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June 28 - July 11 2022

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## 707-708

Current topic: The abortion ban: refresh your memory

  • A triple anniversary

  • The path to banning abortion in the USSR

  • Have abortions ceased?

  • Has fertility increased?

  • An abortion ban and maternal mortality

  • An abortion ban and infanticide

  • To ban or not to ban?

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

World demographic barometer

Family planning: needs and policies

  • The need for family planning is growing: in 1970 it was had by 57% of married women aged 15-49, in 2016 - by 76%

  • With the help of modern contraception, 77% of women satisfy their need for family planning

  • The number of countries in which the state directly supports family planning increased in 2015 to 166

  • Worldwide, the trend is towards the liberalization of abortions

  • Restrictive policies on abortion are accompanied by a high number of unsafe abortions and higher maternal mortality

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • A sociological portrait of infanticide in the United States at the turn of the 21st century: victims and perpetrators

  • Studying the opinions of women’s views on the causes of abortion

  • Socio-economic factors of children’s health in Russia

  • Russians’ spending on drugs: what has changed during the crisis?


  • Demographic themes in the President’s Address to the Russian Federal Assembly


  • For health – get in line

  • Single-parent families. Are single parents entitled to benefits?

  • Migrants in Russia: the effects of their presence

  • Physical abuse in the family

In the vastness of Russia

  • Since the beginning of the year the number of inhabitants in Russia has increased by 214,600

  • Patriarch Kirill admits impossibility of banning abortion in Russia

  • Mortality in Russia decreased by 2.3% from January through October

  • Net migration grew by 16.2% over first 9 months

  • The population decrease of the Far East due to migration is growing

  • A new demographic concept for the Far Eastern Federal District

  • The population of St. Petersburg steadily growing due to migration

  • Russia’s main demographic problem is high mortality

  • No demographic basis for raising the retirement age

  • Authorities discussing raising the retirement age starting in 2019

  • State Duma approves conducting census with the help of internet

  • Putin announces shortfall in army recruitment

  • Golodets tells of measures to reduce poverty level in 2017

  • Incomes of pensioners will not fall below subsistence level

  • Social Insurance Fund revenues may exceed expenditures after 2024

  • Maternity leave benefits will not be extended from 1.5 to 3 years

  • Golodets names the worst regions for family adoption of orphans

  • Analysts have reported a migration of dollar millionaires from Russia

  • Should gifted children stay in the regions?

  • Multifunctional Centers will begin issuing passports of Russian citizens starting in 2017

  • Putin demands that issuing of Russian passports to citizens of the former USSR be simplified

  • Russian Government has reduced quota for temporary residence of foreigners

  • Golodets says Russia is moving towards a reduction of labor migration

  • Russia lowering quotas for foreign workers arriving on a visa

  • Over 80% of Russians think it’s more profitable for employers to hire migrants

  • Will fingerprinting foreigners have negative impact on tourist flow?

  • Kirgiz migrant workers in Russia will not be fined for lack of medical insurance

  • Popova tells about HIV incidence growth rate in 2016

  • In Russia, more than a million reported cases of HIV

  • More than 98% of children born to mothers with HIV do not inherit the virus

  • In Russian medical institutions, cases of HIV appearing again

  • Public Chamber names the most heavily drinking and soberest regions of Russia

  • Mortality from cardiovascular disease in Russia has decreased over last 5 years

  • Compensation for the death of airline passengers may be increased to 9 million rubles

  • Russia has raised the age limit for vaccination against measles

  • Golodets calls for solving the problem of discrimination against older people in medicine

  • Draft law on telemedicine may be passed before mid-2017

  • Russia will produce antiretroviral drugs

  • Moscow authorities support increased penalties for attacks on doctors

World news

  • Large-scale study of family relations, nuptiality and fertility will be conducted in Belarus in 2017

  • The rich live 10 years longer than the poor

  • Starting January 1, 2018 Georgia will begin to implement pension reform

  • Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine declares raising of retirement age impossible

  • Poland lowers retirement age

  • Ukrainian standard of living has declined over last three years

  • Japan’s best university is ready to pay for the accommodation of coeds in order to increase the proportion of women enrolled

  • EU Home Affairs Council approves system for authorizing entry into the union

  • The flow of migrants from Ukraine has increased by 20% in the last two years

  • A record number of migrants arrived in Italy in 2016

  • New York mayor refuses to help Trump in migrant deportation

  • Mexico launches hotline to help migrant workers in US

  • Merkel calls on Turkey to comply with “immigration deal”

  • Slovakia proposes principle of “effective solidarity” in solving migration issues

  • More than 4,600 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea in 2016

  • One in seven people living with HIV in Europe don’t know about their illness

  • Global tendency to an increasing number of patients with COPD

  • Pope allows priests to absolve the sin of abortion

  • US homeopathy manufacturers will be required to label their medicines “unscientific”

  • Kirgizia bans religious marriages with minors

  • Turkish authorities refuse to legalize sex with minors

  • A quarter of Europeans are willing to justify rape

  • New rating of dangerous countries for tourists

The newspapers write about…

  • “ZNAK” on Russia’s economic and demographic problems

  • “Nakanune.RU” on a “global demographic management plan”

  • “RIA Novosti” on a new conception of demographic policy

  • “Life” about how realistic are plans for population growth of the Far East

  • “Ogonyok” on the reduction of maternity hospitals

  • “Moskovskiy Kosomolets-Kaliningrad” on the abolition of subsidies for the birth of a third child in the Kaliningrad region

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” on proposals to make it harder to divorce

  • “TASS” on the incidence of infectious diseases in the world

  • “Rossiskaya Gazeta” on tactics in the fight against HIV

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on limitations on access to drugs of people with HIV

  • “RBK” on surrogate alcohol

  • “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” on a cut in quotas for Temporary Residence Permits

  • “Novaya Gazeta” on the riot in a Bulgarian refugee camp

  • “Mezhdunarodny Discussionny Klub “Valdai”” on the migration crisis in Europe

  • “RBK” on investment citizenship

  • “The American Conservative” on the transformation of whites into a minority in the USA

  • “Kommersant” on the growing burden on the social system in the OECD

  • “RBK” on a possible rejection of free healthcare

  • “Polit.ru” on social protection

  • “Russkaya Sluzhba BBC” on helping the poor

  • “Kommersant” on the problems of labor productivity growth

  • “Novaya Gazeta” on a regional map of the crisis

  • “Vedomosti” on possible tax reform

  • “ZNAK” on mega-agglomerations

  • “Lenta.Ru” on “racially valuable” Polish women

  • “Polit.ru” on the attitudes of young people to other countries

  • “Scientific American” on the possibilities of colonizing Titan

Read books and magazines

  • HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Europe 2015

  • Acceleration of measures to stop the AIDS epidemic

  • Russia’s migration policy: Past and present

  • Population and Housing censuses in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

  • Demographic Yearbook of the Kirgiz Republic: 2011-2015

  • Through the pages of the journals “Demographiya ta sotsialna ekonomika” (“Demography and Social economics”) and “Rossiyskiy onkologicheskiy zhurnal” (“Russian Journal of Oncology”)

  • Contents of the “Journal of International Migration and Integration”

Demographic digest

  • Long-Distance Migration and Mortality in Sweden: Testing the Salmon Bias and Healthy Migrant Hypotheses

  • Spanking and child outcomes: Old controversies and new meta-analyses

  • Bonus: Blind review: single or double?

Profession: researcher

  • “25 years after: Between the Soviet past and the unclear Eurasian and European future” Conference on Migration Issues at the Central European University

  • Lev Dmitrievich Gudkov turns 70

  • In memory of Leonid Viktorovich Smirnyagin

  • Leonid Viktorovich Smirnyagin through the eyes of his friends

Satirical column

  • American demographic conspiracy against Russia

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