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15 - 28 June 2020

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## 747-748

Current topic: Migration in the UK on the eve of the migration crisis in Europe. Part 2

  • The main countries of emigration

  • The highest volume of international migration is in London

  • Internal migration in the south of the country is more intense than in the north

  • How the population is being redistributed around the country

  • Conclusion

  • Topics of previous issues

European demographic barometer

International migrants in the EU-28, 2015-2016

  • In 2015 more than 4.6 million people moved to EU-28 countries

  • In 2016 more than 3.3 permissions were issued for stay in EU-28 countries, including about 2 million for a period of 12 months or more

  • In 2016 more than 1.2 million people applied for asylum in the EU-28.

  • Over the past year more than 3.3 million permits were issued for stay in EU-28 countries, including about 2 million for a period of 12 months or more

  • At the beginning of 2016, 4% of the population of the EU-28 were citizens of countries outside the Union, 7% were born outside of it

  • The number of people receiving citizenship of EU-28 countries is decreasing

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Forming a new immigration regime in Europe

  • Emigration from Russia to foreign countries in the late 20th and early 21st centuries

  • Distinctive geographical features of modern external migration of the population in Spain


  • A union of equals, or how the modern family is organized

  • Womens participation in politics

  • A woman president in Russia: to be or not to be?

  • The right to self-determination vs. the principle of territorial sovereignty

  • Metamorphoses of smoking

In the vastness of Russia

  • Putin names the poorest regions of Russia

  • In 2018 the regions will receive 104 billion rubles in subsidies

  • Ministry of Labor announces increase in size of sick leave and maternity allowances

  • In Russia, half of men are willing to take paternity leave

  • In Moscow, a surplus of jobs

  • Tver governor urges employers to hire local residents

  • Ministry of Labor proposes to reduce quota for foreign workers from the far abroad

  • In Moscow, the cost of a work license for migrants will increase

  • To work in Russia, citizens of Uzbekistan will be trained in their homeland

  • Ministry of Health will not allow the online sale of alcohol

  • In Russia, mortality from oncology has fallen for the first time to target levels

  • Ministry of Health tells of reduction of mortality from vascular diseases

  • State Duma has not removed abortion from Mandatory Health Insurance

  • Russia introducing universal fingerprinting

  • Skvortsova tells Patriarch Kirill about increase in mortality due to illegal abortions

  • Will reducing the number of abortions help to cope with the demographic crisis?

  • Ministry of Health forecasts an increase in mortality from influenza

  • Polio vaccination plan 70% implemented

  • Arrival time of an ambulance in Russia has reached 20 minutes

  • Head of the Ministry of Health announces the average salary of a Russian doctor

  • Doctors ready to work in the North are promised 2 million rubles

  • Physicians will no longer be fined for spelling mistakes and bad handwriting

  • In Russia by the end of 2018 more than 90 perinatal centers will have been built

  • Bill on posthumous organ donation submitted to State Duma

  • Russia strengthens its position in gender equality ranking

World news

  • The population of Belarus is declining

  • More than half of newborns in China are second children

  • Pope Francis worries about low birth rates in Europe

  • In Latvia and Lithuania women live 10-11 years longer than men

  • In Kazakhstan, residents of the capital live longer than others

  • Ukrainian census to be held in 2020

  • In Tajikistan, an increase in marriages with minors

  • Should pensions in Latvia depend on the number of children raised to adulthood?

  • Three million people in the world have no citizenship

  • US consulates have resumed issuing visas in Russia, but not all

  • Germany calls for restricting the issuance of visas to nationals of countries not taking back migrants

  • Trump initiative to abolish visa lottery is not supported by US State Department

  • Ukraine introduces biometric control at border

  • Latvia will fence itself off not only from Russia, but also from Belarus

  • Migration from Ukraine to Poland is growing

  • Europe facing rise in nationalism, separatism and migration

  • The number of refugees in the world has increased by one and a half times over last 8 years

  • Russia is in top ten countries by the number of asylum seekers in the US

  • Will Japan keep refugees in custody?

  • In 2016, remittances from migrants accounted for 33% of Kirgizias GDP

  • Italy sees rise in hostility towards migrants

  • 40% of deaths of working age men in Ukraine are caused by alcohol

  • Thailand bans smoking on beaches

  • Trump calls the opioid crisis a health care emergency

  • Computers will make diagnoses

  • G7 recognizes negative impact of ecology on human health

The newspapers write about

  • Rosbalt on Russias demographic problems

  • URA.RU on attitudes to migrants

  • OTP on migration and migrant-phobia in Russia

  • Moskovskiy Komsomolets on mixed marriages

  • Suddeutsche Zeitung on types of families

  • Wonderzine on the childfree movement

  • Kommersant and Otkrytaya Rossiya on banning the mention of condoms in schools

  • InoSMI.RU on the danger of a pandemic

  • Life on the polio threat

  • Forbes on true and false facts about a healthy lifestyle

  • Sobesednik on anti-vaccination myths

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the fight against smoking

  • Vedomosti on poverty in Russia

  • Gazeta.ru on caste and inequality

  • Gazeta.ru on gender equality through the eyes of the World Economic Forum

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the availability of medical care

  • REGNUM on the consequences of the construction of a high-speed rail line for the Vladimir region

  • Meduza on the famine of 1946-1947

  • Focus on brothels in Nazi concentration camps

  • Odatv.com on child abuse in Turkey

  • Videnskab on the causes of the extinction of the Neanderthals and the survival of the Cro-Magnons

  • Dezeen on citizenship for robots

Read books and magazines

  • World Population in 2017

  • Levels and trends in child mortality report 2017

  • The state of oncological care in Russia in 2016

  • Rural health care in Russia in 2016

  • Regions of the Republic of Belarus. Socio-economic indicators

  • Through the pages of the journals Zdravookhraneniye Rossiyskoy Federatsii (Public Health of the Russian Federation) and Regionalnye Issledovaniya (Regional Studies)

  • Contents of the Journal of Population Economics

Demographic digest

  • Is the Association Between Education and Fertility Postponement Causal? The Role of Family Background Factors

  • The interregional migration of human capital and its regional consequences: a review

  • BONUS: Whatever the lobbyists say

Profession: researcher

  • 1917: Economics, Demography and the Russian Revolution. Discussion at the Yegor Gaidar Foundation

  • "Russian healthcare today: problems and solutions". Congress of the National Medical Chamber


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