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## 715-716

Current topic: Russian students in China

  • China attracts foreign students

  • Russians make up 3-5% of the total number of foreign students in Chinese universities

  • What and where do they study?

  • Two surveys of Russian students in China

  • How to improve language training?

  • General assessments of the learning environment

  • Conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer

Russia: preliminary demographic results of 2016 (Part I)

  • Russia's population is growing for the eighth consecutive year. In 2016 it grew by 0.2%, coming to 146.8 million people as of January 1, 2017

  • Natural increase declined to 5,300 people, with population growth still provided mainly by migration

  • In 2016, 1,893,000 children were born in Russia - 2.6% less than in 2015

  • In 2016 the number of registered marriages declined by 15%, divorces - 0.5%

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Human resources in science and technology: the state and efficiency of their use

  • Approaches to the study of international migration of highly qualified professionals: mechanisms, prospects, consequences

  • Educational trajectories of young people from the CIS in Moscow


  • Immigrants from the CIS to Russia: we love them, but…We hope they don’t come!

  • Russians on pension savings and a dignified old age

  • Job orientations

  • If he beats you, it means he loves you? Russians on the decriminalization of familial abuse

In the vastness of Russia

  • Russia records (natural) population increase for fourth year in a row

  • Russia enters list of top ten countries with the lowest ratio of working-age persons to pensioners

  • In Russia the age at which a woman has her first child has risen to 25.5 years

  • Medvedev considers it necessary to stimulate fertility

  • Average life expectancy of Russians will reach 74 years by 2020

  • Government denies existence of a decision to raise the retirement age

  • Russian schools need 6 million more places

  • The number of large families in Moscow has doubled since 2010

  • Ministry of Labor intends to bring minimum wage up to subsistence minimum within three years

  • Russia to provide food stamps for low-income persons

  • Ministry of Labor working on the issue of extending the maternity capital beyond 2018

  • A proposal to exempt parents with many children from property tax

  • Russia has allocated more than 33 million dollars to UNICEF over past six years

  • Russia to review list of jobs not available to women

  • Issuance of biometric passports will be organized in all Multifunctional Centers

  • Lavrov speaks of steps to simplify the obtaining of Russian citizenship

  • 71% of Russians don’t approve of simplifying procedures for CIS residents to obtain Russian citizenship

  • Proposal to use point system for issuing permanent residence permits in Russia

  • Migrants from the EAEC without work agreements will be expelled from Russia

  • Tajikistan asks Russia not to expel unemployed migrants

  • Interior Ministry proposes to introduce mandatory genomic registration of migrants

  • In Russia the number of persons with HIV has risen by 5.4%

  • The most difficult situation with HIV is in 6 regions of Russia

  • Russian government allocates 20 billion rubles for HIV in 2017

  • Excise tax to be used in fight against surrogate alcohol

  • Death toll on Russia’s roads down by 12% in 2016

  • Over 550 people died in traffic accidents on Moscow’s roads last year

  • Ministry of Health has developed action plan to reduce child mortality

  • The number of abortions in Russia has decreased by 13%

  • Supreme Mufti signs petition to ban abortions in Russia

  • Ministry of Health to increase the number of free IVF treatments by 30,000

  • State Duma adopts law on decriminalization of familial abuse

  • Nearly half of Russians support death penalty

World news

  • Germany’s population reaches 82.8 million

  • At the start of 2017 Lithuania’s population was 2,849,000 people

  • By 2030 China’s population will reach 1.45 billion

  • Over last 25 years the number of children in the population of Ukraine has decreased almost by half

  • In Mongolia women having fewer babies

  • In 2016 mortality in Finland exceeded fertility

  • IMF insists on raising the retirement age in Ukraine

  • Over 231 million Chinese citizens are internal migrant workers

  • Chinese authorities have granted residence permits to 1,500 foreigners

  • Argentina changes immigration laws

  • Scottish Parliament is afraid of “losing migrants” due to Brexit

  • Trump chides journalists for incorrect interpretation of migration decrees

  • Trump to contest court decision against travel ban

  • USA revokes 60,000 visas for citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries

  • US Embassy has changed procedure for issuing visas to Russians due to Trump decree

  • Iran stops issuing visas to Americans in response to Trump decree

  • European Parliament supports abolition of visas to Georgia

  • Over 30,000 repatriates arrived in Kazakhstan in 2016

  • One third of Ukrainians ready to leave the country forever

  • Ukrainians make up 57% of all labor migrants in Estonia

  • In Serbia, it is considered that 90% of migrants go to the EU for economic reasons

  • Trump says construction of Mexico wall will begin “immediately”

  • Mexico ready to support illegal migrants in USA

  • Merkel considers US decision to restrict Muslims from entering a mistake

  • Canada ready to accept migrants banned by Trump from entering the US

  • Number of new refugees in Sweden has decreased significantly

  • Germany spent over €21 billion on refugees in 2016

  • Germany to pay 40 million euros to send refugees home

  • Libya and Italy have agreed on a “humanitarian repatriation” of migrants

  • European Union wants to cut off the migration route through Belarus

  • Kirgizia expects reduction of “black list” for entering Russia

  • Trump orders weekly publication of statistics on crimes committed by migrants

  • Labor migrants in Kirgizia will be checked for HIV

  • China begins massive campaign against HIV and AIDS

  • Nearly 9 million people die from cancer each year

  • In Latvia, infant mortality has increased

  • The Netherlands have allocated $10 million to fund abortion abroad

  • 50,000 women in Germany have undergone circumcision

  • Mexican capital acquires its own constitution

The newspapers write about…

  • “The Institute of Modern Russia” on world demography, tradition and modernization

  • “Nakanune.RU” on demographic results of 2016

  • “Izvestiya” on the demographic situation through the eyes of the Director of VTsIOM

  • “Rossiyskaya gazeta” on the Russian demographic sheet

  • “Life” on the life expectancy of Russians

  • “REGNUM”, “Izvestiya” and “Gazeta.ru” on raising the retirement age

  • “URA.RU” on temperature fluctuations and mortality

  • “Meduza” on the AIDS capital

  • “Rossiyskaya gazeta” on the Ministry of Health’s clarifications of the rules for living alongside people with HIV

  • “RBK” on excise taxes on alcohol and alcohol-related mortality

  • “CNN” on a non-smoking Finland by 2040

  • “RBK” on a point system to attract migrants

  • “Life” on medical care for migrants

  • “Kommersant” on closing the Temporary Accommodation Centers for Ukrainian citizens

  • “RBK” on Trump’s immigration policy

  • “Bloomberg” on US inhospitality towards Muslims

  • “Polit.ru” on a “Party of know-nothings”

  • “Ekho Moskvy” on the “refugees” Jobs and Brin

  • “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on admitting refugees to Canada

  • “The New York Times” on the attack on the mosque in Quebec

  • “Die Welt” on punishment for female circumcision in Germany

  • “Rossiyskaya gazeta” on the attitude to dual citizenship in Finland

  • “Berlingske” on migrants and crime

  • “PrimaMedia” on the Concept of Demographic Development of the Far East

  • “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on the Far East hectare

  • “Ogonyok” on outsourcing welfare services

  • “RBK” on compensation in the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund for nannies and tutors

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on poverty among families with children

  • “Kommersant” on the accessibility of higher education in the regions

  • “Lenta.ru” on teenage aggression research

  • “Novaya Gazeta” on crime statistics

  • “Den” on the decriminalization of familial abuse

  • “TASS” on preparations for the 2020 Census

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on generations X, Y and Z

Read books and magazines

  • The population of Russia 2014

  • New meanings in educational strategies of young people: 50 years of research

  • Export of Russian educational services

  • The regions of Russia. Socio-economic indicators. 2016

  • “Migration of peoples” LLC

  • Through the pages of the journals “Aktualnye problemy Evropy” (“Urgent problems of Europe”) and “Regionalnye issledovaniya” (“Regional studies”)

  • Contents of the journal “Population & Sociétés”

Demographic digest

  • Fifty Years of Unintended Births: Education Gradients in Unintended Fertility in the US, 1960–2013

  • Fertility Patterns of Native and Migrant Muslims in Europe

  • BONUS: Do you use pie charts?

Profession: researcher

  • Fertility of migrants and ethnic minorities. International seminar in Hannover

  • In memory of Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna Makarova

The reading room

  • The population of Russia 2014. 22nd annual demographic report

Student page

  • Contest for admission to the Master's program of the Higher School of Economics


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