Monde" and "Yle" on gender roles

  • "Guancha" on Japanese toilets

Read books and magazines

  • European Health Report 2018: More Than Numbers - Evidence For All

  • Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2018 edition

  • Children and youth of the Republic of Belarus

  • The state of oncological care for the population of Russia in 2017

  • Through the pages of the journals “Problemy sotsialnoy gigieny, zdravookhraneniya i istorii meditsiny” ("Problems of social hygiene, health and the history of medicine") and “Profilakticheskaya meditsina (“Preventive Medicine”)

  • Contents of the journal “Population & Societes”

Profession: researcher

  • Congratulations on the anniversary of Irina Alekseevna Troitskaya

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