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## 699-700

Current topic: The population of centers and remote places in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

  • Why study the polarization of space and settlement

  • Distinctive features of the comparison of small territories

  • Why three countries were compared

  • A strengthening of center-periphery contrasts

  • The dynamics of urban populations depend on their size

  • The rural population is shrinking everywhere

  • Conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

World Demographic Barometer

Urban and rural population of the world, 2016

  • 31 October: World Cities Day

  • By UN estimates, in 2016 4 billion people, or 54.5% of the world’s population, lived in urban settlements

  • In urban settlements live 46% of children under age 15, 57% of the population between 25 and 79, and 63% of the population 80 and over

  • One in five people on Earth live in cities of a million people or more

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Centers and peripheries in the Baltic countries and regions of northwest Russia: Population dynamics in the 2000s

  • Depopulation processes in the Pskov region in the context of the polarization of the population of northwestern Russia

  • Distinctive features of migratory processes in the city of Kiev and the metropolitan area

  • Ethnodemographic transformation in the center-periphery structure of the Rostov region (post-Soviet trends)

  • George Soros on how to address the problem of refugees in the European Union


  • 26 September: World Contraception Day

  • The young: family and financial situation

  • The young: alternatives of place and time

  • The crisis and the expectation of layoffs

In the vastness of Russia

  • Russia has become one of the leaders in the growth rates of life expectancy

  • In Russia over the last 8 months fertility has exceeded mortality

  • Topilin announces reduction in the number of first births

  • In 2015, mortality increased in one out of three Russian regions

  • Within the next 10 years a third of the Russian population will have reached retirement age

  • Central Bank explains essence of new conception of the pension savings of Russians

  • Kudrin predicts failure of the voluntary funded pension

  • The poor in Russia now include working people too

  • Ministry of Labor supports “parasite tax”

  • Kudrin proposes to postpone execution of the May presidential decrees

  • Ministry of Labor announces it will not index maternity capital in 2017

  • Ministry of Justice proposes ban on 16-year-olds getting married with parental consent

  • In Russia there is no unemployment

  • Over 1% of Moscow’s tax revenues come from selling work licenses to migrants

  • The number of administrative violations in the migration sphere in Russia has been reduced by 25%

  • In last two years Russia’s FMS has removed 54,000 Kirgiz citizens from “blacklist”

  • Ministry of Health is against mandatory registration of people with HIV

  • Ministry of Health has opposed lowering minimum prices for vodka

  • Rosturism supports lifting ban on sale of alcohol in sanatoriums

  • Ministry of Health and Rosstat have calculated the number of abortions in Russia in 2015

  • Abortion ban would not improve the demographic situation in the Russian Federation

  • Removing abortion from Compulsory Health Insurance won’t help budget

  • No concrete decisions concerning abortion ban in Russia have been made

  • Working group of Ministry of Health will decide on abortion issue before the end of the year

  • Golodets supports systematic work on IVF

  • Russia facing flu epidemic after winter holidays

  • Russia in 119th place in terms of health

  • List of diseases treated at the expense of the state may be extended

  • A number of Russian regions are actively implementing telemedicine

  • Russian President calls for fight against “rudeness” on the road

World news

  • Fertility level in Israel is highest among OECD countries

  • In Germany, an increasing number of births

  • In Latvia, the average age of women having their first child is 27 years

  • Chinese civil servants struggling with demographic crisis

  • Almost one in five people in Belarus is over 60 years of age

  • Kazakhstan is on the verge of an aging population

  • By 2020 the number of elderly citizens of China will reach 240 million

  • UK registers record number of 100-year-olds

  • Pension payouts in Belarus could exceed 16% of GDP by the year 2050

  • Ukraine is doomed to raise the retirement age

  • IMF tells of Ukraine’s commitments to carrying out pension reform

  • In referendum, Swiss vote against increasing pensions

  • EU has doubled aid to Belarus

  • In last 10 years the number of pupils in Latvian schools has decreased by 23%

  • Over 97% of Uzbekistan’s population feels negatively about common-law marriage

  • Saudi women have asked to abolish men’s guardianship over them

  • Women will work on average four years longer than men

  • Employment rate of women in Japan is one of world’s lowest

  • Unemployment and an aging population worry Finns more than refugees

  • Every hour 4-5 people leave Lithuania

  • The number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine has stabilized

  • Canada plans to speed up deportation of Chinese citizens

  • The aim of the EU is to defeat illegal migration

  • Hungary proposes to deport all illegal migrants from the EU

  • Hungary’s borders are open for wealthy migrants

  • Hollande calls on Calais authorities to demolish spontaneous migrant camp

  • Portuguese authorities plan to double the number of refugees taken in

  • Turkey to build a 900-mile wall on border with Syria

  • EU to start paying refugees in Turkey 30 euros a month

  • Are British authorities using migrants from EU as a bargaining chip?

  • In Spain, migrants from Latin America earn little, but still send money home

  • In UK, an adult has been cured of HIV for the first time

  • Kiev bans nighttime sale of alcohol

  • In Moldova, increasing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease

  • In more than 20 cities around the world there have been marches against Ireland’s strict abortion laws

  • Zika virus is more dangerous than scientists thought

  • Facebook founder decides to save people from all diseases

  • Scientists report new method for conceiving child “from three parents”

  • In Japan, a robot has been created to entertain people living alone

The newspapers write about…

  • “Lenta.ru” on global demographic challenges and Russia

  • “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” on China’s demographic policy turnaround

  • “Yuga.ru” on fertility incentives

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” on people who marry young and who have many children

  • “Slate.fr” on forced motherhood

  • “Novye Izvestiya” on baby boxes

  • “Kommersant” on anonymous motherhood

  • “Lenta.ru”, “Kommersant”, “RBK”, Polit.ru” and “VFM” on a possible abortion ban

  • “Meduza” and “Kommersant” on Poland’s experience with an abortion ban and the current protests

  • “Wonderzine” on the results of banning abortion in different countries

  • “RIA Novosti” on contraception

  • “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” on the reproductive health of teenagers

  • “Vedomosti” on spending on education, medicine and mass sports

  • “Kommersant”, “Vedomosti” and “LIFE” on Russia’s last place in public health rankings

  • “Yle” on the Finnish method of treating alcoholism

  • “Gazeta.ru” on Russia’s migration policy

  • “Izvestiya” and “RBK” on the migration crisis in the EU

  • “Kommersant” on the refugee problem in Europe

  • “The Nation” on the attitude to refugees in Denmark and Sweden

  • “Izvestiya” on EU citizens in London after the Brexit

  • “Liberation” on citizenship

  • “Life” on the problems of migrants in Russia

  • “BBC, Russkaya Sluzhba” and “Iod” on inter-regional youth migration

  • “Vedomosti” on emigration from Russia

  • “Kommersant-Dengi” on excess housing in the Moscow Region

  • “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” on a ranking of the high cost of rental apartments

  • “Zerkalo Nedeli” on inequality in Ukraine

  • “RIA Novosti” on Senior Citizens’ Day

  • “N+1” and “Meduza” on the maximal human lifespan

  • “Slate.fr” on business fighting loneliness

  • “Pravoslavie i Mir” on euthanasia

  • “REGNUM” on the 1921 famine

Read books and magazines

  • The effectiveness of Russia’s demographic policy

  • Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Europe 2016

  • Population of Azerbaijan 2016

  • The population of Ukraine for the year 2014

  • Public health successes and missed opportunities

  • Through the pages of the journals “Sotsialnye aspekty zdorovya naseleniya” (“Social aspects of public health”) and “Vestnik MGU. Seriya 18. Sotsiologiya i politologiya” (“Proceedings of MSU. Series 18. Sociology and Political Science”)

  • Contents of the journal “Population and Development Review”

Demographic Digest

  • How far do internal migrants really move? Demonstrating a new method for the estimation of intra-zonal distance

  • Does second-home ownership trigger migration in later life?

  • Internal migration and development: Comparing migration intensities around the world

Profession: researcher

  • Happy 65th birthday to Yevgeniy Lvovich Soroko

  • A.G. Volkov, E.L. Soroko. A simulation model of the demographic development of the family

  • 85 years since the birth of Andrei Andreyevich Rakov

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