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## 663-664

Current topic: Russians not ready to work

  • Nearly 18 million people are outside the labor force

  • How and why the level of economic activity has changed

  • Cross-country differences: the influence of “extreme” age groups

  • Education, child care and retirement

  • Portrait of “an unemployed person”

  • In which regions is economic inactivity higher

  • The desire, search and willingness to work

  • Conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

World demographic barometer

The population of the world according to estimates of the UN 2015 revision

  • On July 1st, 2015 the world population was 7.3 billion people, and by the end of the century there is a 95% probability that it will be between 9.5 and 13.3 billion

  • The world population will continue to grow until the end of the century, most quickly in Africa

  • 46% of the world population lives in countries where fertility is below replacement level

  • Life expectancy will increase from 70 years to 77 years by mid-century, and to 83 years by the end of the century

  • The contribution of migration to changes in the population size of developed countries will be crucial

  • The population in many regions of the world is still relatively young, but the population of those 60 years and older is growing fastest

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Young people excluded from employment and education in the EU and Russia

  • Unemployment in the OECD countries: the evolution of attitudes and policies

  • Live “in the shadow” or die “in the light”: informal employment on the Russian labor market

  • Social capital and social mobility in Makhachkala, or what to do if you do not have influential relatives?

Take care of women!

  • Russian women on HIV

In the vastness of Russia

  • Between 2010 and 2050 Russia’s working-age population will shrink by about a quarter

  • In Sevastopol, the population continues to grow due to migration

  • Mortality from cardiovascular disease fell by 1.2% in the first 9 months of 2015

  • Authorities will compare the mortality in Moscow and the megacities of the West

  • Medvedev pleased with the demographic situation in the North Caucasus

  • Altai governor promises to punish the chief physicians for low fertility

  • Sooner or later the retirement age will have to be raised

  • Russian Ministry of Health does not see contraindications for raising the retirement age

  • Medvedev orders introduction to Duma of bill concerning the funded pension payment period

  • Total “children’s budget” for 2016 will be over 3 trillion rubles

  • Matvienko names the size of maternity capital for next year

  • Golodets proposes to prolong the right to use part of the maternity capital

  • All scientific organizations of the Russian Federation have been given access to global databases

  • Medvedev calls for increasing geographical labor mobility of Russians

  • Crimea becomes one of top five most popular regions for migrant workers

  • Ministry of Labor names the professions most in demand

  • Programs to resettle compatriots have been approved in five more regions

  • Crimea to hold census of Ukrainian migrants

  • The introduction of mandatory fingerprinting of migrants is necessary

  • Migrants in Moscow will be required to take oral Russian exam

  • In Crimea, the number of people with alcohol dependence is greater than the average for Russia

  • Over 60 percent of Russian doctors smoke

  • Road fatalities have decreased by 22.5% over past seven years

  • The incidence of measles in Russia in 2015 has decreased by almost six times

  • In Russia, two full-cycle anti-HIV production plants to be created

  • Russia to create Unified Register of those needing powerful drugs

  • Might Mandatory Health Insurance health care be kept only for children, pensioners and the disabled?

  • Health Ministry against cuts in free medical care under Mandatory Health Insurance

  • Unemployed Russians of working age may be required to pay contributions to the Mandatory Health Insurance fund

  • Putin gives instructions to establish waiting-time norms for medical aid

  • Skvortsova urges ministers to participate actively in healthy lifestyle programs

Eurasian panorama

  • Birth of Kirgizia’s six-millionth citizen expected November 26

  • The population of Azerbaijan is 9,676,500 people

  • In past 24 years Ukraine’s population has decreased by 6 million people

  • Nearly a third of Ukrainian men don’t live to the age of 60

  • Life expectancy in Almaty has risen to 74 years

  • Maternal mortality in Belarus has shrunk by nearly 88% since 1990

  • Maternal mortality in Uzbekistan has declined by 33% over past 25 years

  • Belarusian men marry for the first time at the age of 27.4

  • Ukrainians top the rating of foreign bridegrooms in Moscow

  • Tajikistan has raised the retirement age of security forces by 5 years

  • About 4 million people in eastern Ukraine need support

  • Court orders Ukraine government to reconsider the subsistence wage

  • Minimum wage in Belarus for October indexed at 5.1%

  • Armenia to simplify issuance of benefits for child care

  • Belarusian families annually adopt 500-600 orphans

  • In past five years 50 children left in Russia without parental care have been returned to Kirgizia

  • Ukraine Cabinet abolishes work record books

  • Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine bans discrimination in the hiring of sexual minorities

  • Unemployment in Belarus in 2016-2020 will remain at the level of 1.5-2%

  • Only half of young Belarusians are willing to sacrifice professional prestige for high-paying jobs

  • In 2016 Kirgizia will start mass issuance of biometric ID-passports

  • Verkhovna Rada adopts law on foreign labor migration

  • Kirgizia changes procedure for issuing migration cards to citizens of the EAEC

  • Over 5 thousand citizens of Moldova moving to Russia in 2015

  • Uzbekistan preparing for return of migrant workers from Russia

  • Remittances to Georgia down by 26%

  • In Georgia, free testing for hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS

  • Anti-smoking law in Moldova is detrimental to the budget

  • In Belarus almost one person in four over sixteen smokes

  • Mufti Council of Kazakhstan bans artificial insemination outside of marriage

  • Georgia’s Ministry of Health will become biggest spender in 2016

  • Germany will finance the modernization of regional medical centers in Uzbekistan

World news

  • Life expectancy in developed countries grew by more than 10 years from 1970 to 2013

  • In half a century will life expectancy reach 150 years?

  • By 2030 the population of Latvia could shrink by 20%

  • Fertility among Israel’s Jewish population has increased significantly in recent years

  • UN and WHO note decrease in maternal mortality in the world

  • In Finland, by 2027 the retirement age will have increased by two years

  • In Guatemala, the age of marriage has been raised

  • Scientists have calculated the ideal age to marry

  • Ranking published of world’s richest countries

  • By 2025, 30 million new workers will have appeared in China

  • Countries with the best work-life balance

  • Are plans for re-emigration to Latvia not feasible without funding?

  • Refugees will make Germany more prosperous

  • Junker dissatisfied with the pace of resettlement of refugees in EU countries

  • UN Secretary-General is concerned about discrimination against refugees due to terrorism

  • Sweden is no longer able to guarantee space for refugees

  • Germany’s Interior Ministry calls for limiting the reunification of migrants and their families

  • Europe is ready to pay billions to move refugees to Africa

  • African Union sees threat in the establishment of reception centers for migrants

  • Lithuania named world’s heaviest-drinking country

  • Is the increased mortality of white Americans aged 45-54 a consequence of growing poverty?

  • People use antibiotics improperly

  • About 30% of children living in Italy are obese

  • Climate change poses a serious threat to public health

  • Columbia’s gay couples will be able to adopt children without restrictions

  • Japan records first same-sex unions

  • In Italy, same-sex marriages annulled

The newspapers write about…

  • “Vedomosti” on Russia’s demographic problems

  • “” on fertility in Russia

  • “RBK” on the causes and consequences of the change in China’s demographic policy

  • “Novaya gazeta” on policy toward families with children in Finland

  • “Izvestiya” on the child-free movement as madness and extremism

  • “Omsk-Inform” on Mizulina and abortions

  • “” on the plausibility of record fertility

  • “Rossiyskaya gazeta” on plans to build new schools and kindergartens

  • “” on the shortage of doctors and schoolteachers in Kirgizia

  • “Vedomosti” on the migration crisis in the EU against the background of terrorism

  • “Izvestiya” on a proposal to tighten citizenship policy

  • “Kommersant” on migration from Central Asia to Russia

  • “ASIA-Plus” on the household problems of migrant workers

  • “Ekho” on the outflow of Azerbaijani migrant workers from Russia

  • “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” on migration policy in Kazakhstan

  • “Vedomosti” on student migration to the US

  • “The National Interest” on the problem of refugees in Europe

  • “” and “Vecherniy Bishkek” on the proposal to resettle refugees from Australia to Central Asia

  • “Vedomosti” on expulsion from Russia

  • “Vedomosti” on migration and housing construction

  • “Belarus sevodnya” on the pension problem in Belarus

  • “Novye izvestiya” on the size of unemployment benefits

  • “Meditsinskaya gazeta” on the twentieth anniversary of the global fight against tuberculosis

  • “Kazanskie Vedomosti” on World Prematurity Day

  • “RBK” on motivation in medicine

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” on the Sixth Congress of Patients

  • “Meditsinskaya gazeta” on a videoconference on HIV prevention and the fight against cardiovascular disease

  • “Nezavisimaya gazeta” on financing and the quality of health care

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” on the proposal to ration doctors’ visits

  • “” on the health of the population and the health care budget in Israel

  • “Folha” on mortality among white Americans

  • “Moskovskiy Komsomolets v Kazakhstane” on statistics of mortality and morbidity in Kazakhstan

  • “Kommersant” on urbanization and diabetes

  • “Rosbalt” on immortality

  • “” on the Holodomor

  • “” on population growth and climate change

  • “Die Zeit” on refugees, robots and work

  • “Newsweek” on physico-geographic causes of inter-lingual differences

  • “” on the link between terrorist acts and the sex ratio at birth

Read books and magazines

  • Labor, Employment and Human Development

  • Migration processes in Russia

  • Foreign migrant workers in Russia

  • International migration of the population in post-soviet space in the era of globalization

  • Economic activity of the population of Kazakhstan 2010-2014

  • Through the pages of the journals “Mediko-sotsialnaya ekspertiza i reabilitatsia” (“Medical-social expertise and rehabilitation”) and “Terapevticheskiy arkhiv” (“Therapeutic Archives”)

  • Contents of the “Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies”

Demographic digest

  • How many more missing women? Excess female mortality and prenatal sex selection, 1970–205

  • Forty years of immigrant segregation in France, 1968–2007. How different is the new immigration?

  • Capital Vice in the Midwest: The Spatial Distribution of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Profession: researcher

  • Congratulations to Anatoly Grigorievich Vishnevsky for receiving the 2015 Yegor Gaidar prize for “Outstanding contributions in the field of economics”

  • Happy anniversary to Ekaterina Mikhailovna Shcherbakova

  • A list of the publications of E.M. Shcherbakova

  • Vitaly Semenovich Belozerov turns 65

  • Pavel Polyan. The doubling of personality.

  • A list of the most important publications of V.S. Belozerov

  • V.S. Belozerov. The transformation of ethno-demographic and migration processes in the North Caucasus

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